How do you make a youtube video?

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Well ummm... You take the video... edit it... do whatever you want with it... then you add it to your account on youtube...
I don't really get your question... Can you like... explain?? be more spicific please..

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If you really want to make a professional video then buy one of the vlogging camera and make a video and upload on youtube.

Best YouTube Vlogging Cameras under $250, $300, $400, $500 with Flip Screen
Sometimes referred to as vlog, vodcast or video blogging, vlogging refers to a type of blog where most if not all the content is in video form. Since a majority of vlogging content is created in the form of self-made, first-person videos including live broadcasts from websites such as YouTube and Facebook, it goes without saying that you need the best cameras for Youtube vlogging to deliver an impressive onscreen performance each time. Vlogging is not what is used to be 5 or so years ago, where anyone ...
Masstoclass ·
computer problem, possibly the video card?

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