Your favorite sports?

What is everyone favorite sport and why and which sport you don’t like

Answer #1

I love Soccer. I dont know why I just love it the feeling when I score a goal evrything! I guess I dont like golf. Because it is sutch a slow moving sport.

Answer #2

Basketball and baseball and a lil football, everything else is lame to me

Answer #3

I like gymnastics it might sound gay but it is really not and anyone who thinks it is gay should look into mens gymnastics cause I get to do some awesome stuff and I’m so much stronger than I would be if I didn’t do gymnastics

Answer #4

football is my favorite because it feels good to hit the sh*t out of someone ,I also like baseball and basketball.I hate soccer I just thing its the most boring sport ever

Answer #5

My favorite sport is Running. I love it so much. The sport I dont like is…actually I like every sport.

Answer #6

I love playing football. I was actually in a flag football team and in a track team as well. I dont like soccer though its a nice sport but just not for me…

Answer #7

Swiming. dumb pplz say its not a sport, but you actually work the hardest

Answer #8

football and hockey kick as*. there full contact, in hockey your alloed to fight. soccer, basketball, and baseball blow. its just not interesting to me.

Answer #9

my favorite sport is tennis!

Answer #10

I love soccer I dont really like golf

Answer #11

Roller skating - you lose weight by having fun and listening to great music while enjoying time with friends.

Answer #12


Answer #13


Answer #14

hah!..GYMNASTICS MOST DEFINALY! its the hardest sport..u have 4 different events you can break your neck or just fall on your face…its intense…and I’m stronger than guys at my school…now that says something!

Answer #15

Volleyball and cheerleading.

Answer #16

Soccer,Cheerleading,voleyball…ummm I can’t play basketball

Answer #17

I like hacky sack. :P I know it’s not as “extreme” as soccer or football, but it’s fun.

Answer #18

Soccer, I love it and , Baseball it looks kinda boring, (just saying)

Answer #19


Answer #20

I love all sports but by favorites are basketball and lacrosse. I play them both for my school and to me they’re just FUN. The only sport I don’t like is soccor. I don’t know why but I’ve just never liked it.

Answer #21


Answer #22

favorite:skateboarding least favorite:cheerleading

Answer #23

soccer for sure I’ve been playing it for around 12 years now and im only 14… when I was 2 years old I would go do the soccer camps for 5 year olds

Answer #24


Answer #25

Field hockey and softball rock!

Answer #26

GYMNASTICS ALL THE WAY!!! omg I luv it. I h8 football because tis pathetic =]

Answer #27

baseball, volleyball, softball, and cheer. and I dont care for golf

Answer #28


Answer #29

year round swimming. its intense but I love it personaly I dont like cheerleading

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