How can I do my make up so I look older?

So Im sixteen. I look like Im 13. Honestly. Its pretty ridiculous. I have a stunted growth, but not that bad. Im 5’2. Dancer boobs. My doctor told me it was best to get boob implants on my 18th birthday. I have a baby face like no other. Looking So young. Everyone who doesnt know me mistakes me for a freshman. Eww. How can I do my make up so I look older? Any tips?

Answer #1

Hey girl- Isn’t it SO annoying when people tell you to just enjoy being young?? Thats not what your asking! I’m 19- I love makeup so maybe I can help. Wear sophisticated colors with your make up to look older-blacks, browns, and tan/neutral colors- but don’t forget your a teenager and we’re AWESOME so add a hint of bright blue or purple in your eyeliners or shadows! Do not under any circumstance cake on foundation or powder!! Put a little conceiler under your eyes if you must but at our age we don’t even need it- even if you have bad skin try and avoid face make-up because it would just make that worse. Just a small amount of loose powder will do the trick : ) Your hair and clothes have tons to do with your apparent age- you don’t have to wear heels but maybe go shopping for some of those trendy vests, ya know? Try a new style with your hair- whatever it is your doing, try something opposite! If its straight- curl it and vice versa(sp) Just try new styles every day until you find one that you like yourself in! And p.s. Your boobs will grow- swear to god. Dont get a boob job till after you have babies! Thats when you’ll really want it!

Answer #2

yeahh I got the same problem only I’m fifteen. doctor told me I’ll be 5’2” for life. however, if your a dancer you probably look damn good (I know all my dancer friends are incredibly sexy; everyone says so). when im just in my p’js, people guess me at fourteen. but when I’m dressed and wearing make-up people guess me at 17 or 18. so heres what I do (im mad pale, so bear with me): put on light powder to even out your skin tone. this gets rid of pre-pubecent looking acne. then, take a light pink (or a color that is kind of close to your tone but accents it. if that makes any sense) eye shadow and put it on just your lids. then take black eyeliner and gently line your botten lids. then slightly surl your eyelashes and add mascara. then do a clos-to-lip-color lipstick or gloss. if you want, add a little light blush. okay I guess I should say that depending on the person the pink eyeshadow could make you look younger. it does wonders for me tho. however, if thats the case, just pick something sort of translucent. hope I helped!!

p.s. smokey eye is great also. and show off your trim figure; who cares about boobs? :P

Answer #3

me? I’m 14. and I look like a 14 year old girl is supposed to look, but 14 year old girls TODAY actually look 16. as you can guess that doesn’t work over too well. tips? 1.) make your hair big. it doesn’t matter the length or style, but it needs volume. it doesn’t matter how pretty or mature anyones face is if their hair is a wreck. 2.) dress in things you’d never find a 16 year old girl in. play it up. high fashion, mature and business-y. heels with skinny jeans and long flowy tops. MAKE SURE it’s still a style that works on you and you enjoy, otherwise you’ll look fake. 3.) an everyday occasion, you should put on makeup to wear it looks like you don’t have any one. make your cheeks rosy and your lips should look plump (BUT DON’T USE COLOR) light and bright eye shadow if you must. for special ocasions make the lashes longer, the eyes bigger, the lips colorful, and the brow primed and perfect. if you want to look older, unnatural eyeshadow color is not your friend. (neither is glitter) 4.) the way you act makes your age. act mature but mostly, BE YOURSELF. if you try to act older it will scream CHILD!

your probably thinking- how is this little girl going to tell me what will make me older? well I’ve been told I look 17 before…using all the above tips. I’ve been told I look 13 when I haven’t used the above tips. AND I’ve been given these tips by a profesional makeup artist who works with high fashion models…


Answer #4

Hey Beautiful, I am 16 too and I am so sick of being told “Oh I thought you were 12” So I get the your problem First of all try not to over do it. If are deliverately going for an out there you can stil do it with style. Like a lot of my pictures are a little crazy cuz I dont like want to be like everyone else. And thats fair enough I dont always like to look older but it does come in handy. Try to use a transluicide foundation and put a light powder over the top of that. Make sure you give it good even coverage cuz there’s nothing worse then a patchy face. With your eyes cuz I cant see your skin tone I would stick with something very nutral … A gold or brown. Mascara is an amazing thing and I suggest something that helps boost the size of your eyelashes The thing you have to remember with lipstick and lipgloss is that dark lipstick makes your lips look smaller. So if you already have small lips I would avoid it. Where as gloss expands the size of your lips. These are just a few things I picked up in my classes =] Take a look at some of my pictures you will see what I mean :P

Answer #5

Okay, I had the same problem. lol, I’m 16 also, but thanks to the magic of make up, I look older, like 17-19. Anyway, first, start with the eyeshadow, choose a light colour like pink and cover ur eyelids with it, and then take a darker colour(probably 2 or 3 shades darker than your pink, try sticking to one colour to not make it stand out too much) and from the OUTSIDE of ur crease, to the inside apply the eyeshadow, so it should have you a more defined look. Now add on mascara, and use a bit of black eyeliner on the top of ur lid. This takes lots of practice, so don’t be bumed if you can’t get it right away. My email is if you have any questions or whats to see pictures, step by step. ^.^ Good luck.

Answer #6

Okay- if you are 5’2 i don’t think you need to worry about Turner Syndrome. Also- i agree with the “boob job” at 18 being a bad idea. Personally, i resembled a boy chest-wise until i was 23. They sprang up over night and now are perfectly in proportion to my body. Just be patient. I’m 5’1 and 24 years old. Most people on the street guess me at 14. If you are 16 and people are mistaking you for 13, it’s probably the way you dress (you may need to ditch the baby-tees and ultra low-rise jeans and go for a more sophisticated look), and you aren’t an adult. There is an air of maturity that comes with age. You can’t buy it and you can’t fake it. Just be patient! If you think makeup will make a difference, less is more. A little mascara, and some lip gloss every day. Play up the eyes on special occasions, but use neutral colors. No fuschia or peacock blue! Also- get your eyebrows done. That helps a lot. All in all, don’t rush it!

Answer #7

I’m 19 and ppl think im between the age range of 12-16, it gets really annoying when someone younger then me will talk to me like a kid, but I know in the end it’ll be worth it! Appreciate it because we might look younger now but when we are like 30, 40 it’ll be a good thing.

And but really how much do you really change in three years I still look the same as I did really when I was 12 so ppl are technically right, only some physical differences like my height, and just recently my breast are bigger but that was just recently I put on weight ( was underweight)

If your worried about guys not liking you or something, I have the opposite affect guys seem to like the fact that I look younger, it doesn’t keep pervs from stalking me…Lolita seems to be in now adays

Answer #8

I agree. LOVE YOURSELF. Everyone is more critical of themselves. I get carded almost everytime i go out drinking. I’m 21 and I get carded to buy cigarettes because people think I look 16!

I would think just doing a good job on your make up would make you look nice but not necessarily older. And a boob job?!? Thats a waste in my opinion. Whatever makes you happy, but you should learn to love yourself for how you are.

Answer #9

First things first, someone said to use lots of black eyeliner? That can work for some people BUT not everyone! Sometimes it can just make you look younger and more childish because you are over applying your make-up. Don’t get a boob job. I have naturally big boobs and it sucks. I would lovee to have smaller ones, but I’m not into the whole Plastic Surgury thing. Love who you are and don’t worry and There is nothing wrong with trying to find out how to do your make-up so that you look your age or maybe older.

Answer #10

i have the same problem. im 17 and get asked for id to see 15 films.. though i didnt get asked for ID in ann summers when my mum took me there as a joke :s ive learnt that the older you get and the younger you look makes you feel younger so get out there and have some “innocent” fun while you last… you may nt be so lucky later on in life and end up lookin not so young… keep active and eat healthily and dont stop doing the things you love…

Answer #11

hey i know exactly how u feel im 17 n im only 148cm tall people say i look 12 but honestly its not bad at all, i find that guys love it and as for implants i had the same idea personally i am an A cup, for a while it got to me but it really doesnt matter, if this is about u feeling like guys will judge u bout the size of em the guys that do arnt worth s*t b comfortable with ur self hun everything will fall in to place.

Answer #12

The things you’ve described here, sound like Turners Syndrome. It not really anything too serious, but it could answer a lot of questions for you. Talk to your doctor about it. In the meantime, look it up on the web.

A lot of girls have it without knowing… my little cousin has it, and so does her best friend, they met at a supprot group for girls with Turners…


Answer #13

I’m 15 and I use alot of blackeyeliner also, It does add atleast 2 years to my age. Some people don’t believe that im only 15

Answer #14

why do you want to look older. If you look younger than when your 50 you will look 40-45. I think you should be comfortable how you look. Plus, you dance so you are prob in decent to really good shape. I think you should be happy you look young and keep it that way. Make-up wouldnt make you look older just sluttier.

Answer #15

oh hun please dont grow up to fast, you have the rest of your life to be older, now is your youth, enjoy it for what you are! you have to be a women for most of your life its now that you enjoy being an adolescent. And dont get a boob job at 18, your boobs are still growing until your atleast 21 so if your dead set on egtting a boob job atleast wait until they have grown fully, who nos at 18 you may have a growth spirt and they’ll get bigger all on their own, its to early to be making these types of decisions.

Answer #16

eyeliner on both top and bottom lids and straighten your hair parted to the side

Answer #17

Hey, well first of all i am 13, but still, use alot of black eyeliner, it works!

Answer #18

I have to same problem but im 19, a freshmen in college and I look like im 15 or 16… its annoying because the guys only notice my roommates, who are gorgeous. I put 3 coats of mascara on and I put eye liner on before and after I put eye shadow… it kinda work

Answer #19

I felt the same way.. I was shorter than my friends and my figure was not flattering. I had a huge butt and small boobs and a baby face. I am now 23 and 2 years ago, I decided to get breast augmentation. If you want to get the surgery done, make sure its 100% what you want and its only to make you feel more confident in your own body. I would never go back to the way I was before, it was totally worth it. But I still have the problem with a baby face. Now that I’m past 21, it doesn’t bother me so much but being mistaken as a 16 year old is never fun. Try styling your hair differently and applying make up on. good luck

Answer #20

I’m 18, five feet tall and I haven’t grown since 6th grade. people say I look 14 but I’ve found a subtle hair, makeup and heel combination that makes me look more my age. you kinda have to find your own combination by trying different things to see what works for your skin tone face shape ect. you can research, look up videos and read magazines, I’ve found that seventeen magazine is great for finding what works for specific people. Stick to natural make-up and listen to unpretty by TLC on youtube :)

Answer #21

well, to make myself look older i pile on foundation, outline my eyes with liquid eyeliner and wear heels, and dress a bit older, im 14 but when i was 12 i cud get into 15 movies at the cinema, when i was 13 i told served alcohol at a hotel, and now im 14 people are shocked to find out how young i am, most people think im at least 16, but others have their doubts


Answer #22

jst use not 2 much make-up because then you will look lyk ur trying to be older and it will look slutish, use eye liner/black and smudge it round the edge of the eye lids above and below for a smokey effect. don’t use lip stick, use a clear lip gloss, use some foundation and some blusher, make sure they are powder or you will look lyk an orange/ strawberry. use eyelash curlers and a really thick good mascara. make sure you take all the make-up off at night and use a spot cream and moisteriser, you will need them from wearing so much make-up. Also a tip to look older is hair!, your hair depends alot on what age you look!. full fringes make you look younger so if you want to look much older get a side sweep fringe, highlights and either long hair/extentions or a short layerd hair cut. hope this helps!! xx

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