Why is the younger generation so interrested in going out and having sex?

I had a friend who is now 16 and lost her virginity at the age 12. And they pretty much usually lose it to the first guy that offers it to them, or if they think having sex with someone older and good looking is cool. Why so young now…

Answer #1

because their hormones are raging and they can;t keep it in their pants… D:

Answer #2

Some follow what they see on television. If they see their idol doing it or someone they favor on television doing it or talking about it they are most likely going to follow in their footsteps to be like them. Some just do it for the heck of it just to give it a try. Some just want to be apart of the in crowd and they’ll do anything to get in.

Answer #3

It’s been that way forever…..I was in highschool 45 years ago, and hormones haven’t changed a bit….and parents worries haven’t changed a bit, either where sex is concerned either.

Answer #4

I think its mainly curiosity and wanting to feel more grown up. There is also the want to feel loved and it is supposed to be the ultimate action for love.

Answer #5

It has always been like that I believe. Kids have hormones and no guidance at all about the consequences of their actions - or they just think that they are special and nothing will happen to them.

Plus, peer pressure and wanting to be liked is also factors that comes into play

Answer #6

I believe it is a double effect. The primary reason is the sexualisation created by the media, which has inturn been created by man’s lust for pleasure and money. Girls want to feel loved and popular. They see that one of the easiest ways to get that is to conform to society’s perception: dress provocatively, become more sexually promiscuous, etc. Obviously, once teens start having sex and experiencing the highs associated with such acts, the cycle recharges itself.

Answer #7

I also wondered why the younger kids are so fascinated about having sex. I think it’s just a way to seem more mature. Also, I think it’s because of the films and content on the internet that has corrupted their minds. Back when I was a kid, I didn’t even know what the internet was, and now kids that age watch pr0n on the internet. Also, the kids movies that come out have such sexual themes and advertisements that it makes it feel okay to have sex and drink and stuff.

This is similar to our generation now though. I’m sure people from older generations feel the same way about us.

Answer #8

because its fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #9

their sexual urges maybe..phew…i even cannot think of having sex when i am only 15..and i will not have it untill i am married.thats what is taught in my family and thats what our culture is…it is so strange to see girls doing sex with a different guy every week..that sux.

Answer #10

I agree. In my culture, we wait until we’re married. It seems so appropriate this way because then you know they’re with you forever. :) I’m sure if I had sex before marriage, my family would kill me. After all, I’m the only male they have. D;

Answer #11

same,they will kill me..but yeah..i will never do..so they will not get any chance ;)

Answer #12

Haha. Foreign families seem to want to kill their children a lot. I wonder why. haha.

Answer #13

its because maybe they want to be close to the one they love. sex can bring you to closer emotionally and physically.

Answer #14

Anyone under the age of 16 shouldnt even have sex on their mind. At that age just hanging out is as close as they should be getting to anyone. Kissing is alright, but sex is a mature action. And more than 90% of these kids are NOT mature enough to handle sex. The only reason why they have sex is because they think its cool. And thats how they end up giving it out to anyone and everyone.

Answer #15

i had it because i wanted to now cause i thought it waz cool. i am mature enough to handle it. and i made sure i waz ready to have sex. i waznt pressured into anything i wanted to it waz my chose and i waz safe.

Answer #16

not cause i thought it waz cool. sex is something more than just that and i know it

Answer #17

Your like 14. You should be playing with dolls or having sleep overs. Sex should not even be on your mind. Your still a little kid. What are you going to do if you come up pregnant at your age? You can use protection and still come up pregnant.

Answer #18

Sex is something you should do with someone you want to spend your life with. My husband was my first and only. I lost my virginity at the age 16. Im 18 now and 7 months pregnant hun.

Answer #19

its called being on the pill and using condoms. and never liked dolls. and so what if it is on my mind. im in a commited relationship.

Answer #20

and congrulations on the baby

Answer #21

Ok…the pill is 99.9% affective. Condoms can break while in the middle of sex. You can still come up pregnant while on the pill and using condoms.

Answer #22

Thanks =)

Answer #23

well im not pregnant and besides its not like i give it out to anyone.i have my rules. and i certainly do not have one night stands. but heres the thing why do you even care about people having sex young its their sex life not yours. you like it with your husband and well i dont aprove of this but some people like having multiple partners.

Answer #24

and yes i meant that i dont aprove of having multiple partners

Answer #25

I care about a lot of things. You may not be pregnant now. But if something was to happen, would you be prepared? A bunch of younger kids ruin their life from having sex. And somehere they slip up. They say that will not happen to them. Please dont ever say that hun. i said that and look at me now. Anything can happen.

Answer #26

still you should be happy that you are going to be a mother. sure going into labor wont be fun but after all that and the baby is born you’ll have a bundle of joy. so do you know if its a girl or a boy yet?

Answer #27

Im extremely excited about my baby. And yes I do. Its a boy. But its very scary the closer you get to having a baby.

Answer #28

well there will be doctors there for you and if you want your husband can be there for you holding your hand and if it makes u feel better he doesnt have to be in the room. you can ask the women in your family and his to come in the room when you are going through it to give advice. but i’ve heard that the first birth is the hardest because it stretches everything out but the other births after that go ok so yeah dont worry about it

Answer #29

well there will be doctors there for you and if you want your husband can be there for you holding your hand and if it makes u feel better he doesnt have to be in the room. you can ask the women in your family and his to come in the room when you are going through it to give advice. but i’ve heard that the first birth is the hardest because it stretches everything out but the other births after that go ok so yeah dont worry about it

Answer #30

well there will be doctors there for you and if you want your husband can be there for you holding your hand and if it makes u feel better he doesnt have to be in the room. you can ask the women in your family and his to come in the room when you are going through it to give advice. but i’ve heard that the first birth is the hardest because it stretches everything out but the other births after that go ok so yeah dont worry about it

Answer #31

sorry about that my laptop froze for a second and it sent that 3 times

Answer #32

Pretty much all pregnancy stretches you. I was one of the unlucky ones who started contractions at 6 months. My husband will be in the room. If you can make a baby with that certain person, they need to be in the room with you. Im not worried about any of that. But I have noticed that you changed this about me. You never answered me when I asked what will you do if something happened? Will you be prepared?

Answer #33

Its cool.

Answer #34

i take the morning after pill after every time i had sex which was only three times. i am one of those people who is responsible. and well im waiting till im 16 to have sex again. my boyfriend is supportive of me and is behind me no matter what i chose.

Answer #35

Thats really good. Its good to have someone in your life who is supportive.

Answer #36

Thanks. He and I are always here for eachother.

Answer #37

Awe thats good. Im happy you have someone who will be their for you. Tell me this… When you had sex with this boy, was it what you thought it was going to be like? Some ppl do this and then look back like this is nothing like I thought.

Answer #38

I honestly didn’t lose my virginity to my current boyfriend. I wish I had but still the guy I did lose it to was such an amazing guy he waz so supportive didnt pressure me or anything. But when I did have sex and when I do look back on it it waz nothing like i thought it would be like. I never expected so much plessure. And I never expected that intimacy. It waz better than I thought it would be

Answer #39

Well im glad it was better than you thought it would be. Others think it was worse. Its good that you can come clean about it wasnt your current bf. Thats a good qaulity in a person.

Answer #40

How was your first time? Was it different than what you though it would be like?

Answer #41

My first time was taken away from me. A guy took advantage of me. I was date r@ped. But my first experience with my husband was amazing. Nothing like I thought it would be.

Answer #42

I think it’s most kids my age thats having this issuse with keep’n their thing in their pants or keep’n their legs close.But Trust me they will pay for it later in life.Im one of the few who’s sees the consequences of having sex when your not ready.It’s shamefull.

Answer #43

Oh i am so sorry that it got taken away from you. But think of it like this that for it to be your real first time you need to be fully involved and suportive of it and that you want to do it not forced to.

Answer #44

Its ok. I look at it like this…everything that’s happened to me in my past has made me who I am today.

Answer #45

because that is all they see and hear about on tv,vidoe games and the radio. its even talked about in classrooms

Answer #46

That is really smart. And pretty soon you will be a mother. I hope everything goes well for you:)

Answer #47

I think not haivng sex till you are married is a little over the top but people are entitled to their beliefs. I think that you shouldn’t have sex till you find the right person and until have been with them long enough (Over 16 aswell).

Answer #48

because sex is awesome lol im almost 15 and i think sex is tha best

Answer #49

You are a perfect example of our younger generation whom has abused the meaning of sex. You should be keeping that in your pants until you meet someone that will last in your life for a very long time. But that wont come for a while. All of you younger kids dont know what love is. To you, you think lust is love. No im sorry, but its not at all.

Answer #50

Ok…you dont know if their the right person until the day they ask you to marry them. The average human being says they have met the right one at least 3-4 times in their lives before they actually find that one person.

Answer #51

Its talked about in classrooms to try to keep the younger generation safe. They talk about the hazards of having sex. And yes they do say if you do decide to have sex, to use a condom. I know that doesnt help. But they try to overweigh that with the bad affects from having sex as well.

Answer #52

thanks a bunch.

Answer #53


Answer #54


Answer #55

really lol its not like im just having sex with anyone i can find……the girl i had sex with i cared about alot and she cared about me so whats the problem here……. and who are you to say i or anyone else doesnt know what love is…..i know what love is because ive been in love……

Answer #56

No…you have mistaken love for something else. I promise when you get older you will realize the difference. Ok…your 15, so when your maybe a year older or two years older you will experience the truth about true love. A LOT of kids your age think they have felt love, but then they get older and they realize it was all puppy love. I did that as well. I argued until I could argue no more that it was love, but it really wasnt. I felt so stupid, because they told me I would look back on that and see what it truly was that I felt. And they were right. No matter how much I hate admitting that, but its all true. One day you will realize it too.

Another reason why you believe it was love, is because you were intimate with that person. I just hope you dont grow up to regret that choice. But remember to learn from your mistakes.

Answer #57

Sorry if that was too long. I was just trying to explain. ^-^

Answer #58

yeah alrite but i still think that 4 ppl my age its cool to have sex but any age younger than 14 its not but everyone has a right to their own opinion so if you disagree with me its cool because some ppl do agree with me…….

Answer #59

I understand that. Yes, it is my opinion. I agree. I lost mine at 16. So its not much different I guess. I dont know how old you were when you first did this, but it will be something you have to live with. Just dont ever regret a decision you make. If you dont like it later in life just think of it as a mistake not a regret.

Answer #60

yeah i wont regret it

Answer #61


Answer #62

Monogamy is overrated.

Answer #63

Because It’s “cool” and makes you “awesome”.

Answer #64

best of luck to you

Answer #65

Please, if some chick offered you sex you’d take her up on it.

Answer #66

Ugh this is one of those things that makes me so angry. Sex is everywhere they see. Movies, ads, music videos, music etc. It seems completley normal now to have sex when and with whomever you feel like. I know parents who talk loudly about sex or joke about sex with their children there. And then there are parents who hand out condoms before their child was even considering sex. And this generation thinking more of instant gratification rather than what would make them happy in the long run. In my opinion you should wait until youre married, then you know for sure that that person’s the one, because I would never want to share that with someone I barely know or don’t trust. Sex now, I guess, has become something sorely for pleasure but to me, it should be more than that, should bring the couple closer, has to be intimate and there should be a strong emotional bond between the couple before they engage in that.

Answer #67

I disagree most strongly. No sexual theams, only love intrests. In a kids show the farthest anyone went was deep kissing. Movies with at all sexual theams are rated PG-13. Plus, the drinking is only in movies and the people are well over 21.

Answer #68

I disagree most strongly. No sexual theams, only love intrests. In a kids show the farthest anyone went was deep kissing. Movies with at all sexual theams are rated PG-13. Plus, the drinking is only in movies and the people are well over 21.

Answer #69

because its fun ;)

Answer #70

Sexual themes include girls in bikinis too. And it can also contain when a girl uses her “assets” to try and convince a bad guy. The drinking may be done by people who are over 21, but in a movie they’ll depict scenes of little kids who look drunk or who play roles in which they are drunk.

Answer #71

Congrats on the baby boy! Dou have the name yet?

Answer #72

Yes. Colt Hugh Wright

Answer #73

Sure, it’ll be fun looking after a baby at 13 years old, with no money to support it, scrounging off your parents and having no knowledge of what to do because you are young and dont know what to do. YAY .-.

Answer #74

I am yet to find a movie rated PG like that. And bikinis r not sexual. They save u from retarded white stomachs. A guy wouldn’t understand.

Answer #75

hey thats y they invented condoms and birth control ok like sereously >.>

Answer #76

I’ve always been taught to wait until I am happily married with Kaleb to have sex. Which is exactly what we are going to do.

Answer #77

Wow, really? a male wouldn’t understand? That’s real nice of you. I happen to understand what tan lines are, us guys get them too. PG related movies that involve violence, sexual content and cursing is Gremlins. How about Beetlejuice? Hm, no? Okay then take a look at Airplane. Sorry to make you feel dumb, but I just listed a few movies that are rated PG to PG-13 that include sexual themes, or extreme violence. Also the movie The Wizard had quite a few curse words as did many of the films I mentioned above. Please do some research before you assume I’m wrong.

Answer #78

Bored, curious, hormones are going crazy, can’t wait until they find someone they can really say they DO love. Some teens are smart when having sex by actually using a condom while others don’t care, there are MANY reasons why.

Answer #79

Says the guy with the BP logo for a pic.

Answer #80

I was never really fully religious. And even before I was, I decided to wait becuase I only want to share that with one person, and that one person has to b e the love of my life and no one else. ANd that means marriage to me :}

Answer #81

probably because your sexual experience is a very integral part of one’s popularity in high school. and lets face it, sex feels really good. and when you get that first notch on your belt you feel pretty damn awesome (if youre a guy)

Answer #82


Answer #83

Satan, if some chick offered me sex, I’d be like “WTF? o.O; Are you high?” girls offering me sex is like a miracle, Lol. I skip holding girl’s hands straight to sex? Wow…

Answer #84

Hahahahahahhhahahaha! If some chick did for some reason offer to bang you, would you or would you not agree to it?

Answer #85

@ Aleksandr- Wow that made me laugh!! :D

Answer #86

I would not agree to it. :) I have values. ;-P

Answer #87

LIAR! Yes, you would.

Answer #88

Also some people have sex for popularity

Answer #89

I’m not a liar. Haha, I swear if some random or not random girl came up to me and told me she wants to have sex with me, I’d stare at her blankly, turn red, and look at the ground. After a few minutes of staring at my feet, I’d say “I’m sorry. I’m saving it for someone I will marry.” So HA! xP I have values and standards. They may not be high, but they’re there.

Answer #90

No, you’d only say know to keep from embarassing yourself!

Answer #91


Answer #92

Embarrassing myself from what? My Package?

Answer #93

Haha, that or not knowing what to do with your “package”.

Answer #94

Satan are you having fun…it sure does look like it lol

Answer #95

I’m 17, I’m pretty sure I know what to do with my package. xP I’m not embarrassed about sex, it’s just not something I really want. Does that make me a weird boy? o.o

Answer #96

I am having a greta time and no, that doesnt make you a weird boy. It makes you a liar. :O

Answer #97

Haha, no it doesn’t. D; I don’t want my virginity to go away. I wanna be a 80-year old virgin! :)

Answer #98

It’s okay to be afraid that you wont be able to find the right entrance or that she wont be satisfied. Bahahahaha!

Answer #99

I can find the right places, haha. You got me on the satisfaction part though. ;-P You’re right, I probably won’t satisfy. But that’s why God made sex toys.

Answer #100

MAn made sex toys and HA! You’re funny…funny looking! :O

Answer #101

i disagree satan >_< i am same like him.

Answer #102

This has nothing to do with you and you and him are two different people so, take a hike.

Answer #103

How are we different? o.o I think she and I have the same values. xP Haha. I know I’m funny looking, thanks for noticing. :)

Answer #104

You are different and I was kidding:( You look fine.

Answer #105

Different in that I’m a boy. :O I know you’re kidding. :) If you weren’t, you’d be another face telling me about my imperfections and I would have to think of you every time I cried. :-P

Answer #106

And different in your reasonings to other thna the family thing. & you better not think of me when you cry. That’s creepy.

Answer #107


Answer #108

because it makes them lose weight

Answer #109

sounds good to me lol

Answer #110


Answer #111

Its the the parents fault that they r watching PG-13. PG means Parental Guidence. Swearing isn’t that bad. + kids movies doesn’t mean PG

Answer #112

Kids movies means G, PG, and PG-13. Swearing is bad, if you haven’t noticed. -.-; No one likes people who swear a lot because it just shows that you have nothing smart to say. I get little kids who come up to me and cuss me out. If this was my kid, I’d smack him so hard, his tongue would go into the back of his throat. Also, I was watching Hannah Montana today, and guess what? That girl was practically revealing her chest and shaking her stuff like crazy. You call that not sexual?

Answer #113

I definetly think it’s because people make a big deal out of it. I live right in the middle of that generation- I’m 15, and i will admit I’ve had sex. Also, I think I’m very mature for my age. Though, reguardless of me, I think the reason I see most people do it to be rebellious. If parents are going to constantly tell them that they aren’t mature and ready, or if kids can’t talk to their parents at all about it, then they are going to want to make a point and go against people’s views about it. I think it would be less of a problem if more parents and adults were ok with it, then they would be able to have mature talks about it to share real feelings, and if people still feel the need to do it, then parents can make sure that their kids are being safe by getting them condems and such. I doubt as many people would do it if it didnt get so much attention.

Answer #114

That’s true, I’d love to be known as the town whore.

Answer #115

Haha, Sasha watches Hannah Montanna!

Answer #116

Hi Allie. Congrats on the baby. :) Oh ya, it doesnt show you it just shows beachluver having a conversation all by herself. I am probably being immature right now, Sorry. I just miss you. Very happy for you and Paul. Wish we could still be friends or I could find someone as awesome as you. Take care.


Answer #117

Haha, shhh! I wasn’t watching it for me. I was watching it for my sister. :D

Answer #118

i disagree. i think monogamy is perfect. thats the way we were created to be, one man, one woman.

Answer #119

I don’t believe in the “Created to be” stuff but I do agree that monogamy is what is truly right.

Answer #120

We have a teacher who we call the town bicycle because all the guys have rode on her. she sleeps with all the guys that have just graduated

Answer #121

because of one…hormones…as they hit puberty and progress into…there’s no telling how much their hormones are raging. like whoa. and some do it…for…either…respect, peer pressure, or just…to feel secure…personally, i would think it’s better to wait until you’re married, but marriage is so overrated nowadays, and temptations prevent some teens from waiting until then. i, myself, think its okay…but i would try my best to wait until marriage…to save myself for the person i want to be with for the rest of my life…or until i know for sure that this is the person i want to be with and going to be with.

Answer #122

1 that makes it funny. dumb charicter= lol hahaha rotfl funny 2 what episode 3 u watched hannah montanna!!!!!! lol rotfl

Answer #123

wonderfully written, soooooo true, i can tell u r really mature 4 your age. it takes a really mature person to admit to it in way that isn’t bragging. parents need to give their kids protection and tell them all of the risks at an age before they get that kind of pressure.

Answer #124

What is truly right, is what does not hurt your neighbor. Not what some book sez.

Answer #125

because “its what all the cool kids are doing”

Answer #126

I think some people are perfectly capable of having sex without emotional connections with the other person..or if you’re with someone you do care about, even if it’s not “the one” i think as long as you’re smart and safe then it should be totally up to yourself to decide.

Answer #127

Awwwww, such a good name.

Answer #128

really ??? r dey ..i m not…i hate da word sex..dont u??

Answer #129


Answer #130

I just finished saying that I was not religious. Therefore my statement wasn’t based on what any book says. you can’t truly love 2,3,4, etc. at the same time. It doesn’t work.

Answer #131

All I’d say is not try to be too hung up on sex, or bring too much moralizing or “culture” into it. Just be careful who you have sex with and why.

Sex is sex, and marriage is marriage, and they’re different things. If you want to have sex, just do it. Get to be good at it and not hung up with lots of preconceived notions about it.

The research shows that the people who get in the most troube with sex are those who moralize about it and talk a lot about “their culture”

Read it and weep: http://funadvice.com/r/3kgvv4vqkr

Answer #132

its bcuz of all the sexual shows and movies like two and a half men, and the hot tub time machine (its a very sexual movie)

Answer #133


Answer #134

no its not even if there was no tv, teens would still be having sex ….i hate how ppl blame movies and shows for other ppls actions

Answer #135

basically the same reason adults are interested in sex we all have hormones that make us think and do stuff like that

Answer #136

i dnt understand …y do u have to have sex if ur a cool guy or a gurl?????????????????

Answer #137

cuz its promoted everywhere music tv movies internet all these things that say sex is great and blah blah so it make younger kids wanna do it same thing with dugzz and alcohol

Answer #138

idk but i’m more interested in just “going out” , im not having sex until i’m married and i know alot of ppl will say “ oh, ur a teen, all teens have sex” but im not like that. i believe that u wait till someone u truly love and trust more than anything.

Answer #139

Thanks:] I actually did a study project on this subject, and most of my friends and the people I’ve talked to admit they do sex to either make someone else mad, or their parents mad, or because they want to brag about it. I just think teens are constantly craving attention, and if we changed it so that sex isn’t going to get them any, then it would be different.

Answer #140

thats not true, nerds have sex too its just not as good

Answer #141

lol…but y do dey do it??????…i dnt find any advantage…!!!!!!!!!

Answer #142

cos of their hormonal activities which is on the top of their age

Answer #143

ii hat3 da way ppl don no how 2 speelh.

Answer #144

Yeah, like sereously. Obvi. there is condums + berth cuntrol. Like, double duhh, guys.

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