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What are some good youtube videos?

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how abe lincoln really died
lol thats a funny video

oh and theres one called david after the dentist

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watch videos made by FLuffeetalks , shaycarl , or by shane dawson , all 3 of them are HILARIOUS , but if you were to ask me which one was better , I would go with FLuffee :D

Good You Tube.

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Is it a good idea to microwave an Ipod
Is it a good idea to microwave pikachu
The Pancrease Song

How much does a music dance video cost?
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Who is the actor/model in Nelly Furtado's video?

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lol look up youtube poop
I love youtube poop!!

Who thinks 'hero' is the sexiest video?
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Check out the ShaneDawson videos, that cat's pretty funny..

Video says loading for hours

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I got a wierd video. try "treeman" its so wierd

how much time you tube takes to upload a video
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The Lazer Collection 1, 2, 3 watch all 3

You Tube

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BUZZCOCK! Watch him its about some person where I am from, its friggin hilarious haha

does anyone know where to find the video of rachel's challenge that they show at schools.?

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