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ok I will be having a party of girls. my perents will not be coming home till about 1:00-2:00 am they will be at a party. They know were playing. LOL so light or dark does not matter. My friends like to play the very dirty way so I guess net week I will also be playing the dirty way. :( But oh well not a big deal. So yeh the best dares you can come up with you know like ahhh nude LOL and that kind of thing.only girls

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what kind of party is without guys??!!!

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I am here for a gay partner are you guy? please call me at +91-9351876731 and +91-9799798813

What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?
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1 oral in front of everyone else
2 2 girls bathe together
3 hump and grind!!! (both girls naked)
4 2 girls make out
5 dance naked
6 masturbate with eachother
7 naked and semi naked photo shoots
8 put on the song lollipop by lil wayne and every time the song says "lick" someone has to lick someone else in whichever area they are dared to lick with one or both girls naked (I had to do this one with one of my besties LOL XD)
9 naked massage with oil or lotion. both girls get naked. one straddle the other and massage them all over while rocking back and forth (I had to do this one too haha)

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.
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you could always carry it on after the party as my partner and I do with our friends we call them extended dares which are done for days after the party for example
1 Go without underwear and just short skirts and semi sheer tops
2 They wear a short skirt minus knickers for a week and have to flash 2 blokes a day
3 you get to choose what each other wear for a week and that is all they are aloud to wear
4 Short skirts no knickers and have to pleasure themselves in a public place every day for a week eg a park
5 Go out as a group during the week and someone has to get naked for how ever long the group chooses in a public place and do what ever they are told
6 get naked outdoors and 69
plenty more where they came from even more extreme
have fun
just one more very extreme "take naked pics and post them online (newbie nudes )is a good site for that and its free to join
hope this helps

Dare question
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tell one of them to get naked and start rubbing themselves up against another girl.
tell one of them to get naked and start pretending someones touching them all over.
tell them to run around the house naked until your parents come home
go outside naked for 10 seconds

What are some clean truth or dare questions?
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I always chicken out on these dares xD
so I'm no help .

I've been dared to do horrible stuff in the past !

Truth or Dare in the pool?
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Lol yall have fun

What are some gay dares?
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Run outside naked pole dance lesbo sex whip cream in vagina

Extreme Truth or Dare questions?
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I am invited??? LOL

Extreme Truth or Dare ideas for teen girls.
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here's a new one prank call someone and ask them if they want a lap dance and then tell them your naked! or lock to girls in a closet together to have sexxx

Good truth or dare questions?
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wow. these are just turning me on:)))
I would so come to your partyyy;)
have one girl finger another and hump each other.
making out & figering.
eating another girl out
all of them on yu . you getting all the pleasure
this will only work with the right types of girls

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Ah dirty is ALWAYS fun haha
Try some of these fun, nude activities -

Naked push ups
Naked Jumping jacks
Jump on the couch/bed naked
Go in the kitchen and cook something while naked
Skip around the house seeing "I'm a little tea pot" twice
Have 2 of them dance together naked
Have one of them give another one a lap dance
Tell one to do a strip dance for everyone else
Have someone run outside and run around the backyard naked *if you have one that is*
Tell 2 of them to take a bath/shower together
Have 2 kiss/make out

And there's SEVERAL others out there... so if you want anymore, let me know and have fun at your "sexy/naked party" lmao

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give someone a bj while giving someone a hj ;)

have fun :L:P

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put a vibrating phone up your vagina
order pizza, nude. ask the guy for sex, if he says yes, you're all his!
stand outside in the front nude
lesbo sex, then post it on youtube!!!
fuck each other
shove a banana up your vagina c how far it will go
dare one of the girls to become the others' sex slave for the rest of the night

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lalalala!!! make 2 of the people (same sex) make out with each other 4 ...2 min.!!!

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1. Strip off all of your clothes while touching yourself
2. take off someone elses clothes
3. naked photo shoots
4. grind against someone(1 or both girls should be nude)
5. give naked massages (to make it extra dirty: stradle the girl you're massaging and hump and grind her)
6. talk dirty and sexily climb on top of another girl, while clinging on to each other and humping or rolling around
7. shave someone ;)
8. eat whipped cream off someone (both should be naked)
9. have whipped cream bikini contests
10. act out naughty scenes in books or movies
11. make up your own dirty fanatasy and do it with another girl
12. naked lap dances
13. shower/bathe naked
14. kiss or makeout
15. put lotion on someone else while shes nude

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queef on someone.
give someone a bj
through someone on the ground & hook up with them.
oral sex.
my name is kaitlyn and im horny8) anyone wannna yahnOo...?

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this is funny...

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I think two girls making out on a dare is definately hott especially if both girls are straight. But a good dare is to tell dare one of the girls to kiss the stomach of another and run the tongue up and down. And another dare is to touch inappropriately. A lotta people chicken ou when it comes to that one.

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Very one gets a random number that are associated with dares:

1. ( 2 naked or not ) girls forward sit on lap and French kiss 2 min

2. ( 2 naked or not) girls add whipped cream on each other's body and start sucking and licking

3. (2 naked or not ) girls act like they are mother and daughter, bigger breasted is Mom and other is daughter, daughter acts like she wants milk and starts trying to pull off shirt. Mom starts saying ok fine ,then puts her hands in the air and says suck baby suck . Baby takes of the shirt and says yes mommy yes!! Baby sucks for 4 minutes while Mommy moans

4. Many full clothed girls can play this (in pairs) Play the song tag you're it by Melanie Martinez and every time She says the word ( tag ) strip 1 piece of clothing and stick out ur tongue and let the other pair suck on it like it's a d"ck

Have fun😂😂

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