What XBOX do I get my son?

He wants one that will play games like Halo reach and others, I do not know which one is which, there are so many of them. You are talking to someone who the last game console I played was the Atari.

Answer #1

Like an xbox 360??

Answer #2

I need to know what kind, there is one with a 4 GB than one with a 250 GB than the Halo one. I do not if one is for games, then they said one is a theater package.

Answer #3

I need to know what kind, there is one with a 4 GB than one with a 250 GB than the Halo one. I do not if one is for games, then they said one is a theater package.

Answer #4

well you can play games oon any xbox. so it wouldn’t really matter.. Like you could just get the xbox, then buy halo reach?

Answer #5

If I were you, I’d get the Elite, which is the 250GB.

Here’s a description on all the models, though: http://funadvice.com/r/14m538i9f9r

Answer #6

Well I was told you need a large hard drive to play some of the gamed, I just bought the 4GB one and I don’t know if it will play Halo reach.

Answer #7

Ok well that is the one my my wife says we need to get him, so I am going to take this 4GB one back.

Answer #8

I would have gotten the bigger one, just so you can hold more stuff :S

Answer #9

Just like computers the small amount, 4GB, talks about, RAM (Random Access Memory) and the 250Gb is talking about ROM (Read Only Memory). All systems that can store memory deal with RAM and ROM. The one with 4GB has a HDD (Hard Drive) of a bigger amount which would be the ROM. So that 4GB has more memory on the HDD. For example My computer has 4GB and 500GB on HDD. All Xboxes have the ability to play games. You might have misread the information of the xbox becuase im pretty sure they don’t make an xbox with less than 100GB.

Answer #10

Ok well I got him this one, Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle, I guess I will go get him the one with the 250 GB HD.

Answer #11

Probably a good idea. I think you can play Halo on the 4GB but you can’t use all the features, like online co-op. As video games become more advanced and full of graphics, the 4GB will just be outdated.

Answer #12

I no what a HD is, I just did not think you needed that big of one, LOL, I am a server engineer, and I work with petabyte storage solutions for very large companies.

Answer #13

Ok well my wife said she wants to get the bigger one, I just don’t play games, like I said the last one I played was the Atari.

Answer #14

If you watch your son play, you’ll want to try it and you’ll get hooked. That’s a guarantee :)

Answer #15

Well I have watched he play, he brings he WII and Playstation down to my theater room, and I have to run him out, Also is the Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console Bundle better then the Elite?

Answer #16

I doubt it. If it costs extra, I wouldn’t go for it. It’s just a promotion, another way for Xbox to make money. Just get the Elite and buy Reach separately.

Answer #17

I would get the 250 or 4 with kinnect bundled

Answer #18

The Xbox Elite is really good. From what i have read in this post, I think the Xbox 360 with the 4GB is the Xbox Arcade which has no HD. But the latest one Xbox that i recommend is the Xbox 360 Kinect. Its like the Wii but without the controller. Game Producers are starting to make games for the Kinect because it is more fun using you hands to play. I think the Kinect has 320GB set and it has two fans for less chance of overheating!

Answer #19

What is the kinnect bundle?

Answer #20

Get him the xbox 360 4GB to start him out and eventually if he likes it get accessorys.

Answer #21

Xbox 360 and a kinect! Best gift in the world! Lol (:

Answer #22

the kinect budle features the kinect system where, basically, you’re the controller. you literally put your arms out, and control the person and/or things with your hands, as the camera reads your actions. Its only with certain games though.

Answer #23

Just get the new xbox they made Xbox 360 Slim, No cable required for connetion’s because they made it Wireless :D

Answer #24

Mw3 one!!!

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