Should I get an Xbox 360 or PS3?

I am planning on buying a new system should I get ps3 or xbox 360? what one is better?

Answer #1

get a wii because I had a ps3 and it kept freezing and it over heats when u play 15 mins so I got a wii and its crazy

Answer #2

bro i have all 3. my opinion is 360. ps3 is cool and all but the lack of software support at the current time is crap. now this will be changing cause you know sony. the 360 is a great all around performer. given its newer cheaper price its a great deal. great software line up and support. now the hardware failures suck but the extended warranty covers it. pick up the premium bro. its got a 20gb hd. and all the newer models have hdmi on them. i made the mistake of picking up the elite. the 120gb hd is nice but i should have waited on the price drop… i paid 475$ for it. i got my ps3 20gb when it came out for… check this… 700$. got it mostly for the cheap bluray playing… and i got the hd dvd addon for my 360 (HD DVD is also my pick for just sheer quality factors). should have waited on that also… damn… well and i camped out for my wii… its fun… very very fun… but it loses its charm very quickly. but i like that the 3rd party support is picking up for the wii. but if you do decide to go with the ps3… get the smallest cheapest… unless you require wifi… but get the smallest and cheapest just to upgrade the hd… i put a 500gb sata laptop drive in mine and boom… 500gb ps3. so that is pretty cool… well i hope i helped you… on my experience anyway.

Answer #3

hey i prefer the PS3 i have one and i play madden 08 alot on i mean playing the PS3 on hi definition t.v. and its like gameday on sunday, the 360 to me plays great also a little cheaper but it plays good to the graphic are bannas on it, but i prefer PS3.

Answer #4

Wii is so urgh on the market.. I have read reviews from all over (mainly because my partner wants one for Christmas) and they say the graphics are not great at all and some games have glitches. However Xbox360 is amazing. My partner has this and we play it all the time. It does have a very good selection of games (check out

PS3 is just another generation on of the playstation. And as a lot of people found, each one probably didn’t last more than 2-3 years. What is to say it won’t break soon in this PS?

So in my opinion, I would advise you to get the Xbox360 - this has internet (if you have a phoneline), messaging, store music, extra games, memory etc. Plus it is now cheaper. The consoles are very good too, not only they come in different colours, you can get wireless ones too.

Answer #5

That is a truly ignorant & unjustified opinion, with nothing to back it up; and not even RELEVANT to this thread…

Answer #6

…so sayeth the one who could afford ALL THREE.


Answer #7

xbox 360=HALO3 what more do you want..imo its worth buyign a 360 for halo 3…just me

Answer #8

get a 360 its less expensive than a ps3 and it has Halo3 =D

Answer #9

PS3 is more powerful, with prettier graphics.

Xbox360 is way less expensive, with more games available.

Answer #10

buy wii. Everything else is c*ap.Trust me, I know. Hope it helps

Answer #11

get an Xbox 360 trust me,u wont regret it

Answer #12

Wii is just crap, Ive played on both and (if money is not a factor) i recommend the PS3 in every way

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