Xbox360, Wii or Ps3

Which 1 shuld I get, I like xbox360 but I h8 how its pay for online. I like Wii but not that very good gameplay and not good graphics. Ps3 is alright but don’t know which to get? Help me please?

Answer #1

ii wud get ps3, but certain games liike Call of Duty 4, may act gay when iit comes to going online 2 play other people…ii liike dah 360 as well, but dah you have 2 go online iis mad retarted, and wii isnt really ma cup of tea…but ii got all 3…so ii cnt really say

Answer #2

PS3 defo. For £300 or so maybe cheaper (im not sure). But for that you get a great games console with amazing graphics(especially call of duty 4 and world at war and gran turismo 5). and you get a built in blu-ray player which by itself is £250. And you get a great free online service and you can browse the internet just like you could when youre using a laptop. so for £300 youre getting a blu ray player games console and a computer.

xbox is good and for games it is similar to the ps3 but for online games you have to buy a network adapter (£55) and monthly xbox live fees (£40). You also have to buy a dvd drive seperate. so it ends up costing just a much as ps3 maybe a small amount cheaper. But overall I think ps3 is better

As for wii, its great for the family but its not got great graphics and is awkward.

so if I were you id buy ps3 Hope I helped :)

Answer #3

I have a wii and my bro has a 360, I personally don’t like the wii as they’re more for children and for lots of people at parties, thats the only reason I kept mine, for parties. the xbox 360 is great..personally overall I recommend the PS3 as it really is good

Answer #4

I’ve got an xbox…I don’t mind payin the £40 a year for xbl, and the service is generally the best because of the amount of people and the exclusive games plus the load times etc…

It’s got quite a wide variety - I mean you get like viva pinata and then gears of war.

PS3 is pretty cool, my friends got one and I play it sometimes. Dunno tho, because I’ve got an xbox the xbox controller feels sooo much better, but I spose if I had a ps3 I could get used to it’s controller. The online is allrite, but the only good game online is cod, and maybe like resistance 2 (although I don’t really like that game).

Also I dunno how much voice chat is supported in ps3 - in xbox you can have cross game chat with up to 8 people, and the party options are pretty cool.

ps3 home isn’t that good…bit of a let down my friend told me.

As for the wii - don’t. Just don’t.

Answer #5

I have a ps3, and really good games are now out for it. it generally has good graphics. My friend has a wii (2 of them do, actually), but from what I’ve seen of them (correct me if im wrong) they seem to be designed for a younger audience (children - teens or something) I’m not saying YOU HAVE TO GET A PS3, but I recommend one.

Answer #6

WII its cool haha

Answer #7

id say ps3 its now cheaper in a way the online is good (in my oppinion) and great games wireless controllers without batteries but I like a heavier controller GO DUELSHOCK 3 and no adapter for wifi less chance of getting yellow light of death you can get on the world wide web… the 360 im not too sure, my bro had it for a month and moved but had to sell it but I wouldnt like having to buy the live, paying for internet twice… wii, parties or more then 3 or 4 people, dont get the wii

Answer #8

how old are?

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