Xbox360 vs playstation/ rnd 2

Hello I have came into another predickament shut up about my spelling About playstation vs xbox 360 Please send actual facts not just games list why the games are better and how The actuall prices and everything Im on the xbox side

Answer #1

xbox already had lower prices but ps3 lowerd theres 100 dollors so they are prittymuch equal ps3 has more of a enteratinment feature xbox has gameing entertainment

Answer #2

@ gooner_17 ‘playstation can do everything an xbox can , plus it has better graphics’

Sadly that is incorrect. The 360 actually has better graphics. the graphics processor is more powerful than the PS3’s. Copied from a review of the 2 systems ‘The Xenos GPU on the XBOX 360 is superior the RSX on the PS3’ In almost every game that is dual platform the graphics are equal, or the 360 out preforms the PS3. I really hate to admit that, being a M$ hater and all, but it is true.

But there is hope for the PS3. Developers are still working on using the CELL processors of the PS3 to is full advantage, and once they get that down it should blow anything the 360 has out of the water. As it sits right now the PS3’s cell engine is more powerful on paper than the tri-core Xenon CPU of the 360, but as I said developers are still working on using the cell engine to its full potential.

I still feel the PS3 wins out over all tho.

Answer #3

Well just about everything that comes out on the xbox360 makes its way to the pc, so if you have a pc that can run those games why buy a 360?

Personally I prefer the PS3. It will link up with my PSP, so I can play ps1 games anywhere in my house. You can use it as a media center. It plays blue-rays wonderfully. Also I feel it is better built with the number of horror stories of trashed xbox 360’s I have read. It also has a larger selection of games I want to play. I’m looking for good RPG’s (Finaly Fantasy like games) or Devil May Cry like games. Can’t stand Sports or Racing games and it seems there are more of those for the xbox than the PS3.

My only complaint about the PS3 is the newer ones are not backwards compatible and my PS2 is on its last leg. A higher up in Sony is quoted saying “there will never be a backwards compatible PS3 again”. Although the backwards compatibility of the xbox 360 I hear only works on about 75% of the games b/c they use software emulation instead of additional hardware like the earlier PS3’s used.

But then again I am a M$ hater. Only run their OS on my PC b/c its the only way for me to play all the games I like :(. Other wise I would be over to Linux in a heart beat. And don’t give me crap about using WINE to run WoW or other games. Its a pain.

Answer #4

hey xbl is half the cost of that xbox doesnt lag as much as ps3 also voice communication on the xbox is easer case it comes with a mic ps3 does not

Answer #5

playstation can do everything an xbox can , plus it has better graphics, the online is free ! unlike the xbox you dont have to pay 120 $ yearly charge just to use the online and multiplayer

Answer #6

I heard that xbl is putting twitter and a social site accpolcations also youll be able to play music on your live party from your hard drive or you can search it

Answer #7

xbox is more of a proper games console, amazin live (even tho it costs a bit) good games, you can import music from pc etc we are gettin a social site and last f.m and sky. PS3 is a brilliant media player instead good for movies blu ray etc nt very gud live but you can go on the internet, you can hook up with psp BTW psp go is the biggest pile of crap you can imagine nothing you can say can justify how crap it is. Sooo ps3=media player xbox=Games console +tiny bit of media

Answer #8

I hate microsoft also but I get a lot of things for free but they do overprice things a lot and xbox 360s harddrive can be removed and you can buy new ones and memory cards while the ps3s harddrive you remove and void your ps3 and also you can buy memory cards you can hook up your xbox to become a media center case you can watch tv or videos any where in your house regular xbox games most of them suck xbox vs plastation 1 and 2 playstation would win

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