Does wu-yi tea make you lose weight?

Does wu-yi tea make you lose weight? I am thinking of ordering it.

Answer #1

This is basically the same stuff you can get at any regular store, and it’s not one hundred percent guaranteed! It does have side effects, it costs more than the average, and the only place it’s available is on-line, that’s not true either.

It makes you lose weight, and it works good, at first, but I would do my homework if I were you…haven’t you seen their ingredients and looked those up? They say they don’t know about any side effects or anything like that, but they’re lying, something went really bad with one patient, have you seen Oprah lately? She used this and look at her now, compare it to her before, then later…I wouldn’t recommend this product to anybody, but Green Tea does work, and that’s one hundred natural.

Does anybody know much about computers? Because everybody depends on it so much, you can basically tap into any computer, including theirs ( the companies) and other federal agencies, etc., but there are links everywhere, you just have to know what to input and you can find anything out about anything and anyone…Hopefully it’s not you, but people these days, you just never know, I would NOT trust the Ooolong, Wu-Li, or Wu long teas, trust me, they do NO GOOD in the real long run to you.

Answer #2

Ooopss! I was going to write something about wuyi tea, but after I read the above comment, I cannot agree more :D

Answer #3

Trust me, I am speaking from my experience that wu-yi tea did not help me lose my weight, not even one gram, what an absolute scam! I just want to tell you guys…Remember what happened to China’s baby milk products? A lot of babies were killed!!! It is possible that they put harmful substancies in their other products as well…

This is all because china is selfish and only care about their business not about other people. Basically just money and money that matters to them…

I agree that wu-yi tea is a scam!

Answer #4

I thought I’d weigh in as a tea enthusiast :)

For the most part, tea is tea. All teas (actual tea, not herbal) is made from the same basic plant, so don’t buy the hype that green or oolong teas are better than any other. Some teas will have more of some chemicals than others, but they’ll all do the trick. I would also say that while tea has some constituents that may expedite weight loss, you’re not going to lose weight simply by drinking tea. The most I’ve seen is anecdotal evidence that you can maybe lose an extra pound or two WHILE eating right and exercising.

Wuyi is a mountain in China that is known for producing a type of oolong made from tea trees that grow in the rocky cliffs. These teas are called yancha (rock tea). What makes them particularly special is their flavor. The trees are of a particular cultivar, are hard to get at since they’re on rocky cliff-sides, and are made with a unique processing method (as are all teas). They are not any better or worse for weight-loss than any other tea, but the good quality ones can be an absolute delight to enthusiasts like myself.

With that said, these Wuyi teas for weight loss I’ve seen around are INSANELY overpriced. Tea that is sold as just “Wuyi oolong” (a bit like saying “Wine from [insert your state]”) is actually Shui Xian. If you Google “Shui Xian”, you will likely find MUCH better quality tea at lower prices (and from reputable tea merchants!). You can also look at what other kinds of yancha these vendors have.

One tea that actually has some harder evidence for weight loss (among many other health benefits) is pu-erh tea. It’s no magic weight loss potion, but it does have some additional benefits over other teas.

Pu-erh is actually fermented (where other teas are just oxidized) and it also ages like wine, rather than going stale. It does not need to (and should not) be kept in an air-tight container. It has an earthy taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it’s very inexpensive, naturally sweet, round, and satisfying. You can do a search on Google Scholar for “pu-erh health” (without quotes) for some more information on the health benefits.

The one thing you have to watch out for is that tea merchants that specialize in tea for Americans (black, green, and white teas) usually have horrible stuff that literally tastes like dirt. Pu-erh is a kind of tea that a merchant really needs to know something about if you’re going to get anything decent.

You’ll want to get “cooked”/“ripe”/“black” pu-erh, which is already fermented. My favorite is the 2004 Ji Xing Golden Melon. If you Google that you’ll find many sources for it, which I’ve found are all reputable (at least what’s showing up in my search - Angelina’s is my mainstay) and also have a good selection of others. If you do end up getting something that tastes gross, just try leaving it out in it’s paper wrapper (somewhere that it won’t pick up other bad odors) for a few days or weeks and try it again. It will air out any odors it picked up before you got it. Lastly, it generally only needs to be brewed for about 30-60 seconds. Anything more than that and it won’t be bitter but it can be gross.

Answer #5

I have not rec’d my order yet.. but I dont feel theres any harm in trying it, as I have tried a lot more things, and have noticed that they have not worked. Again I think its a mindset, and these enhancers will keep us on track. Its always a good thing to exercise and drink plenty of water whether we are trying to lose weight or not.

Answer #6

Hi, I just ordered the tea and I am really looking forward to trying it. I have already started working out 30 minutes a day 4-5 days a week and I drink about a 100oz. aday. I just want something to help it alittle faster. In the past 4 1/2 years I have put on 45 pounds. I was 123 and am now 170 and am 5’3. Not good. I will post back and let you know what it does for me.

Answer #7

I love the tea I replace one of my meals with a cup of tea an eat 1 time a day an I feel lighter. The cup of tea fills me up an I don’t be hungry at all.I’ve been taking it for a week so far.

Answer #8

I have been drinking it for over a week now. I have had no negitive side effects. I feel great (read my comment above) and I enjoy my two cups of tea every day. I am now down 8 lbs in a week.

Answer #9

Hey guys…those of you that have alreadly bought the Wu Yi Tea and thinking of canceling…delete your cureent bank debit card number before you do so, that way they cannot charge your account!

Answer #10

I just received my Oolong tea under the name of Wu-Yi. Now finished my first cup. No hives, headaches or hiccups, so far. No skin discoloration, blurred vision or scales. Mmm… hype? Sure. Does it really work? That’s probably up to me. It came with a 6 step program which read like common sense to me. Realistic expectations, diet, excercise, think positive, good attitude, rest. Gee… what’s all the fuss? I probably won’t continue and will return my unused portion for a full refund. Why? Because I can get 100% Oolong tea elsewhere a lot cheaper! End of story.

Answer #11

i dont know about wu-yi, but ma huang works really well.

Answer #12

they charged me 60 dollars after telling me they needed my bank info to only charge me the 6.95 shipping and handling for my “free trial” then they made it near impossible to get my money back, (Im still waiting)

Answer #13

THIS IS A RIP OFF SCAM!! DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CHARGED $$$> I live in the UK & I bought this tea for my wife who wanted to lose a few pounds. As she has Rhumatoid Arthritis, exercise is not a very viable solution due to her mobility problems. She already eats sensibly, and wanted to lose about 7 or 8 pounds. Unfortunately we have lost more than that, more like £40. She does not like the taste, and has had aching kidney’s / backache since drinking it, so I tried to cancel any further shipments after the 14 day free trial. We have had the tea abou 1 week. I went online to the ‘Live Chat’ on the Wu Yi tea website, and was told that I would be charged $59.95 unless I sent back the remaining tea bags. So much for a free trial, it cost me $25 to get shipped to the UK in the first place, and now they are still going to charge another $60 for recieving nothing more! It will probably cost me $25 to ship bag approx 30 tea bags, so this was a VERY EXPENSIVE box of teabags! DON’T BUY. When you complain, they just keep saying everything is in the Terms & Conditions. RIP OFF ! SCAM ! ONLY BUY IF YOU WANT TO LOSE MONEY NOT WEIGHT!!!

Answer #14

I just want to say I have read a lot of people talk about Wu-Yi tea. I am in the trial period now. I am overweight and working on a healthier new me. Yes, a lot of it is hype to get people to try the product. But lets face it, every company builds hype for their products to peak interest. Everyone needs to remember there is no such thing as a miracle pill or tea or shake or anything else. If you want results, you have to work hard for them. But I enjoy the taste of the tea. I am exercising and watching what I eat as you should whether you are dinking tea or taking pills or taking nothing. The reason I enjoy the tea is because 1) It helps me stay on track. Every cup reminds me that I need to keep an eye on my eating habits, and I still need to exercise for the day if I haven’t. 2) I can drink tea rather than eat all day or worry about a schedule with pills.

As for the 20 lbs in a week, I have never heard of that. Personally I lost 5 1/2 lbs in 4 days, but not due to a “magic tea”, Due to persistance and hard work.

The bottom line is everyone is different. Different things work for different people. I think what we need to focus on is supporting each other for taking the first step. but most importantly for yourself- Drink lots of water, be mindful of what you eat and drink, and workout. Just by doing those three things you will feel better and not only slim down, but tone up as well.

“Your goals, minus your doubts, equals your reality.”

Answer #15

Maybe I’m quite a few months behind - but in response to advise’s post - does drinking the tea make you ramble like that?!!! If so, DEFINATELY DON’T DRINK IT. Besides that - green tea isn’t necessarily 100% natural. You have find out the bleaching technique if any that they may use in the American manufactured tea as oppose to Chinese manufactured green tea. Bags aren’t good because of the bleaching technique. Pure leaves is the way to go. They are more expensive. The one the bags are less potent becuase they are dried out.

Think of tea in the same content one may think of marijuana. That’s how pure you would need green tea or any tea to work. So in essence…grow it yourself.

Answer #16

This program is a rip off, plain and simple. If you already have a proper diet and exercise regime, that should provide as much success in losing weight (if not better) as what is described in the Wu Yi Diet program. The Wu Yi program simply instructs dieters to watch what they eat -making sure that there total intake of fat is 30% or less of the total calorie intake, follow a regular exercise regime of at least 30 minutes per day, and drink their tea twice a day, which is no better than the regular oolong tea you would find at the healthfood store. With some exceptions to the Wu Yi program (such as the complete restriction of egg yolks and occasional indulgences which is completely dated - the consumption of both are not only acceptable in modern healthy eating plans but encouraged), this is a regime that people should be following anyway for maximum weight loss success, and consumming a few cups of tea a day will certainly help in boosting the immune system and metabolism (because of the caffeine) and you don’t need to pay $30 for it (unless you’re an avid tea drinker like me).

Answer #17

oolong tea is full of antioxidents and contains quite a bit of caffeine (not nearly as much as a cup of coffee), so you’ll certainly get some immuntiy boosters from it, but weight loss? no. you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise at least 30 minutes a day everyday, that’s how you’ll lose weight and amazingly enough, the Wu Yi Diet tells you to do the EXACT SAME THING (with additional restrictions which NO ONE will be able to realistically follow forever), in addition to drinking the tea 2x a day, which adds ABSOLUTELY ZERO additional weight loss benefits. everyone please understand, the WU YI DIET IS A SCAM!!! YES, absolutely drink as much tea as you can stand - it is good for you, but don’t expect to lose weight while not exercising and consuming a bad diet and don’t expect the tea to provide a miracle.

Answer #18

I have just ordered some tea, from EBay for $8 and what I have seen on one website is the following:

While it is true that tea does speed up your metabolism, the average rate is about 4%, which amounts to a weight loss of about 8-10 pounds a year. To really lose weight sensibly, use it as a healthy supplement to your regular diet and exercise routine. It can also help you prevent the times of reaching a plateau with your weight loss.

This seems more reasonable. I would like to lose a few pounds but I did not get the tea as a miracle drug. I like sipping on tea and thought I’d try something that was supposed to offer other health benefits. I think 8-10lbs a year is more reasonable. I am almost at my ideal weight and if sipping this tea helps me stay there then I’ll be happy with it!(I do excersice regularly at the gym and I watch what I eat already)

Answer #19

REGULAR GREEN TEA would do the work for you as well, I am the proof!!

10 years ago I was overweight by 30 pounds, my blood presure was not good eather and my whole life was a mess because of this, until one day I decided to start working out and lose that extra weight naturally, what really worked for me was the combination of exercise, good diet and cold GREEN TEA all day long, I used to drink it at all times, fresh made every day, you don’t have to buy any expensive stuff or fancy tea products, just your normal green fresh tea without sugar would do the magic, as for the side efects it’s true tea will eventually clean up your system as it works as the perfect diuretic, helping your liver get in better shape and therefore your skin will show major changes.

Thanks to this combination I lost 25 pounds in 2 months and gain almost double muscular mass, green tea works great, without it my results would have been not even close to what I got, but remember exercising and good diet is also important!

Answer #20


If you plan to keep the weight you lose during this diet off, then plan on eating 1000 calories a day forever. Because once you metabolism adjusts to 1000 calories, you will stop losing weight. And since you probably aren’t getting enough exercise, as in muscle training, you will lose muscle mass(less calorie burning) with the fat. When you start to eat again, you metabolism will be used to burning 1000 calories not 1800 or 2000 calories. It will instead be stored as fat. 7000 calories in a pound, so extra 1000 calories a day = 1 pound gain a week. in a short while, you’ll be back where you were or worse, have less muscle mass to burn calories, and a higher body fat % with more fat. depending on what your size is, you shouldnt go below 1500-1800 calories. Its more about the quality of the calories you put in.


Green tea by itself may give you noticeable results over a long period of time, but not in “a few days”. Basically don’t eat stupid, exercise with muscle training, and drink water. Dont think anyone has complained about results from going to the gym or doing some sort of exercise(above your normal daily exertion) after a month. A fat arse ain’t going to lose itself in a week or even a month! Takes time. So if anyone believe theres any “quick fixes” they are a fool.

Answer #21

I’m definitely not an expert on diets and such, but I have to say that {Bar Merch} makes a lot of sense. When I had my son I was about 60 lbs more or less over weight. All I did to lose weight was set a goal in my mind and remind myself every day of how I missed my healthy looking and feeling body. So I worked out for an hour or so every other day and changed my eating habits. More vegetables, more water, more activities=walking mainly. I had lost those 60 lbs in 6 months. One thing that also motivated me to lose it was when a family member of mine had told me it took her three years to lose her baby weight. I absolutely had refused to suffer that long= that was my main motivation.

Right now however, I am taking something called “Napolina”= Flax seed plus… It’s basically something to help clean out your system of toxins, and promotes healthy weight loss. It helps you go to the bath room regularly. I’ve known a few women that are taking it and have seen good results. It also helps promote healthy levels of blood glucose and insulin levels, immune support, weight loss, heart health… So in short it supports good health over all. NO miracle. Just extra support. You can probably get it at a supermarket maybe near you. I know I did. It was only $10, but sometimes less. But with everything do your own research on it and see if it will agree with you. Good luck to you all. :)

Answer #22

THIS IS A RIP OFF SCAM!! DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CHARGED $$$> I live in the UK & I bought this tea for my wife who wanted to lose a few pounds. As she has Rhumatoid Arthritis, exercise is not a very viable solution due to her mobility problems. She already eats sensibly, and wanted to lose about 7 or 8 pounds. Unfortunately we have lost more than that, more like £40. She does not like the taste, and has had aching kidney’s / backache since drinking it, so I tried to cancel any further shipments after the 14 day free trial. We have had the tea abou 1 week. I went online to the ‘Live Chat’ on the Wu Yi tea website, and was told that I would be charged $59.95 unless I sent back the remaining tea bags. So much for a free trial, it cost me $25 to get shipped to the UK in the first place, and now they are still going to charge another $60 for recieving nothing more! It will probably cost me $25 to ship bag approx 30 tea bags, so this was a VERY EXPENSIVE box of teabags! DON’T BUY. When you complain, they just keep saying everything is in the Terms & Conditions. RIP OFF ! SCAM ! ONLY BUY IF YOU WANT TO LOSE MONEY NOT WEIGHT!!!

Answer #23

In reply to funadvice- yes I have changed my eating habits and started drinking more water, and beginning to workout. All of these I have neglected in years, but getting back to them is wonderful!

In reply to Suedi52- and anyone else for that matter- this is VERY important: One thing will NOT work for everyone. everyone’s body reacts differently to different things. Tea may not do anything for some people. Tea may do wonders for others. You are the only one in control of what you do to get yourself and keep yourself healthy. If you are serious about losing weight, getting in shape, it begins with knowing that a LIFESTYLE change will give you permanent results, whereas DIETS only give temporary change because you do what you can for that moment (cut out meat, or carbs or whatever “diet” you try) but once you get the results, you go back to your old ways and all the weight comes back.

I have had this put in a couple of different ways that really caught my ear. The first way is this starts with the mind and heart. You have to be in the right mindset that you are ready to change how you Live (not just what you ingest), and have the heart to survive the hard times, the plateaus, or any other challenges that face you. (Thanks Oprah and Bob)

The second thing is that instead of focusing on your weight or appearance, focus on getting healthy, or gaining strength, or flexibility, or being able to walk up a flight of stairs with out getting winded. It may help to think of your body as an engine. You engine (your body) takes you where you want to be. The better you take care of your engine, the better it will function. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can set 10lb goals for yourself. Celebrate those 10lbs that come off, and start with your next 10lbs. Reach out to others that are going through this as well. We all know in this time and age, you are NEVER alone. Find a forum, find a trainer, have a friend or family member be your accountability partner. Just remember YOU CAN DO THIS.. wether you drink tea, or not.

Answer #24

If that tea has something in it called Senna it can give you terrible diareah and cramps.

Answer #25

thanks, for your response to my specific question, bar merch - wow, down 8 pounds in one week! that’s fabulous. are you doing anything else along with drinking the tea? have you cut calories or increased your exercise regimen? once I receive my package, which should be any day now, I’ll be sure to report on the results. if it works, I definitely think people should know.

Answer #26

I ve been on the tea for a bout 1 week an I love it. I replace 1 of my meals with it so I don’t be hungry so I only eat 1 time a day. It’s better if you order off ebay because it’s cheaper an you don’t have to worry abot the company getting your credit card information.

Answer #27

Sorry, I meant Kidneys instead of liver. Thanks.

Answer #28

Well, I have been trying it for almost a month now and have lost 10 pds. I have not changed anything else in my diet. I work out 3 times a week and eat sensibly. I am quite amazed at how well it has worked and I have only been consuming 2 cups per day. I realize it’s expensive and there may be other tea that works just as well, but for me, the proof is in the loss of weight. I was hoping to lose 20 pds so I am halfway there now. All I can say is give the tea a try for a month and judge for yourself. This is the first time any “diet product” has ever worked for me, so I will continue to use it and see what happens. The tea actually tastes quite pleasing. Good luck.

Answer #29

I have a friend from Africa, that came by the other day and had ordered it and gave me the information about it, and I too am trying to decide if it really works. It does say that there are fake types out there, and maybe thats what the Wu-long is? I got the wu-yi, information and I also noticed that it says that you should follow a sensible diet, and to me what they say, is what you can do without the tea. But it does say that you can use the tea without doing the change in diet and it will still work. But I am just going to see if it works on my African friend, and then make the decision.

Answer #30

Hi sandy27,

Are you talking about Wu-Long tea?

I just did some research and basically in ONE Japanese study, Wu Long (or oolong tea, as many of us know it as) helped Japanese women lose weight after eating MORE than green tea.

It’s important to think about the study in context: it was one study, done on one group of testers, and all that was really determined is that those who drank it after meals lost weight faster than those who drank green tea.

Also, I would suggest not buying into hype and spending loads on ‘Wu Long’ tea. It’s the same as oolong tea, which is available basically anywhere.

Good luck.

Answer #31

I just started the whole tea drinking diet…my mom wanted me to try it out along with my great (lol) diet…its really not all the bad I have cut myself to 1000 calories a day and I work out for 10-30 minutes a day…I have a very busy schedule so I cant really fit in a trip to a gym or anything so hopefully the tea and my new diet will help me to loose the extra poundage I am trying to loose…ill update soon

Answer #32

mr burbs paid WAY too much, and it sounds like he got the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality.

Anyone interested in this tea should just find a quality tea merchant that sells loose leaf teas. Most of them have the Wuyi teas, and they sell it for much much cheaper. These will also taste 100% better, I can almost guarantee it, because these specialized vendors will pick out the good stuff.

Wuyi is a mountain famous for producing a certain type of tea, called “yancha” (rock tea, because it grows in rocky soil) but there are many varieties that range from cheap and good to expensive and amazing (if you know how to brew them right). The cheap stuff will still be much better than regular grocery store tea, both in taste and health benefits. When it comes down to it, however, you shouldn’t believe that the teas from Wuyi are any better than the others. White, green, oolong, and black tea are all made from the same plant, they’re just processed differently. Fully oxidized teas (black tea) don’t have as much of what you want, though, so you’re better off with oolong, green, or white tea.

Just find yourself a tea that you like and make sure it’s quality - meaning buy it from a merchant that specializes in tea and not a grocery store or someone that’s selling weight loss products. JingTea dot com (UK), JingTeaShop dot com, GoldenTeaHouse dot com, TeaCuppa dot com, and TeaSpring dot com have some of the finest teas from Wuyi, and other oolong and green tea for that matter, available and for good prices. Just shop around before deciding, and don’t go for the expensive ones unless/until you really get into fine teas (they’re worth the price for those that really know tea). The key is to buy from a vendor that knows tea, and specifically the kind of tea you want (these vendors all specialize in oolong and green tea, including Wuyi yancha). For reference, the plain “Wuyi tea” is really named “Shui Xian” - which translates to “water sprite” or sometimes “narcissus.” It’s the most popular and basic Wuyi yancha, and shouldn’t cost more than $10 for 50-100 grams (1.75 - 3.5 oz).

It’s really a shame to hear these stories, because this class of tea is among some of the best, when you get the good stuff. It also actually gets better with age, so you don’t have to worry about it going stale as long as you keep it in an airtight tin (not plastic because it breathes, and obviously not paper). You should be able to get 50 to 100 grams for less than $20, even with shipping, and actually enjoy it. These good teas will also provide much greater benefits for less money, and will even be worth it for the taste alone.

Lastly, don’t think that drinking tea will automatically make you lose weight; it’s not a magic tonic. It will help to make your metabolism more efficient, and it will definitely help your health overall, however. You can and should look up some of the scientific studies so you know what to expect. Highwire Press (highwire dot standford dot edu) has a lot of free scientific articles that you can search through. They are studies done by scientists, but anyone can read and understand the abstracts which are usually just one or two paragraphs. This will give you the REAL scoop on what tea can and cannot do for you. Tea is amazing stuff that is fantastically good for your health - and there’s a lot of science to prove it - but don’t buy the hype.

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