Why do preps pick on emo and goth people?

why the hell do you preps always make fun of emo and goth were only expressing feelings about the world in the eyes of us I mean there is no reason to be so idiotic about it!

Answer #1

It’s because we’re different from the mainstream subculture/genre(a lot of people where I come from mistake them for the same exact thing, which really aggravates me) people fear what is different &/or what they don’t understand so to succer theirself they ricule it instead of trying to understand it. I do admit, however, I do ridicule Emo from time to time(the stereotype Emo btw). Though the difference is I know what it’s about how it got started, & what it is. I’m not too found of it. Though if someone is Emo & wants to talk to me I’m all ears. It’s not the people I don’t like, just the genre nor the Emo posers. a lot of the Emos down here claim Goth & Emo are the same(bs). Maybe that’s why I’m not to found of the Emo Genre, all the ones down here in FL are dumn @$$ posers who don’t even know about their own genre. The ones I meet online are pretty cool actually.

I’m part of the Gothic Subculture & & I’ll crack jokkes of the Goth sterotype as well. I think it’s funny how people view us & kind of get a kick out of it.

As for the preps & such, I have a few preppy friends, though I’m not to found of them. I had to deal with them in weightlifting. They didn’t want to touch the bar becouse there was chalk on it, they couldn’t sqat over 90, nor both of them could ever apot me, the men had to keep an eye on me so I wouldn’t kill myself. I remember ever sense El school they were backstabbing manipulative people. I knew quite a few whom had children in middle school. A lot of them are idiots(least where I come from). They cheat off each other in English, I recall we were learning Native American myths & such in 11th grade, 1 blurted out “I thought all the Native Americans were extinct”. Their idiots where I come from, so I wouldn’t worry bout a thing those dumb@$$e$ say. Just look at them, laugh & walkaway.

Answer #2

im prep guys! but I don’t know if that was the safest thing to say! lol but I definitly dont make fun of you guys, my sis is emo and I love her! so I love all you guys to! =] you guys are great because you can express your feelings! my friends are great but we are nothing like you guys! and thats ok everybody has their positives and negatives some are just brought out more to certain people. I don’t know your life story so I cant judge u, so im sorry that SOME presps are bad to you but SOME arent. and sactually your kinda doing the same thing bout judging preps as they are to u!

Answer #3

because they dont understand us. deep down they are probobly jelous that we can expres our selves and show our feelings. most of them they are too stuck up to even care.

Answer #4

That’s being so stereotypical. Cliques shouldn’t exist at all. What ever happened to the ‘everyone is their own individual’ factor?

Answer #5

randum… there more like sluts on this site not preps lol and I think emo’s goth’s and anyone else who shows who they really are, are the coolest

Answer #6

Preps pick on goths ( everyone picks on emos ) because they’re just ignorant squares who can’t open their minds wide enough because they’re afraid that their tiny brains might fall out.

Answer #7

Wow I didn’t realise that there was this whole ‘grouping’ system that appears to go on in schools. Is this just American high schools or what? I live in London and I’ve been to two high schools and yeaa of course there are different groups of peope but there’s not this definite classing system that appears to be what you guys are talking about..Hmm a little confused..

Answer #8

it doesn’t matter what label someone is. every high school group basically hates on the others. but keep in mind, I bet goths and emos make fun of preps also.

Answer #9

umm. emo’s and goths are hilarious and cool. some are idiotic. maybe if ya didnt have such an attitude…itd be nicer. everyone has an attitude tho. thenagain being “preppy, emo, goth, whatever” is just childish. why do we have to put labels on each other? whats the point?

Answer #10

I dont like goth and emo posers :O your probably a poser most posers call themselves “goth” and “emo” !! >=O! POSER!!! JUST ANTHOER WANNABE!!! Im not emo btw

Answer #11

so it makes you get defensive??? you really care what they think??? your entire life can be spent worrying about what other people think if you allow it. people talking about you doesn’t go away with age. some people talk about other people until they grow old and die!

why does anyone pick on anyone? because they can! because they know it bothers you. be better than that! be so wrapped up in your own friends and lifestyle that you cannot hear what they are saying. drown out their words with your own or put your headset on and refuse to acknowledge that they’re even talking to you…they’ll move on to someone else! you have to stop acknowledging them or it will continue on and on!!!

Answer #12

I’m not goth or emo but really everyone has their own style. There is no reason to make fun of one group. Just because I don’t like how one person dresses doesn’t mean that they are weird or crazy, maybe they don’t like how I dress. I’m more prep and girl next door type but I chose to be that way, I’m not going to put down someone because they are goth or emo, I have friends that are, so what.


Answer #13

I dont hate many things, but putting labels on people grr makes my skin crawl. what your sayin aint necessarily true. I like people for who they are not what they look like, sides dont care bout what other people say or think. Sum people will always try to get you down, just dont give in, stand above that.

Sides, im often called a prep, bt guess what, my best guy m8s are a punk and an emo, it doesnt always count. I like emo and punks 4 that matter, because theyre not affraid to stick up 4 sumfin they blieve in and because they dare to be different.

Answer #14

Ok everybody listen up and listen up good I know we all just want to fit into a category; Gothic, Prep, Emo, Punk, etc. well that is because everybody wants to feel safe in the social environment I remember when I was little everybody was friends even if they were skinny, fat, fake, rick, or poor I really did not matter to us much we were all just happy to be with each other but things have changed over the years you then get a little group of 3 to 8 friends the group you sit with at lunch yeah thats the one I am talking about then over a few more years you develop a best friend and then the rest of the group also finds a best friend you still sit with all of them at lunch but you don’t call them every night or IM them all the time and that group of friends you have in like middle school thats the group you get labeled into, like at my school we have, Suck Ups, JV Jocks, V Jocks, Plastics, Art Freaks, Trailer Trash, Quiet Kids, Emos, and etc. I am really not sure what my group of friend is but I know everybody else must know so there these kinds of things are just a regular thing that happens in Middle/High School you just need to deal with it . . .

Answer #15

all of you meaners can go to hell I will see your asses thair

Answer #16

preps, chavs, sluts I dont really know why they pick on us well put it this way maybe because the number of emos, goths are increasing and they dont want any other styles but their own

hope I hled Hannah/x

Answer #17

preps make fun of everyone who isnt a prep… not all but most of them do. preps think that they are better than everyone else… but killa_08 is right, I mean you have 2 admit that you make fun of preps. one word: HOLLISTER! XD hate it… but I think that it is funny that most of the kids (AT MY SCHOOL, NOT SAYING EVERY1!!) that buy clothes there think that buying clothes there shows that you r rich and better than every1 else… so I just laugh… so yea I do make fun of preps, but im not emo or gothic… im me, I dont label myself! because I wouldnt fit into any group im 2 weird and crazy… im going to invent my own group! haha (not really) =D

anyway… hope I helped ~becky =)

Answer #18

they are both doing the same thing really… giving themselves a false sense of security


Answer #19

labels are so pointless…

Answer #20

I make fun of preps, emos, goths, and every other lame high school social category.

Answer #21

thanx for the advice

Answer #22

Labeling is over-rated.

Answer #23

I think goths and emos are cool ma bezzies a emo and if any 1 took da piss outta her theyd know it soo you go garl !! xx

Answer #24

because preps are crazy, think bout their selfs, and stuckup!!!so yeah anyone they don’t like there going to be mean too!!

Answer #25

yeah they are the coolest because they speak the truth and they dont care what you think about it! And that to me is what true people are!

Answer #26

I dont Know why the preps pick on us so

Answer #27

Why do you put people in groups!?

Answer #28

I’m a “prep”. I don’t hate emos or goths just because they are emo or goth. I just don’t like when people are so negative all the time and they don’t like to do fun things because they are “against” it. Generally, at my school, the emos and goths are the ones with that attitude.

Answer #29

what the f*ck imma prep and I dont pikk on emos soo stfu stop bein a stereo type because not every prep is like that =|

Answer #30

no because most preps are wana be emos

Answer #31


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