Does anybody know what can be wrong with my knee?

I have been playing soccer at my work and running for cc so i could have easily done something but i go to physical therapy once a week so it had to be playing soccer. i have a lot of pain when i walk and my leg is fully extended. its no help that my right knee is already messed up along with my ankle but i know that that has nothing to do with it because it just hit me last night. So does anybody have ideas on what it could be??

Answer #1

Your prolly over working it… thats what happened to me… try just relaxing for a few days… if thats not working go talk to u physical therepy doc. hope this helps

Answer #2

You may have twisted it. I’ve done that and it sounds about right.

Answer #3

thanks i will definitely try that!

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Answer #5

lots of rest…cold compressions on it…stay off your legs for a few weeks…allow it to heal fully or suffer even more damage! you mave have pulled a muscle or strained it…also, another thing…optional but very good… Take 1 tablespoon of almond oil & mix into it 5 drops of eucalyptus oil use it as a natural remedy to massage into the knee where it hurts & anywhere else it may hurt like any joint pains or muscles & stuff…try that 3x a day (you can find both oils at any natural or herbal stores) I am saying this to you from personal experience on my dad…his shoulder, neck & arm have been killing him for 2 weeks now that he needed to get a cortisone shot but since i have been doing this natural remedy he has been feeling much better!

it’s natural oils…no chemicals & nothing to digest…what do you have to lose?

Hope you feel better!

Answer #6

thank you soo much i will definitely try that

Answer #7

You may have ‘water-on-the-knee’ which can be very painful and can either be in both or just one knee. I suggest you try a chiropractor. Sometimes there are problems in your back than can affect your knees.

Answer #8

From your name I assume you are female. There are several possibilities. I had some and the physical therapist had an easy exercise to make it better.

Check out this site:

There are other possibilities, all treatable. See your doctor or physical therapist, right away. If taken care of, it’s not a major problem.

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