What is wrong with my dog ?

She hasn’t really slept in like 3 days. Her eyes are droopy & red like they always get when shes tired. Shes been chewing things up like crazy, she hasn’t done that lately, we thought she got out of that habbit. She’s been following me & my dad around the house with scared body language. Folded ears, tail underneath, haunching down. When i’m sitting at the computer she comes up & lays under my feet, she never did this before, plus that space is WAY to small for her. She’s been clingly pretty much. I just got her to sleep like 5 minutes ago, i made the other dog lay with her & i put a blanket over her eyes & she’s sleeping right now. I think she might be scared of the weather change, it was really windy like 4 days ago, now it’s just getting really cold. She’s a pitbull, a year & probably 3 months old. We can’t take her to the vet, so please don’t suggest that.

Answer #1

So, why can’t you take her to a vet? That’s what she needs - sorry to tell you, but if you want your dog to get better, she needs to be seen by someone who is qualified to help her.

Answer #2

I would say she is maybe scared?did something happen lately?or before you got her?i know what your talking about.i can’t really take my dog to the vet either -.- ):

Answer #3

The costs. & my dad just won’t do it because he’ll say ‘She’s not hurt, she’s fine.’ Plus theres just no time.

Answer #4

I’m sorry to say it, but she sounds like she is sick. Is she still eating? drinking? Is she in pain? How are her bathrooms?

Answer #5

The cost…this is something I hate to hear …if you can’t afford a vet, you can’t afford a pet - plain and simple. If she doesn’t show signs of improvement, call the humane society and see if they’ll at least take her away so she can get the care she needs.

Answer #6

I know, no one in my family will take our pets to the vet untiltheres physical/obvious injury. :I I think it’s the weather. I don’t know what happened to her before we got her. She’s from the pound. But we got her when she was 9 months old tho, & she just started acting like this days ago. Dx

Answer #7

She eats, drinks, & uses the bathroom fine. I don’t think shes in pain.

Answer #8

she sounds like shes scared to death…but basically, you NEED to take her to the vet. if you cant afford that you shouldnt have a dog at all, and it would suprise me if you could properly afford to take care of your dog. a vet really doesnt cost that much compared to peace of mind. take her to the vet, good pet owners can afford both there pet and to take care of it properly

Answer #9

Yeah, but of what ? We can afford our dogs, they go to the vet for their checkups. We only take them if there’s seriously something wrong, & if it’s something we can’t pay for, then we surrender the dog to the humane society. If it’s something simple we buy vet prescribed medication. But she’s eating, drinking, using the bathroom, & everything fine. She even plays & acts like a normal dog when someones outside with her to play. Our dogs are completely healthy. She shows no sign of pain, theres no injuries on her, her shots are updated, i just think it’s an emotional issue. (if that’s possible for dogs, which i obviously think is.) I see no reason for her to go to the vet, sorry.

Answer #10

If you can’t afford to take her to a vet, call an animal shelter in your area and ask if they know of anyone who that has funding for dogs. My mom found a stray kitten on the side of the road a year ago and we couldn’t afford the entire cost of taking the cute kitty to the vet. My mom called one of the animal shelters and they knew of some people who are animal rescue workers and payed half the vet bill.

Try doing that cause honestly your dog needs to see a vet.

Answer #11

Are you serious? If you can afford to be on the internet right now you can take her to the fuking vet. Animals are like humans, how would you feel if you hadnt slept in 3 days? Like fuking sh!t right? Stop being so ignorant & a bad owner, & take her to the vet. At the end of the day you are NOT a vet so you cant say nothing is wrong. I hope someone calls the SPCA on you & takes that poor baby away from you, dogs deserve the best care possible & youre not giving it to her. a couple of hundred dollars is nothing. the least you can do is call the vet & ask for some help.

Answer #12

I don’t pay the bills. Like i said somewhere down there, vvvv no ones gonna do it, & vet bills are expensive. How am i being ignorant & a bad owner ? I’m 14, i’m not the one who can take a dog to a vet & pay for all that. I can’t drive, I don’t have a job ? Never did i say i was a vet. Possibly i didn’t think of calling a vet & asking ? That’s why i came on here. SHES NOT HURT. She eats, drinks, uses the bathroom FINE. She’s being taken care of fine, it’s just this one little ordeal that everyones making a HUUUGE deal out of. Not every single person on this friggin planet can take their pets to the vet, but i’m sure if it gets worse she’ll end up there. Some help i get, right ?

Answer #13

Finally, that’s actually a good idea i can relate too. <.<

Answer #14

:) -If you don’t get any luck from a shelter try calling even some vets and asking if they know of anyone who funds for animals. Or even google about it. I hope your dog gets better.

Answer #15

Thank youuu.

Answer #16

Keep a good eye on her and just be comforting and caring, but don’t sufficate her. She could just be feeling a little under the weather. Hopefully it will pass in a day or two.

Is she fixed? Sometimes females get a bit moody when they are in heat.

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Answer #18

Adding to that the SPCA can also help people for free sometimes. We’ve had to take ours there during rough financial times and they really help and lot and charge a reduced fee.

Answer #19

Yeah, shes fixed. She’s a little better today. Not as tired. I also think it might be having to do with my dad leaving every night, she is attatched to him, & i dunnoo.

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