Whos the Best Wrestler of all Time?

Whos the Best Wrestler of all Time???

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Answer #2

There can only be one. The UNDERTAKER. He is the greatest of them all.

Answer #3

Steve Austin, undertaker, and BILL GOLDBERG!

Answer #4

THE ROCK!! hbk, undertaker, steve austin, jeff hardy, and I’m a personal fan of REY MYSTERIO!!! 619 HEYY!

Answer #5

jajajaja evreybody pop’s up dammm :D

I think it’s


SHAW MICHAEL I used to wacht him do his kick like an eagle :P

the DX time does time where beatifull

Answer #6

well it’s some like The Undertaker, Stone Clod , The Rock, Hollywood Holk Hongan, Kane, John Cean, TrplieH, Tazz, Ric Flair Wooo, Donland J. Trump, and that slut Mr. McMahon

Answer #7

For pure entertainment The Rock and Stone Cold. For pure crowd pleasing Shawn Michaels. But the best WRESTLER has to be Kurt Angle without a shadow of a doubt he was amazing!

Answer #8

Haha WWE sucks. UFC is the best. WWE is all fake. They aren’t professional wrestlers, they’re actors. UFC is professional

Answer #9

There is only 1 winner … STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN !!! 3:16 , gives an ubeleivable chill down the spine everytime he entered the ring !!

Answer #10

whos the best WWE wrestler of all time???

Answer #11

if we consider of all time then Great Gama is the best wrestler who fought 5000 matches and remained undefeated throughout his 50 years long career. please look at him history and then decide

Answer #12

I used to be ontop of wrestling everything. I’m still a fan just not like I used to be. Anyway, there are many great and legends like Andre the Giant and Ted Dibase. YOu’ve even got to consider the modern time favorites like HBK and Triple H. But when It comes to my favorite, a great performer and champion, for me it has to be the late, great Eddie Guerrero. A very humble guy that had wrestling in his family and his blood, that could lie, cheat and steal his way out of anything.

BTW, who’s do you think is the best?

Answer #13

bill goldberg is on top of all wrestlers…

Answer #14

What kind of wrestling are you talking about? Professional like WWE?

Answer #15

The Nature Boy Ric Flair WOOO!

Answer #16

John Cena

Answer #17

Goldberg can beat every superstar you guys thick is the best period GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG!

Answer #18

goldberg is a greatest wrestler of all time…………………..because he have a greatest professional streak of all time is 163-0

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