Why wouldn't someone hire a person that needs a job?

Some struggles more then others why wouldn’t a person hired that person.

Answer #1

Could be because that person doesnt know how to talk or write. No one wants to hire someone who cant write well.

Answer #2

Hey, rotten & evil comments are my job on this board. You’re taking my work away.

Answer #3

Hey, woah. I do a waaaaaay better job at it.

Answer #4

Look, if you offer a job, you don’t do it for social reasons. You don’t do it to give all your money to the person who needs it most. You want something done. And you offer money to people who do it for you. And that’s why you pick a person who you think is good at it.

That’s everything. If I want an employee who sells my stuff to my customers, I’ll hire someone who is friendly and eloquent, because people will buy more from such a person. If I want to hire someone who is supposed to fix my computer, I give the job to someone who knows about computers.

If there are two people who I think are equally good at it, I can still consider giving the job to the person who needs it more. But no way I would give a job to someone who can’t do the work.

Also, there are a couple of things that will increase the chances to get a job, even though they have nothing to do with the job itself. It’s manners, eloquence, “respectable” looks (style) and sympathy. While you can’t do anything about people not liking you, you can do a lot about the other things.

Best wishes, the sheep

Answer #5

these kind of comments actually make me smile so so much please keep it up, amuses me when i’ve sat for nearly twenty minutes doing nothing

Answer #6

Dammit. I must increase my rottenness. :-/

Answer #7

No offense to anyone please read til the end before you judge me on this! Problem in today’s society is that people dont have the time nor the patience to teach someone to do that job. Yeah we are in this tough situation where people have lost their jobs & economy isnt getting better as bills are rising rent is getting higher & the rich get richer! Who suffers the working class…those that have to make it no matter what because we have bills to pay & some of us have mouths to feed.
You think anyone cares…PLEASE… You just read it…”we want to hire people that can do the job not have to waste our precious time to teach & educate a potential worker that might work out & might not…”
Back in the day, people had no computers, they relied on real help assistance & having to educate their employers when they needed something done that they had no clue about doing. Today time is money.
Why waste time teaching someone when you got people educated & qualified to do it…sux but that is how it goes in the real world child…:( You got the paper you got the job…if you dont keep bagging in grocery stores. I think I was born in the wrong time…I should have been born in the 40’s or 50’s when people knew what respect was and actually had a heart! You see someone need a damn job…find something for the person to do rather then come up with a gazillion excuses not to hire them but wind up hiring someone else like your best friend(that has no skills either but he your best friend!!!) Then people wonder why we having all these disasters in the world…people lost touch with compassion so into the greed & the bling we forgot what it is like to be human…sickens me. :(

Answer #8

Temptress, you touch on some good points, but they are a bit misdirected. Companies that are looking for a qualified worker do so because they don’t have the time or money to train someone. If they did, they would be looking for an “entry level” worker who they are willing to train. Business are in the business to make money. Training people costs money, and they have no obligation to spend money training someone when they need the qualified person now. It is a catch-22, but that is life. But the point you do make is that we need to do a much better job at giving unemployed people proper training. Too many jobs have gone away for good, and people need to be retrained.

Answer #9

There are a lot of reasons but the one most common is that the employer does not feel the jobless person has the best qualifications in the interest of the business.

Put yourself in the employers shoes and pretend you care about that business and ask that question again.

Answer #10

I have been looking for a job for about a year it is hard times to get one unless you look real low and I’m not gonna be that desperate ever. They don’t hire because so many people want a job

Answer #11

Thank you!

Answer #12

needing a job has nothing to do with being able to do the job

Answer #13

could be the way the person looks, talks, acts, or the fact that they wouldnt be able to do the job.

Answer #14

Becoz each and people think in this world that they are our comptiter.

Answer #15

I am sorry to step in, but I hate the whole pretty picture people like to paint of the 1940s and 50s. You’re talking of a time where there was a world war going on. Women had few rights and ethnic minorities had even fewer (we won’t even talk about sexual minorities). People paint a nice picture, but things were not nice back then. Especially if you were not a rich white male. As for compassion and humanity, companies didn’t have it back then either. They just weren’t as powerful as they are now, so smaller businesses were able to thrive. Lets not try to go back to a time where a large percent of the population had few rights.

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