Would you read this book or if it was a movie would you watch it???

Okay the book and or movie I don’t know if I wanna make it a book or movie it starts off a girl and her mom get ready to go to the mall about an hour into shoping a nother woman comes over to the little girls mother and starts yelling calling names and curseing and such over a man the two women started fighting and thats when the other lady pulled out a knife “mommy watchout” thats what the little girl screamed. Before the other lady could stab the girls mother she[the mother]grabed the knife and by mystake stab the other woman.thats when the police and mall cops came”someone get my baby,just takecare of my little girl”the mom yelled as the cops took her away from her 10 year old child.later the mother was takein to jail,the daughter was takein to a all girls home because the only family she had was her mom,and the other lady was hospitalized.so while the mother was incarcerated on the other side of town the little girl was just arriving at her new home now the home was full of ghetto,homeless kids just like her some were older some younger as soon as she got their she was introduced to her keeper who was to sho her around as scared as she was all she had to her name was a very valuble necklace that her mom had bought her two years ago,the cloths on her back and the two outfits she had just got from the mall,later that night she was bombarded by strange horny guys,slutty girls,babys,and some kids her age.as she walked aside the woman showing her around she heard a voice”hey lil girl can I get that necklace off you” …well if you read this far I have a few questions for you 1.should this be a book or movie. 2.on a scale ov 1-10 what do you think 3.would you wanna read more? I really want honest opinions people please please and answer all 3 questions please please

         Thankx for takeing the time to read this:)
Answer #1

Yea that’s fine, I just thought I would point out that if you are trying to get exposure as a writer it helps give you credibility if you write well with everything you do. It gives you more respect and people will take you more seriously in that field of work. It will also help if you get into the habit of writing using correct grammar and spelling at all times, so you don’t develop bad habits :)

Answer #2

well that wasnt the real book book I was just telling what the story was about and how it was gonna start off in the beggining of the story for starters and I can write very well I was typeing so fast and didnt see the need for punctuation, paragraphs, and spell checks

Answer #3

1.should this be a book or movie - if I had to chose I would say movie as it was difficult to read that with the lack of punctuation, paragraphs, spell check etc (no offense, but if you are trying to show writing skills these are important things to master) 2.on a scale ov 1-10 what do you think - 5 3.would you wanna read more? - Not read more, as like I said before, it didn’t flow well due to the WAY it was written, not the subject matter itself. Perhaps watch not read. But well done on being creative..

Answer #4

I think I’d read it, because it seems like theres a lot of detail in this one section that movies dont often catch. from a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it… a 7, why? because im tired and I didnt read the whole thing lol (sorry) but that beginning was interesting and that alone got a 7 to me, if I read the rest of it maybe it would be higher…

and sure I think I might want to read more… when im not tired haha

dont thank me for “taking time” because I really didnt read all of it. just half. :/ BUT you’re welcome anyway lol

Answer #5

I think it should be a movie I would say, hmmm 8 and a half yes I would like to read more!

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