Would you rather...

would you rather perform spicy tongue (rim job:) on somebody you don’t even know, or eat all the nail clippings from a hard days work at a nail salon?

Answer #1

ok here is one…walk in on your parents doing it, or have your parents walk in on you??? quite the predicament!!!

Answer #2

Look to be honest. id probly go with millions of cash. ill hire friends hahahah

or if I was to choose to be homeless it be good to have friends to keepu warm and stuff lol

Answer #3

IF I was that rich id have friends who would at least pretend to like me lol. and ohh id be rich..

Answer #4

wow you really are a sicko im suprised they havent tried to warn us about this one lol. kk I would proberbly take the tampon if it was mine because at least I know where it came from. that is truelly grosse I feel like I’ve met a loong distance twin. lol

Answer #5

hello wierdos lol 1.perform rim job 2.grow scrotum on chin 3.kill mother 4.breath vomit bag

ok would you rather eat a poo sandwich or drink a cup of cum??

Answer #6

this cracks me up. 3 grown women in dirty play lol. I bet anyone who reads this just runs. not to mention the religous section on here, where going to hell. lol

Answer #7

ohhh… you suck. that reminds me of a good one. you are stuck in tiajuana mexico with no money and no ID. do you help out with a donkey show as a fluffer (oral on a donkey) and get back home that day, or spend a year on the streets selling gum (chicle, chicle!) at the intersections to survive until you save enough to go home.

Answer #8

I’m going with the plane… there is a better chance of being rescued if I survive. (why am I hanging out in the middle of the ocean…that’s a thinker)

Answer #9

I’d rather be homeless, if you are talking about true genuine friendship. that is like asking to choose between money and happiness. I’ve been homeless before. It’s not nearly as bad as being lonely. Would you rather be extremely betrayed (he cheated with my mother betrayed) by your lover or accidentally kill someone (like by hitting them with your car)?

Answer #10

that is the nastiest one I’ve ever seen. I refuse to answer until you answer mine. I’m going to puke. 5 stars. bravo.

Answer #11

I’m with bigmama, tampon. yeah, there are a few stragglers that pipe in every once in a while, but mostly its just us. I guess it’s my turn huh?

Answer #12

there is nothing wrong with you. this whole thing is about choices. the choice between something bad and worse, you decide which is which.

Answer #13

id take the donkey. id want to get hm…

for 500 bucks would you ket seaworld put you in the display tank for baby white whales naked??

Answer #14

WOULD YOU RATHER — A, have to take a crap a diharea on BRAD PITTS face once in public —ORRR— B, lick the sweat of woody allens anus every day for a month ??

Answer #15

pee definatelly. WOULD YOU RATHER…sing the national anthem in front of a massive crowd while being humped from behind by a sumo. …or… get your front teeth taken out perminently…ohh burn I think thats a good one heheheheh…

Answer #16

it is a would you rather question. choice a or b… you don’t get to make up a c. that is the fun in it. and “gina baby” you are such a pansy… you have to answer. it’s like a double dare after I already did your dares. ;)

Answer #17


Have Millions and billions of cash and have no friends. OR

Be homeless for all of your life with lots of homeless buddys.

Answer #18

ok…thats a doosie for me for sure!!! eeewww… I don’t think I can even comphrehend that one.. you might have to give me a few hours to think about it:) OK..in the mean time, here is another one, would you rather breath from a sack full of someones vomit for 30 minutes, or eat 12 live baby mice?

Answer #19

well…here goes…you really have to understand my mom and mines relationship. we are very close. I would feel useless without her and live everday in a pitful of dispair if anything ever happend to her. she is my best friend, the one I can ask anything, the one who would do anything for me, and she loves me unconditionaly. I am very thankful for my mom… my dad, well I am kind of his baby girl, in fact him and alll my older brothers refere to me as “gina baby” because I am the youngest of all of the kids in our family. k…so after alll that, I could never kill my mother. However having sex with my dad, would probably do just that. so I don’t know!!!

Answer #20

not even hard. scrotum. I will beam with satisfaction every time my mother in law kisses me goodbye. (just joking) and I sure hope you mean sensitive in a good way, not painful way

Answer #21

fingernails. but both answers sound chalk full of nutricious diseases.

Answer #22

ok…next! I will be awaiting any others who dare to answer. or if you want throw some doosies of your own out here and lets see who can come up with the best:) if you have ever played that game called” would you rather” here is a question from that: would you rather grow a scrotum from your chin that is sensitive to the touch, or swim 2 laps in a pool of our own diareah every morning for the rest of your life? ooo- hard one

Answer #23

I would choose betrayal as I know I couldnt handle having killed someone. that one freaked me out. im off to think of a new one. grasshopper is my adopted boy so he likes that we all share the same humour . sickos we are lol

Answer #24

To be ashamed and honest, I would rather accidentally kill someone. this is so selfish why do you have to bring out all of my flaws??? I don’t handle dishonesty and betrayal very well…at all…I could never imagine life without true friends. I hate odd humor and awkward conversation, but being homeless wouldn’t be easy either. I would take the riches and like bigmama, people would pretend to like me trying to inherit the empire:)

Answer #25

I would choose betrayal. death is very permanent. and I don’t think there is anything that my honey could do that I couldn’t eventually forgive him for. … well, I take that back… if he intentionally killed my daughter, I would murder him without regret or forgiveness, but he would never do that. :) I’m feeling very violent tonight after going over my finances. hehe

Answer #26

you two are sooo my new friends:)

Answer #27

just making sure everyone is still participating:) ha ha ha…this is great!!! And who ever said girls were soposed to be ladie like? what is ladie like anyway:) I hate it when us women do something like fart or stink up the bathroom and someone acts like they have have never done it! its like…” oh yah and don’t even act like you never have!!” you know? so speaking of dental work, lets get to the next question, would you rather, drink all of the rinse from a dental offices waste container from all of the procedures of one day, or suck all of the blood out of a dripping bloody tampon?

Answer #28

AaaaHHHhhh!!! notice we three are the only ones who ever comment on all this!! So meganhead, I am going to answere your question about the dad and mom thing once and for all:) I think I would have to suck it up and go with the dad. I could never kill my mama, I love her too much. and yah, I agree with you on get it over with and lay a juicy one ( or puddle depending on my diet that day:) ) on brad’s beautiful face. I love “us” :):):):)

Answer #29

so what your saying is book the date with the sumo then !!! ok he will be there to pick you up at 7pm lol

Answer #30

go to catholic sunday services naked or go to jail naked?

Answer #31

no way. I’d do it for ten grand. I’d do it for a profession for a million yearly. I think they have places with poles for that… hahaha.

Answer #32

nup sorry the plane crashed into the water with the sharks.

Answer #33

kinda hard to put a beat to usa’s national anthem… but I have had WAY too much dental work to lose it all on a would you rather bet.

Answer #34

grossseee but funny lol…

Answer #35

and I would crap on brad fitts face.


Answer #36

nope…you just gotta choose unknowingly :) LOL

Answer #37

bored much? haha… me too. do I get to at least see the person to judge their hygiene?

Answer #38

pee. poo in the hoohoo causes bad infections (ow)

Answer #39

A TOAST!… to those of us who KNOW we would rather eat our own feces than pee on an electric fence (or whatever). CHEERS!!!

Answer #40

would you rather be on a plane that is about to make a crash landing or be circled by sharks in the sea??

Answer #41

ewww me too lol

Answer #42

C*m … all the way.

Answer #43

EWW lol I would drink out of the dental container NO WAY WOULD I EVER suck blood of a tampon OMG lol !!! hahaha!

Answer #44

I would defile brad. let’s get the nasty over with

Answer #45

um… church. they might be able to save me lol

Answer #46

mwa ha ha ha lol

Answer #47

id fit in perfectly lol

Answer #48

sing the national anthem in front of a massive crowd while being humped from behind by a sumo

Answer #49

kill your mother or have sex with your father.

Answer #50

Would you rather poo out of your gina or penis (depending if your a boy or a girl) or pee out of your mouth?


Answer #51

Betrayed for sure. I would feel guilty as hell hitting someone with my car even if it was accidental

Answer #52

lifeseeker—you’re freaking hilarious! lol. I couldn’t answer these because, honestly, I don’t know!!! ha ha ha!

nice work.

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