who do you think our worst president ever was?

and why?

Answer #1

umm obama..cuz hes a two face JERK>=(

Answer #2

oh come now, do you actually expect a serious answer here? the majority of the children on here know less U.S. history than I do. And I’m not American. Which is why you’re going to end up with presidents being called ‘jerks’, like you were in 5th grade and you’re deciding who is most popular.

Answer #3

hey listen buddy i call him that cuz its the truth!! i have good resons to call him that!

Answer #4

there have been way worse then Obama dear…but i really found your answer amusing :)

Answer #5

there actually are some kids in the world who do like history me being one of them granted i don’t like what they teach us in school cause its not really our history it’s edited history.. but i do believe that i could get some real answers and I’ve heard full grown adults call peoples jerks.. truthfully calling someone a jerk like a fifth grader is better then calling him an ass is it not?.. i don’t like obama but i have a lot more reasons then him being a jerk.. and if you aren’t American how do you know that we don’t know any of our own history?

Answer #6

yea i know..but right now america is suffering cuz of him=’(..i know i am

Answer #7

OBAMA!! Do i really need to give an explanation?

Answer #8

ALELUYA! thank u!=)

Answer #9


Answer #10

I work with teens in America? Also, this site (although a biased population on all accounts) has not shown me different. Also, you’ll note my use of majority, and not all. Oh and yes, I dont deny anyone the right to call anyone a name. I do not think that is a constructive argument, and I do feel it is a little immature when you are discussing politics. But by all means. I do not deny that adults can be as immature as children.

Answer #11

And I am still waiting on actual evidence that proves he is the worst president in history. You know, like facts maybe?

Answer #12

aw, yes, his decisions must have affected you personally. I dont know how his decisions could have possibly have a serious effect on a 13 year old, but I am curious. Care to stop using sound bites and actually explain how?

Answer #13

read mii profile

Answer #14

yah seriously. obamas not that bad. i mean yah we’re suffering, but it didnt all start when obama became president. sure i wish he would do some things different, but still. we have laws that have been around for a very long time, and just bcuz theyre not going away when obama is president, doesnt make him bad

Answer #15

There is no argument on your profile. Just rants. You have not stated what Obama specifically has done. Like I said, do you actually have anything but sound bites? The wars were not started by him. The housing crisis, the financial crisis, all under the republican rule. Bush brought about the deficit. I have absolutely no idea what you’re ranting about.

Answer #16

I’m not defending him. Personally I think the democrats are a bunch of idiots who need to do what the Republicans did under Bush. Do whatever the hell they want and screw what everyone else thinks. But that’s just not them. They’re going to play nice. So whatever. But if you’re going to make an argument, then make an argument. Dont rant.

Answer #17

ok..well..is their much to xplain…he said he was gunna help immagrants,he said he was gunna have change..what change!??..BTW I CAN BELIVE HE WAS AN IMMAGRANT WHEN HE BECAME PRESIDENT!..iznt that illegal!>>/???….and last but not least..the oil spill!…he knew about it bbut he didnt do jank!=(

Answer #18

Sigh. Exactly what promise did he make about immigrants and then broke it? Every president promises change. That doesnt mean anything. And he’s obviously not an immigrant. If there was any evidence of that, they would have had him removed. You think if the Republicans actually had solid proof they wouldnt have done something?

Answer #19

And yes. He hasnt been able to find a solution to the oil spill. He’s not out golfing or taking vacation days (unlike the previous president).

Answer #20

he said he wuz gunna help them..but insted he is kicking them out!!!//…and he was an immigrant…remember money talks!!

Answer #21

Personally, they were all bad except for Washington. But he didn’t know what he was doing… However, the more recent ones (1850- now) were terrible becuz theyr all f*cking idiots… especially Nixon, Bush Jr and Sr, and Obama… but McCain would have been worse..

Answer #22

President Andrew Jackson lol ^shruggs &&nd walks away^

Answer #23

I think George W. Bush was the worst. && Obamma follows in my opinion.

Answer #24

i think Obama is amazing! you just don’t really know how hard he works….he doesn’t have a magic wind to grand your wishes…he has to take care of the mess Bush made!

Answer #25

don’t think i hate xpresident bush… but i still think there was no worst president….they all was the best in different ways…

Answer #26

I think the worst president in US history was in office before anybody today was even alive. The US had a lot of very bad presidents during the 1800’s. Lots of corruption, scandals, abuses of power, decisions that were bad for the country…neither Bush or Obama are even remotely close.

Answer #27

Definitely among the worst!

Answer #28

i dont know but ill tell you my fave was billy clinton

Answer #29

I would rate George W Bush as the worst president of my lifetime.

He squandered the Clinton surplus giving tax cuts to the people who needed it least and in his 8 years nearly doubled the national debt. He promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves and create financial growth but they did neither. He ignored the previous administration’s warnings about Osama Bin Laden and experienced the worst attack in American history. He promised to catch Bin Laden but let him slip through his fingers and instead lied to mislead the nation into letting him invade and occupy a nation unrelated to the attack. He hired a “good old boy” to head FEMA who bungled the Hurricane Katrina disaster response. He had utter contempt for our constitution and signed the Patriot Act which gutted our Bill of Rights.

Is he the worst president in our history? Even though historians generally lean conservative a majority of polled historians rate George W Bush as the worst president ever. I don’t pretend to be a expert in history and I know there have been a lot of awful presidents. I would say that W’s blunders are so fresh in our collective memory that it is easy to rate him as the worst. In a few decades historians will be able to look at George W Bush’s presidency more objectively.

Answer #30

your welcome!!!!! :D

Answer #31

george bush for sure! he was the one who screwed us over in the first place! and bill clinton was the best ofcourse<3 & people should stop talking smack on obama, geez you dont even know the guy!

Answer #32

Haha, of course he was. That dude was a perv.

Answer #33

Because he took back the 40 ancres and a Mule agreement, thingy?

Answer #34

Can you do anything but use sound bites? What does that mean, money talks? What proof is there that Obama paid whomever he paid off to do what, lie? Exactly what proof is there that he is an immigrant. Exactly where does it state that Obama is kicking immigrants out. Yes he signed a bill to enforce stronger border control. But I dont see anything about him specifically targeting immigrants. Do you really actually have any idea what you’re talking about, or are you simply repeating what you’ve heard people say?

Answer #35

i know… aww hes my hero

Answer #36

OBAMA is the worst pres ever

Answer #37

Sweethearts. She’s giving her opioon. Just like ur giving urs. Yeah she’s a kid but kids rnt stupid. We do no wats going on. So don’t be so mean.

-mar xoxo

Answer #38

Obama, isnt doing a good job, but he isnt doing a fabulous one either. And yes, all presidents proclaim change, even guarantee it, but rarely does anything change from president to president. Right now he’s probably trying to make plans for the deficit or the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Oil Spill is old news by now as the hole is closed and the environment needs to restart. Finally, i agree… Claudette, hes just doing his job. Promises are thin lines when your trying to run a whole country… try it yourself… and Obama is a former citizen of Hawaii, he was born there…He then moved to the states where he became a senator in Illinois in 1996.

Answer #39

if you say so. . . i was watchn the history ch. and they were tlkn abt worst & best pres. there was one pres. in the 1800’s tht did nothing bt throw parties, eat, spend money and thats all i 4get his name bt he was chubby lol & one of the most lazy presidents we’ve ever had. hahaha

Answer #40

I am asking what exactly she is basing her opinion on. Apparently she can’t give me answer. And I never said kids were stupid, just that most are clueless. However, as redalert has just proven quite nicely, that is not true of all of them.

Answer #41

George W Bush for sure, he’s the reason why there’s a lot of issues in America, he only screwed us up to help his reputation and to have something to do to kill his own time. He doesn’t care about our Troops!

Answer #42

Let me shove a cigar up your cooch.

Answer #43

He’s the worst, he’s the reason why the USA has so many problems, and he refused to fix them, I just know he did.

Answer #44

That’s where YOUR wrong

Answer #45

WRONG, In my view, he’s so far the best

Answer #46

Why? Because he’s half black and you can identify?

Answer #47

Sh!t, that sounded f*cked up. Let me re-phrase somehow. He’s the best president because you feel like you guys have something in common and because you feel like the only reason we havent had a half african american as president before is because of racisim? I feel like Obama only became president because a lot of people feel that way.

Answer #48

George W Bush worst ever. Thats why our world is messed up now.

Answer #49

ok but can i freeze it after?

Answer #50

obama he put tanning tax and did other crap i hate him he should die

Answer #51

What a mature and educated answer…

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