What is the worst joob that you have ever had and why?

Mine was pretty much being this woman’ b*tch who worked from her home. I was 17 and my duties were opening and sorting her mail, answering phones, answering the door, making her food and drinks, picking up after her annoying dog, and cleaning her messy stinky house. I only lasted two weeks before her yappy dog made me walk out.

Answer #1

Well, I had a job where I didn’t get along with my boss much at all, but the work as a whole wasn’t bad. Thus my worst job ever had to be as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was blatantly hit on by a series of drunkards every single night, and hte manager was completely useless. The tips were sh*t at times, but the work environment was awful. Just awful.

Answer #2

im only 13, but my mom worked at a mazio’s when she was a teenager and her manager kept flipping up her skirt, finally she slapped him, she got fired though, she said it was okay because she was going to quit any way(:

Answer #3

At the credit bureau when I was maybe 21. The work was BORING, and the supervisor was like an old maid school teacher with a ruler in her hand….ready to bust knuckles if anybody laughed or talked. If you were one minute late, you had to make it up (no sh*t)…..I hated it there.


Answer #4

A bakery run by 3 Italian men. I used to get yelled at (for nothing more than one of them was in a bad mood), things thrown at me, I’d always have to do the dirty jobs nobody else wanted…when I gave my notice, one of them (the kinder of the 3) actually told me he wanted me to stay. I told him I don’t get paid enough to be abused.

Answer #5

Day care.. I was 16 and desperate for money.. the boss knew that, and paid me $100 a week, to work 55 hours, and do the same amount of work everyone else was doing..After everyone else quit (cuz they couldn’t take it) she gave me a raise and put me in charge of everything.. She’d leave me with 20 kids to spend time with her boyfriend.. I lasted 2 1/2 years until the parents complained about her and she got shut down. Whew…

Answer #6

7-11. The training was boring, I almost literally fell asleep countless times. The first few weeks were good, worked the assistant managers and they actually complimented on how fast I caught on to things and how well and fully complete I accomplished my jobs. The sh hit the fan, one of the assistant managers had be work at another store for awhile(then eventually transferred) and our other assistant manager had to work nights(I was working second shift). My hours became wack and then they had me working with an unreliable person, in which had varies write ups(it’s a miracle she still had a job she had that many, she even said so herself) and had varies complaints about from other employees. She wouldn’t complete her job, and wouldn’t let anyone off the register to get their jobs done. I recall doing her a few favors, she’ld allow me time to get the favors done and that was all. Then she tool the credit the next day. Then we had a transfer in which no body knew anything about. I worked with him, he accused of my “throwing winning lotto tickets away”, wouldn’t come out of the vault the fist night I worked with him, even though I had lines backed up past the donut case, then complained I didn’t get my job done. His excuse was he didn’t know what the door bell was for(though he supposedly;y had 12 year manager experience), and he didn’t hear me(along with 5 other customers at the same time) yelling for him to get on the register when the line was backed up, even though the vault door was open. He wouldn’t let me do my job, he tried doing my job for me then claimed I wasn’t doing anything(though we had so many customers, someone had to be working the register, and he refused, so there was nothing I could really do). I recall doing him a few favors so second shift didn’t catch it from the assistant manager, he signed off both times leaving me no room to. I tried explaining to the head manger of the store, she just blew it off as a teen b*tching(I was 19 at the time). Needless to say I eventually lost my job do to “too many write ups”, do to the 2 employees lies. The final straw was when I called in sick, puking my brains out, I called in 45 minuets before my shift. One is suppose to cal in 6 hours a head of time, I wasn’t even awake that long 1, 2, I could barley stand long enough to make it to the bathroom, I had to crawl to finally find the #. Though I’ve a strong feeling it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t working with such compulsive liars. It still erks me that nobody found it the least bit suspicious that both assistant managers enjoyed working with me and told me how well of a job I was doing, then when working with a transfer and a woman in which everyone complained about I couldn’t get sh done, but oh well. Funny, it seems the new people there either get fired, transfer, or quite, I guess I was one of the unlucky ones. Though my mother claims the store she’s currently working at isn’t bad, if I can help it, I’ll never work at another 7-11 again, that’s for sure. Usually there’s only 2 people working a shift. If the other person is unreliable, you’re screwed. I don’t feel like taking that chance again.

Answer #7

One of my first – a job in a motor dealership. I had to look after the customers, sift thru dirty car parts, and the boss was one of the most obnoxious men on the planet. I walked out on that one. When I last heard of him, he was living in Portuguese Timor (!) running a bar. That was just before the Indonesians invaded the country–I hope they made his life “difficult”.

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