What is the worst thing you have ever done?

Ok this isn’t a debate but we wanna see what people have done. Mine is not so huge but I broke a window with a water balloon launcher when I was younger and it ended up killing some old ladies cat…got some juvy time for that…what about everyone els what is the worst thing you have done?

Answer #1

Almost kill someone :(

Answer #2

DUDE You are soo lucky I wasn’t in your neighborhood, I’m strictly against animal abuse, and those that know me, know that about me! That was WRONG!!

When I was dating my ex that’s now my best friend, I was dumb enough to cheat on her with my BIGGEST ex of 7 months. We talked about it several times and I admitted how stupid it was and how stupid I was, I felt like a jerk and still do but what counts is we’re still friends but the 7 month ex, we don’t talk anymore.

Answer #3

Something I regret, involving Irene, was choose a woman over the friends when later on in the relationship, she changed her number as a sign it was over and I lost those friends and including Irene and that is one thing I seriously hate, loosing friends over a girl.

Answer #4

wow, i didnt realise how bad this sounded without information haha what i ment was, i almost killed someone because when i was like 13, i got into my uncles truck, took off the brake & the truck started going back & someone was walking by, they jumped for their life :OOOO

Answer #5

friends before hoes :]

Answer #6

Irene, she in fact is one. Sorry I did that, I seriously regret that, I learned my lesson with that

Answer #7

good on ya :D

Answer #8


Answer #9

Organized a party at my house when my mom wasn’t there. Unfortunately I didn’t know the guys very well and they stole a whole bunch of stuff at my home.

Answer #10

I got involved into a big stealing fest at the very end of June 2008. We managed to steal a £3000 worth of stuff and THEN we got caught with £600 of it. There were 3 of us and we idiotically stole Make-up, Bags, shoes, hoodies, tops. You name it. I got so caught up in the moment, the rush we got when we walked away with all this stuff and didn’t get caught. This was over the period of 3 days and it was getting late on the last day so we went into Tesco for one more little stealing spree then we’ll go home and we wont do it for a while because we’ll get caught. We got caught, and went straight to the police station. We got interviews seperately and I blamed it on peer pressure. I got counselling 6 times for 4 hours per each lesson and I got told if I done the counselling, all 31 of the charges were going to be taken off. (and they did). I got banned from the computer for 5 weeks and everyone in my family knew, even the ones that I didn’t live with. Everyone lost their trust in me and I lost a lot of friends during the process. It made me realise the consequences of stealing and that it affects more people than I thought it did. I haven’t stole since then and I don’t plan on doing it ever again. In the end, i’m glad I got caught. I know, I bet you’re thinking i’m mad, but if I didn’t, then i’d probably be stealing now. I’m glad I learned my lesson. I don’t talk to the two others I stole with and haven’t since then. They blamed me and I got the most charges. They didn’t go to the counselling so they still have 20-odd charges on their record and they can’t find a job anywhere with a serious offence like that.

Answer #11

It’s by far the worst thing i’ve done. I was stupid, I know.

Answer #12

………….Um, probably like, not be there for my sister.

Answer #13

I spray painted and keyed someone’s car. :( So mean…

Answer #14

Hit my sister in the head with the end of an ice skate (IT WAS AN ACCIDENT) every time i think of ice skating i think of that and it makes me want to throw up she was fine an it just made a small cut but yeah i felt really guilty D:

Answer #15

Broken someone’s heart :(

Answer #16

Aww. Well I’m glad she’s ok.

Answer #17

first of all it takes courage & guts to admit that you did something wrong…and I salute you for being able to share that with us…even though you have nothing to be proud of by doing what have done in the past, you learned from your mistakes, & now know that for any action you take in your life, there is a reaction…a consequence to make up for the wrong you did…in your case you got off pretty east no juvi…that is something to happy about…as for those friends…they have to deal with other consequences, because they were giving an opportunity to speak the truth yet blamed it on you…they were told to go to counseling but blew it off as well, making it obvious that they didnt show remorse…no bad deed goes unpunished & now they will have to pay the ultimate consequence…a bad rep…a bad record & that will stick for a while! I am not here to judge you just to show you that sometimes, honesty is the best policy…and to shake your hand for being able to share it with us…no matter how embarrassing it may have been…that piece of info just may switch someone’s mind who just may be reading this, thinking that the fast & easy way to making money is the best way to go…maybe now they can see why that isnt a good or smart idea…there is always going to be punishment awaiting for that crime…

Thanks for posting your situation…I am glad you learned from your mistake & are on the straight & narrow…more power to ya hun!

Answer #18

I think the worst thing i did, was finally loose control & slapped my ex-husband after an abusive 9 year relationship. I am against violence, i grew up in a very abusive home, my dad was always yelling at my mom, he even hit me with a belt once or twice…but my mom was more of the abuser in the family! To make a long story short, my ex really knocked me down emotionally, spiritually & verbally…(nev physically!) he made me & my families life a living hell…once he betrayed me by stealing from my mutual account with parents, (3000 dollars) plus cheated on me with some b!tch he met on a game called world of warcraft(pathetic I know) My parents & I helped his every step…from clothing to a laptop to a camera…even tried making his dream come true by sacrificing my own…when he made it out to be like i was nothing, when i was the one that kept molding him into the success he became…in business of course…he tried to put me down even more…and when i demanded that he pay back for everything he stole & then some…he totally b!tched me out…like as if i never contributed anything to either the business or the money he got from my family to even support the business from he get go…you see his family never contributed to anything because they were against us even getting married..so everything fell on my family & my head…feeling so sorry for him..and everything he went through, i thought i could show him a better life by trying to compensate for everything his heart ever desired…all i demanded was respect…kindness…honesty…and a partner…in & out of bed. I guess that was too much to ask for…and that is when i lost it…after he betrayed me a second time with his wh0re…I tried to suggest marriage counseling he denied…i tried to offer to go away & spend time together to try to work on our marriage…he refused to go…when he treated me like a piece of nothing i lost control & tap slapped his face in anger…something I regret, will regret for the rest of my life… I never ever ever hit anyone before that time in my life…in anything I just got hit…and protected my little brother when my mother/father tried to hit or beat on him…i felt those belt marks…not him…and for me to allow my anger to build up that much to loose control & strike even a tap on someone’s face…(i say this with tears in my eyes….) I just couldnt stand myself…and i hate that night as he packed his stuff, all the stuff i got him…instead of burning it or destroying it…i just didnt have the heart to do it….so…that is the worst thing i have ever done…I regret it…and would never allow myself to get to that point even again. I think that is another reason why i cant even allow myself to ever trust another guy again…or myself around one…:((he said i hit like a girl…duh..i wasnt trying to kill him, what a jerk!)

Answer #19

lie to my mom and sleeping over my boyfriends house a lot and i feel so bad cuz she has my trust 100%

Answer #20

the worst thing i ever done was fight my mom……it was soooo stupid because i was just being grown and fast …….

Answer #21

I don’t really think that what you did was bad , he freaking deserved that for doing all of those things to you and your family

Answer #22

Messed around with one of my bestfriend’s crush

Answer #23

The worst thing I have ever done was stab a kid in the arm with a pencil because he told me to shut up. At the time, I was super angry so I just stabbed him in the arm and he started bleeding. I feel bad for him now though, because the graphite inside got stuck so now 1/4 of his arm is now grey. This was back in the 6th grade. I was around 12.

Answer #24

my lil brother was making out with sum firl behind my car and i was just gonna back it up a lil bit just to bump him and i ran all the way over him on accident .. he wasnt under the tires but in the middle of my car… it just knocked the breath outa him

Answer #25

oh but the girl was smart and moved wile i backed up

Answer #26

oh my, this thread has me thinking backwards… what bad thing have I not done? worst things i can think of, are the matters of the heart. but there are others..

Answer #27

prose before hoes.

Answer #28

ontop of that, to list the allmosts would take another lifetime..

Answer #29

thanks for saying that, but i just should of known better instead of loosing control like that. I let him push me so far to my limit that i just couldnt take anymore. I tried everything for so long swallowed all the abuse & all and instead of just changing the lock on the door, i allowed him to stay til he found a place to go…making it so unbearable til i lost complete control. I know I was more then fair to him with everything my family & I did for him…all the suffering we went through and stuff…but with that said I still shouldnt have slapped him…it goes against everything I believe in…violence isnt the solution…no one no matter hope mad you get should ever use hands to strike anyone…no matter how much they deserved it… that is why i cant forgive myself for that incident.

Answer #30

You’re only human and you had reached your wits end. You deserve to forgive yourself. The fact that you show such remorse after all you’ve been through speaks volumes of your character. Continually blaming yourself for something that happened in the past doesn’t help you in the present or the future. The only thing you can do is to analyze the situation (which I’m sure you’ve done), find other ways of coping, learn from it, and move on. I hope that one day you can forgive yourself. It makes me sad that you’re so torn up about it. :(

Answer #31

been asked before… do a search

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