Worried my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones

my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones and I don't know if its normal, they don't bother me at all, but I'm sort of worried about it! I have them in the inside part of my lips (vagina ones.

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I have had them a few times too, the little bumps that look like whiteheads with milky stuff inside. I have mostly noticed them after sweating and they are usually in the area of my panties elastic. They can get painful sometimes too. I have tried a little dab of triple antibiotic ointment and it worked. Also, I know it sounds a little crazy but I also tried that stuff for sealing cuts. It comes in a small bottle and is clear. It looks and smells like clear nail poilsh. I think it should be put on as soon as you feel the little sting that lets you know you are first getting the bump. Works for me.

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I have little tiny lumps to on the outside and inside of my vagina they are very small but sumtimes can go a little bigger is this normal then I have been worried?

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I have those same bumps! do you know what they are? and how to make them go away?

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my tapon pull the side of my inside lip ..now I have a lump it come an go

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I have bumps on the outside and the inside of my vigina,it does not hurt,but im worried about them.wat can cause that

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Don't worry at all. I know what you are talking about and that is totally normal.

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yea I had that same problem when I would shave it would be all good until the hair grows back and the white bumps would come. I don't know what is but they aggervate me because they ugly maybe the razor and shaving cream irrates it. I dunno but I quite shaving down there I I'm going get waxed.

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I also have small bumps on the inside but sometimes there just a little bigger than other days is that normal?

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Oh my gosh all you guys saved me from a heart attack!! I was freaking out thought I had an std or something but im really glad I came across this... you all answered everything I was worried about.. THANK YOU :)

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okay so I have 2 red little buumps inside of my vigina and one on the out siddde I don't know what it is and I have a uti already and I preganat can it be from that? I got tested fr stds and I came up clean but I don't know I just saw there bumps today iam very worryed and I dont go see the doc intill the 21 what to do what to do


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The little white bumps are actually clogged pores down there. Since the vagina is sealed away in clothing all day it can get very sweaty down there which can cause them to clog around the inner lips. It's very normal so you have nothing to worry about. Most of all women have them.

Fau-- Every woman is different down there... colour, shape, look, everything.

You should only ever start worrying if they are in the vagina itself, if they're irritating, sore or anything out of the normal. Then go see a gynecologist.

The best of luck to you all!


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my vigina has lil white bumps to but I hope they are not stds cause I have a boyfriend and we already did it and in spraying my self with some spray he told me to use and it looks like its going away and also when I use to shave I did get a lot of pimples and when I would shave agin they would pop and then a week later when I would shave agin they are lil white spots agin whats up with that

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same her on the out side and inside but mine are kinda itchy and you can tel unless you kinda stretch the skin to see them. is that the same thing with you people?

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same here! I have tiny ones inside and out. mine are alittle itchy tho and you cant see them unless you stretch the skin alittle. plus I have a tiny bit of darker purplish/blue. is mine the same?

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I have bumps inside the lips of my vagina. I know they aren't STDs because I am a virgin, never had sex oral or regular. So, I guess these are normal. I rubbed a dab of tee tree oil on one and it went down. I will try with the few more I have. Dilute the oil with vasoline if it is too strong.

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I also have little bumps except mine are only on the inner lips. Thanks so much amaething your advice really helped!:)

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The vagina wall itself (inside the actual canal) is bumpy in its normal state, so that's okay. The external genitalia though (which are called "vulva" and not "vagina") are not supposed to be bumpy. Maybe you got the area infected or inflammed by touching it with dirty hands/objects, or maybe there's a more serious problem. Talk to a doctor about it.

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I have something similar. there are a few bumps (maybe 4) and they resemble whiteheads. so is it because of my underwear or something? what can i use? thanks guys :)

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