what is the worlds most dangerous Drug?

Answer #1

I can’t remember if it’s h3roin or m3th.. I think it’s h3roin because it’s easy to overd0se, or m3th because it’s so easy to get add1cted to, and the hardest to quit. (I could be wrong.. I didn’t pay attention that day in health class) :P

Answer #2

(sorry for the numbers… one of those words wasn’t allowed lol. )

Answer #3

I don’t know, all I know is it definitely know it isn’t pot though!!

Answer #4

Actually, pot can be in a way if you think about it. Pot is a ‘’gateway’’ drug. (It never was for me, but everybody’s different.) :)

Answer #5

Yeah everyone is different, it has saved lives though. Not to mention people who are against it make stuff up. I’ve seen articles that said the gateway thing isn’t true… just there to scare people off. I’ve known some people that used to be in hard stuff and now they are just on pot. Their parole officers let them slide with the pot because they know that if they didn’t have that they would turn back to the harder stuff.

Answer #6

brown-brown is c0caine mixed with gunpowder but not very many people actually do that. inhalants are really dangerous because you can die with one hit.

Answer #7

Wow, people actually do that!! I have never heard of that!

Answer #8


Answer #9

Wow.. that’s creepy.

Answer #10

How do you define most dangerous? Tobacco kills the most people (smoking) Alcohol has caused the most societal damage (car crashes, lost wages, addiction) As for the one that has the lowest rates of recovery, that would be hroin. Most add.ic.tive drg there is.

Answer #11

No kidding, what people won’t do to get messed up!

Answer #12

The gateway drg thing is a myth. Compare the amount of people who use it to the amount of people who have done hard dugs, and it is an insignificant percent.

Answer #13

I think it’s m3th. I was around h3roin a lot in my younger years, and tho I knew hard core addicts, they didn’t get that way in a day or a week. M3th seems to catch a person and hold them hostage right off the bat. I’ve been grate- ful for years, that I never gave it a try.


Answer #14


Answer #15

I think prescription d*ugs are the worst. Oxys, Roxis, and especially Fentanyl.

Answer #16

Any drg can be said to be the most dangerous. Herin and Coaine for some doing it only once creates the addiction. Pot contains 5x more cancer causing agents than a cigarette and is a gateway drg to other drgs (yes this is true)I’ve been around long enough to see the long term effects and 2 years of drg and alcohol training has taught me a lot. Any illegal drg does not save lives…they are currently working on removing pot as a medical aid due to the side effects. Any drg that alters perception or causing changes in the body is dangerous. The most dangerous is all of them for many different reasons. Good luck Sue

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