Worldofwarcraft vs. Runescape

Witch is beter and … Dont be a jerk and leave some stupic coment if you dont like leave

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Answer #2

I personally find runescape more addicting. people say “how can you gett addicted to a crappy game like that?!” but it is really really easy to get addicted to. PLUS 14 million WoW acounts created, 140 million runescape acounts created.

Answer #3

Runescape… I played WoW a little, and although the grapics arn’t as good on RS, there are still loads of quests to do, a lot of skills to train to 99(which isnt easy), and you can just go around and have fun with other dudes or dudettes who play… Plus, it is incredibly addicting…

Answer #4

I reckon runeScape is better

Answer #5

The above could also be World of Warcraft traits.

Answer #6

Personally I like runescape :D Im a lvl 84 and must admit it’s quite addicting.

Answer #7

depends what you want to play for, if you arnt all about combat and love doing a ton of different things and you can stand the not so good graphics runescape is better, but on the other hand WoW is a much faster moving game and if you like pvp and are more into combat go with Wow

Answer #8

Apparently my post was deleted so I will say

WoW duhhh. If you can pay 55-100 for the expansions and 15$ a month, you can have the most fun of your life. Its a commitment you make to other players when you join a guild, a functioning system that has a bank for the said guild, similar to a clan. Theres pve, roleplaying or pvp, I can teach you the basics

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Answer #9

Well. My boyfriend currently plays Wow. He says it has a lot more graphics then runescape and some how you don’t get addicted to runescape like you do to Wow, so I guess Wow (World of Warcraft) is better.

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