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Ok, so I know a lot of people think its stupid, if ya do, just go ahead and leave this question, this isn for you :), …why isn wwe out there on sports news like all the others, I understand its different, thats one of the reason I watch it, but it is a sport, they do cheerleadin, gymnastics, tennis, etc. Sports that isn as popular as baseball and football, why can wwe get the same publicity as anyothers??? I understand its not real and everythin else, but lets face it, baseball and football only have their seasons, wwe is all yr around and believe it or not, they are little bit more out there when it comes to charities, like john cena, he has granted well over 100, but he doesn get recognized for it, some actor/actress does, adn its everywhere, a football or baseball player gets hurt and everyone is talkin when a superstar gets hurt for real, you dont hear anythin bout it, only time they talk bout wwe is when it comes to steriods, thats not what wwe is all bout, yes, I know some takes them, but so does baseball, football, basketball, etc. Players do…and for christmas they go over seas to see the troops every yr for christmas, last yr they had a bomb like 50 or somethin like that blow up from them, I dont see any other sports doin that I just think wwe, should be noticed more than what they do, theres some good in it…why cant they get the same recognition???

Answer #1

first, I dont appreciate you sayin he isn a real athelet I see your point bout it bein fake, but thats not a reason to vall him fake, these are real athelets they go through pain and surgeries like everyone else, yes I know its entertainment, but they talk all bout other entertainment, movie isn real, its all actin but they talk bout that, and I do watch watch pro sports, I said if you dont like it to leave, not come on here and do what you did, ignore the question instead of puttin it down…and too I dont watch or have hbo, and this has NOTHIN to do wit comedians, stay on topic, and millions watch wrestlin, millions go to big ppv’s, this isn bout other sports, and for you real wrestlin you talk bout, I dont care bout that stuff, if you dont watch it, you shouldn answered this question, dont come on here start talkin bout how fake it is I KNOW IT IS…im NOT stupid, dont come on here bashin bout it, just answer the question, and that goes for anyone else

Answer #2

Well, the WWE isn’t really a sport. It’s REAL wrestling moves with pretty fake acting. It’s called World Wrestling Entertainment for a reason. It’s a violent soap opera. I’m glad for John Cena that he uses his fame for something good. But, he isn’t a real athlete. The reason you don’t hear more about WWE in a positive light is because look at what happened with Benoit. He killed his entire family. That brought attention to the WWE. Look at what McMann did. I’m not saying here but, it caused Hulk Hogan to quit wrestling. It’s just entertainment. Key word being ENTERTAINMENT. Yes, there is athletic prowess involved. You want to watch real wrestling? Watch Graco Roman or Freestyle. Where they wear ear pads and wrestle on the floor on a one inch thick pad. Thats a real sport. Is there a WWE in the olympics? No? Well, why not? Maybe because it’s an entertaining thing to see. I personally don’t watch it because there really isn’t any entertaining value to me. personal choice. If you like WWE then watch it. If you want to know why people pay more attention to actual sports then WWE think about this. Millions of people watch pro-sports. A few hundred thousand watch WWE. Still wonder why WWE stars don’t get more publicity?

So, let’s talk about comedians. They go overseas and entertain the troops. Do you hear about that making HUGE headlines? Sometimes it gets aired on HBO. But, why aren’t you asking about them too?

Answer #3

I see your point but however, it isn like the fans already know the outcome of an match or anythin, only the wrestlers do…im sorry but that doesn sound like a very good excuse,ok so they dont neccessrily talk bout it on sports but what bout other stuff, they talk bout what goes on in the entertainment world…now wats their excuse???

Answer #4

The key is the word ‘entertainment’: amusement or diversion provided especially by performers (similar to a play, soap opera, etc, with a predetermined outcome - whereas ‘sports’ are a legitimate ‘competition’ with the outcome unknown.

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