Why in the world would anybody wan to be a gangster?

I was just watchin a tv show about gangsters. It seems completely stupid to me. All for colors and territory that dont really belong to them anyways. Why not fight for somethin that matters. K!lling people for stupid reasons. Oh im badder than u. Correction,you bleed just like the rest of us. Scum on earth. Lost and confused.

Answer #1

I don’t know/understand it either but I guess it’s the way some people are raised.

Answer #2

to belong,be part of something?

Answer #3

There are many other choices than a gang member. Be part of a family(real fam) or a hobby. Sports. Anything. Why waste ur life being scum. I do feel sorry for them

Answer #4

Poverty, fear, a sense of belonging, environment. I agree, it seems foolish, but I cannot judge something just because I do not understand. If these communities look at their situations from a different perspestive. . .

Answer #5

I must counter… Why would anybody want to be you?

Answer #6

No offense, just… people are people, including you and I. Don’t bother trying to find explanations for that. It’s a confusing waste of time.

Answer #7

only if its a band

Answer #8

Many of them do it because they feel pressure from all sides and want to be accepted because they have no father or family that is supportive. (By the way I didn’t either and chose the military.) It’s validation for them. The opportunities are few and even less with no guidance. Then the gangs, well sometimes it’s a damb if they do or damb if they don’t kinda thing for some of the kids. Quite a shame.

Answer #9

Its not judging its clearly visable. They are k!lling innocent kids people. All for the sake of it. Tattos that have 666 on em and say i k!ll for the thrill. Over colors. LA is getting so bad. Everywhere really. They are dangerous and personally i think thats the definition of demons on earth

Answer #10

good choice with the military. Atleast you are saving lives as you take ones of the enemy. But i dont think kids have to be in gangs or they d!e. There r other options. Dont even talk to them.

Answer #11

They r k!lling kids and innocent people.

Answer #12

There is no easy solution and many factors that contribute to this problem. Are poverty, not being successful in academics, poor super vision, pressure brought upon being born into a family that already has a history of gang involvement, genetic predisposition to drug usage, etc. are some of the factors associated with this problem. And to make matters worse. Society glorifies violence in rap music, playstation, xbox games and hollywood movies. But many portray the gang lifestyle as “cool.” Is it really any wonder that these poor uneducated people turn to drugs and violence to get their needs met? What other role models do they have? The real street gangs are just trying to survive underground. They feel powerless and feel that guns give them the power they feel they need. (Meaningless) Gangs also need to belong to a group. Gangs are groups that give them a false sense of acceptance and belonging; false because the love is totally conditional. They are not accepted for being themselves, but for being part of the group and generating crime. So to try to answer your question; “Why in the world would anybody wanna be a gangster?” You have multiple reasons on why they would “wannabe” a gangster. But the real question is; What are the reasons for not “wanting” to be a gangster? There is no sure fire way to solve this problem.

Answer #13

@the sociopath. No offense. But people are people. Some of the things that you post are a waste of time. And I can’t come up with any reasonable explanation to why you even post them. Angel asked a good question and she got a lot of good feedback. If you don’t know enough about the subject, don;t shoot someone else down for trying to search and find those answers.

Answer #14

Same reason anyone would want to be a politician or a banker. The results are the same, just at a different level in society. Corruption, greed, taking from others, collusion, exploitation… the only difference is that when gangsters are caught, they have to serve time.

Answer #15

No there isnt…your right society has got their morals all screwed up. I cant see how people are that blind to their actions.

Answer #16

Lack of education, and poverty. I dont think these people are demons. :) God doesnt make junk sweety.

Answer #17

no but the devil does….and he is very good at his job. Sin is junk even to God.

Answer #18

Okay, but just to correct you, they are not killing innocent children and people, the stereotypical gangs are (and who is to say they are innocent? aren’t we all guilty of something?) Yes I agree some gangs overstep and they lead on lives which just makes society look bad, but it’s not just their fault, it’s our fault to, you know? The taxpayers, government, the church-goers. People raised into poverty and life where education is expensive where they can’t rely on anything but friends. That’s where it starts; a kid, who has nothing, grows up and is invited to a “group” a place where he can feel safe and would have money to feed himself and even his family. Gangs don’t have to be criminally active, although they usually are. Yeah, gangs can mug people and rob stores, but we are the ones who put them on that spot to do things like that. This country is so disproportionate, if you want to see a place where there is almost no gangs, and no poverty, go to a socialist place. I’m not saying there is none of that there, but things would be more equal. Think of this example (whether it be fictional or not): Robin Hood. He had a small group of people who helped him do things only criminals do. They rob rich people, but they give to the poor or needy ones. Wouldn’t that make them a gang? I would think so, they are still doing good in the community. Some people are not even given a choice. Sometimes they threaten their families so they could join. I do agree the stereotypical gang probably do more things, like sell dru.gs, make dru.gs, kill people, etc.. You really are judging when you say stuff like that, regardless if it is “clearly visible”. So when you ask why would someone be a gangster, well there is just simply too many answers.

Answer #19

So judgmental, what if they have no choice? Not everyone was born like you and stuff. People born in third-world countries (i.e. Ethiopia) don’t really have an option. I am lucky to be born in a third-world country and not come out to be a killer.

Answer #20

I no a few people who lost their ypung children by gang members initiation they were innocent. And i dont blame anyone else besides the person doun it. They make their own decisions. No matter how u were raised u learn the difference betweeb bad and good.

Answer #21

U always have a choice

Answer #22

the only thing u HAVE to do is live and die. You make the choice to k!ll people. Its not being judgemental its being truthful. We all no its bad its not a secret. How am i judging when its true…and they r proud of it

Answer #23

Not exactly. Where you born in a place where food was scarce? People don’t always learn morals, that is something you have to be taught. I am not saying I support gangs, but I clearly don’t judge them for their actions. Don’t judge until you have been in their shoes. You, most likely, don’t know their side of the story. What if killing a person had it’s benefits? I’m not just talking about money, either. What if killing one person could save 10, 50, or even 100 people? I’m not saying that’s always the case either. Yes some gangs are bad, but the point I am trying to make is that NOT ALL OF THEM ARE.

Answer #24

You just don’t get it do you? Not all gangsters are bad! You are judging them by calling them scum. You don’t know them. Go to a prison and talk to real gangsters. Then you can come in here and talk about them.

Answer #25

You can take the side of the good or bad. U make ur own decisions. Honestly the church goers? Tax payers? Ya its their fault. And if a gangster is k!lling to save others than he is not a gangster more like an assasin. Obviously not all gangs are bad…but obviously im not talkin about them. Im talking about the ones corrupting our streets with dru.gs and guns. So unless ur in the army or savinga people (which gangsters dont do) there is no good excuse for k!lling

Answer #26

i no real gangsters….u think just cuz im a white girl i dont….i live in houston tx. I no what goes on. There are no good gangsters. What they do is not good. What is a good about any of them???? Maybe they are good to their fam but im talkin about what they do.

Answer #27

I been through the bad side …. dont judge me on just my appearance

Answer #28

It was a completely different thing long ago. Gangsters were for the low-end community to have protection and make money through illicit material(you know what I mean), robbing rich folks and stuff. (Crips were created for protection and a safehaven for your boys and men who were going through problems)

Nowadays, nobody actually needs to be a gangster even then many of them have diluted what a gangster really is. Gangster is a fad, and hella easy to do. Many do it from their lack of intelligence and how convient it is to be a gangster, you just don’t have to be smart!

Answer #29

You do have a point the ones that are corrupting the streets are bad. My only point is that not all are bad. But what makes you think that a soldier in the army is any different? Sure they might be saving lives, but they are still killing people. But you can’t judge them like you are.

Answer #30

I am not judging you, I didn’t even think about your race or the color of your skin. You are the one judging here. You are calling them scum, and they might be. But that still doesn’t mean you could judge them. Join a gang, then come here and judge them all you want. You think that I care that you live in Houston? There are worse places than that. I was born in a country with kids around 12 holding automatic weapons. They don’t know right from wrong, they think they are serving their country. I don’t preemptively judge others, like you do. Statistically, in an average gang with at least 15 members, only 5-8 have gone to jail for crimes, and from those, only 2 or 3 have killed someone. That is, if the gang is violent. Most gangs don’t kill people.

Answer #31

Soldiers are different. They are fighting for the lives of all our people. not just for colors.

Answer #32

obviously i am not talking about other countries. Jeez… thats not gang members thats a hole different thing. i am talking about the ones here in america corrupting our streets. I am not judging them when its clear what they are doing

Answer #33

and just to let you know i dated a gang member for 2 years. i have looney tattoed on the back of my neck. I been there. I know. So i have a right to judge even though its not really judging if its in clear vision. They might not kill but that dont make them good either. Im sorry but even people in other countries know its not right to kill people. Its natural to know these things. Unless they are doing it for protection there is no excuse. U think God is gonna let them off the hook because they “didnt know better” bull sh!t. they know

Answer #34

Where there is bad there is always good. I know in other countries there are good examples there.

Answer #35

and yes i get it some gangs members are not so bad they had no choice or didnt know better. BUt i just think you know whats right and wrong. Maybe i was a little out of line calling them scum but i have had some friends recently go through some bad things because of them. And its only getting worse here. in other countries thats a defferent thing.. but here in america they should know better. Its gotten so bad. There is no good in any of them here anymore… Here we have choices and events and charities to help people get out of these types of gangs. they have no excuse here.

Answer #36

I agree, in some terms. But gangs in other countries are no different. They are most times the origin of gangs present today. Even if they are not the origin of these gangs, they still influence them. So in other countries they are, after all, still gangs, not a “whole different thing”. Gangs every corrupt streets too. America is no different than them this way. You are judging them, clearly. Well it might not be judging them when you say murderers, because that would be clear. Even if they kill someone, that doesn’t make them scum. I have friends that are in gangs now, and none of the members there have killed anyone. Some haven’t committed a crime at all. From what I can see, I assume you just have been brainwashed or convinced to see gangs today as the typical gang stereotype.

Answer #37

I believe more lives would be saved by preventing war. Lives are still lives, what gives us rights to kill people? I feel that America is too hypocritical, in almost every sense.

Answer #38

Yea but that will never happen. War is in human nature. Sometimes it has to happen. It isnt just america that starts it either. U act like we are the only bullies. we get attacked 1st then we fight back.

Answer #39

Oh no i have sen what happens. I think you are a kinda takin their side. even if they havnt killed they might and they will eventually commit a crime. Sorry but i just dont see any good excuse to be a gang member

Answer #40

Because people are stupid & immature !

Answer #41

Well sometime they don’t wanna have a job. Wanna steal money. But for me all they do is wanna seem tough.. like just yesterday my friend was shocked by a baton (wtf??) Beaten and stabbed by a gang, just cause of a color SHIRT he was wearing.

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