World's hardest riddle...are you up to the challenge?

I am brown. I am furry. I stand as much as 10 feet tall. If you find me in the woods, I might rip your face off. I am not a Koala, nor am I a panda. Plus, I'm a bear.

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wtf I dont get it?

ANSWER #2 of 14

your kidding...a grizzly bear duh

Do you know the hardest riddle ever?

ANSWER #3 of 14

hourglassoflosttime is good! I didn't think anyone would get it.

Do you know the world's hardest riddle?
ANSWER #4 of 14

A Bear

What is the world's hardest riddle?

ANSWER #5 of 14

a cat with a really long tounge.

Hardest Moment in Life?
ANSWER #6 of 14

Brown or blackbear

Whats the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

ANSWER #7 of 14

A giant raccoon. Raccoons are washing bears, after all. :)

what are good challenges like the gallon and cinnamon challenges?
ANSWER #8 of 14

its either big foot or diprotodon!

Who here has done the cinnamon challenge???

ANSWER #10 of 14

lol wtf,,,grizzly.

what is the longest word in the dictionary (riddle)>
ANSWER #11 of 14

Uhm... a kangaroo?

what is your biggest challenges in life?
ANSWER #12 of 14

A huge teddy bear?!?!

ANSWER #13 of 14

you're a hairless albino goat that lives in Hawaii wearing a coconut braw!!!

ANSWER #14 of 14

A 10 foot DICK HEAD

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