How long to download World of Warcraft?

does anyone know how to download world of warcraft for free.. I heard it takes like 6 hours

not the 10 day trial the actual game.

Answer #1

You can try the game and the expansion free trial, but after the trial is over you do need to buy the actual game and expansion and pay monthly to keep playing -.- If you don’t have expansion… no fun at all.

Answer #2

It should only take like 20hrs

Answer #3

To tell you the truth it depends on your internet connection speed. Mine is 5mb so it took 20 minutes.

If you have dial-up it can take up to 3-5days to download.

Average DSL is about 6 hours.

Answer #4

my friend said you can get the free trial and after that click the download thing and you can dowload the whole game for free..

whats that all about

Answer #5

The trial is the only free version available. The monthly fee is also non-negotiable. It is a bit expensive now, because you really need to buy both the game and the expansion to keep up with everyone. If you are on a PVP server then you will definitely need both games. You can still have fun with just the first version, but you won’t be able to find many people doing any of the level 60 dungeons or raids.

Check out my night elf rogue on the PvP server Nazjatar, Jawkitch, in the armory at the WoW home site. I gank horde every chance I get.

Answer #6

@rpople - work it out if you know your speed, spaz

@annamarangione - you need to pour water over your motherboard, that’ll sort it out

Answer #7

it took me like 18 hours, but I downloaded the expantions along with the original game.

Answer #8

it took me like 18 hours, but I downloaded the expantions along with the original game.

Answer #9

2-3 hrs depending on your computer

Answer #10

It doesnt take to long it only takes like 1 -2 hrs

Answer #11

srry but thats imposable maby in like 5 years or something when no one likes the game anymore

Answer #12

I have the game world warcraft…having problems installing…what is my problem?

Answer #13

I bought the game in 2007 its 2009 now and I decided to start playing it again .. Thers so meny updates that its the third day and its at 95% due to the updates

Answer #14

my connection speed is 54.0 Mbps so it takes years

Answer #15

I am downloading the first version of WOW how long will it take?? my speed is 54.o mbps reply quick

Answer #16

ok I have a belkin54g my internet connection is very good and I have the battle chest about how long will it take to download please reply quick downloading noe

Answer #17

um my wirless rowder is belkin54g I got pretty good connection and the battle chest how long might it take for that please reply quick downloading now

Answer #18

mine is at 52 or 53 and onlt has taken 30 mins for me to get to 52. might take hour or 3 to me

Answer #19

mine is now at 52 and has only takes 30 mins

Answer #20

Wow is the most greatest game you’ll play in your life. It is way better than Runescape. The graphics are awesome, and the game looks so realistic. Sure it is expensive, but it is worth it for me. You should see the game’s video trailer in In the left top corner there is the 10day trial for free, click on it. Then you’ll be on another page. On the bottom of the page you have like about three choices. Choose the one that says video trailer. See the video, and you’ll totally would want to play the game, World of Warcraft. You should also try the 10day trial first before buying the game. The 10day trial is free.

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