Why did they make up this rule where a person needs to have a GED or college degree to get a job?

Answer #1

maybe they want the person to be educated

Answer #2

The work force is very competitive these days and this is just one little asset that separates the more qualified, or the more stable. It’s not a perfect rule, obviously, as I know many people who began work in their field while young and have a load of more experience than someone fresh out of highschool, but in the end, finishing high school or getting that GED shows that you have ambition and stamina which are very important qualities in a potential employee.

Answer #3

because companies want educated workers.and since most people have been going to collage. most jobs require a degree and compamies will hire them. so now if anybody wants to get hired anywhere, they must have a degree thats what it seems lke to me

Answer #4

What they are doing is separating the educated people from the uneducated people…its disgusting…suppose one has a learning disability & cant get that degree but has so much to offer that job requirement…so what that is doing is holding him back & holding him responsible for not being able to get that degree… Who’s to say that one or the other will be a better candidate or better qualified for that job?! I know so many people with all sorts of degrees that have photographic memories…and so they learn things & when it comes to the exam bam passed…so they have the nice fat piece of paper that they can show off to…but sit them near their desk & tell them to do the work they just so nicely got that paper for…ya know what…they can wipe their smelly lil arses with it bcz they cant even handle the pressure of doi9ng their jobs!!! So…when put to the niddy griddy test…the person that doesnt have the paper that sat in class & dosed off while passing the test in flying colors but doesnt hv a problem with working under pressure nor doing the same job exactly if not better without the stupid paper.

So…since I speak from personal experience, I mean i hv seen way too many people I know including my cheating ex…who I must give credit to…that had a learning disability who couldnt get his degree even if it hit him in the face…but when it came to computers…tearing them apart or hooking up a network system or a server…he could put any tech to shame…meaning my brother who just finished his engineering papers & has a nice fat set of 100 diplomas….sad part is…ask him to do something, even get him hired in a hi-tech company & he shakes so bad he cant even work 1 full day. After 2-3 hours he walked home crying in the rain! Here is another case…a friend of mine went to law school, finished everything years of hard work then even managed to pass the bar exam, you would think she would be ecstatic & begin working with her nice fat degree in law school..nope, no can do…after all that hard work, she gets to a nice fat paying job..promising future even has an office with a view…and leaves…just like that becomes a waitress & goes back to school to learn art! Go fckn figure… Some people are better at just getting their degrees & some are just better the work…if it were me hiring people…I wouldnt go according to credentials…I would go according to what my people can really contribute to my business or my corporation…in the end dedication pays off. Get someone with a degree always looking for the BBD(meaning bigger better deal) always need to look around for replacements. get someone that doesnt hv a degree, but is willing to grow & learn & is dedicated & you have that person for as long as you want him. To me that means more then a stupid piece of paper one can wipe their arses with…NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE HERE.. Just a strategy I inherited.(doesnt mean it is right…its just right for me)

Answer #5

So the government could get richer

Answer #6

Because showing that you finished high school or get your GED, shows that you are responsible and hard working. & you didn’t stop to achieve something, you went all the way, and thats what plaaces want someone hard working, that won’t quit when it gets hard!!

Answer #7

So they know you can at least complete some form of school

Answer #8

Why are you answering your own questions?

Answer #9

It’s the competitiveness of the work force, it’s a way for people to decide who is more fit for the job.

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