What does the word "individuality" mean to you and how do you express it?

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To me it mean i am a lone women and i don't need a man so be happy and i would express with anger or with care

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Yes, we are ALL individuals, .....
......................... we ARE all different.

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It means being yourself in every way and not being worried about what other people think. Doing things the way you want to and being happy with everything you do, even if other people may see it 'odd' or tell you you should be doing the opposite (like pressuring you to smoke or have sex, for example, when you are happy with your decision not to), is you being individual. Embrace all your interests and don't be afraid to try out new things (like hair and clothing styles) to find who you are and then be that person with confidence. That is individuality to me, as you are a person who has many layers to them and does things they like and is comfortable within themselves, rather than doing things to fit in or as they are 'normal' (as who is to say one thing is more normal than anything else)?).

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Oh and I express mine the same as many people do: with the way I dress (I like tea dresses and wearing more smart clothing, as well as casual stuff for example), with the music I listen to and with not being afraid to tell people about my interests and telling them how I really feel and my opinion on things, even if they may diasgree.

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I feel like individuality has nothing to do with not needing a man.

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It is personal opinion so, yes part of individuality could be expressed as being independent.

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