Why is that only wooden furniture's seems to be in fashion these day's?

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maybe its making a comeback? but i guess it would apeal to people in in diffreent countries and areas, and poeple with diferent tastes looking for different or even intage furniture.mover hear plastic furniture is still seems to be all the rage

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To make a comeback, it has to go back first.But it hasn't gone back till now..! has it ? Frankly speaking wooden furniture's really look great with interior designing isn't it?

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well in the olden days it was all the rage, and theres also a lot of beautiful wooden furniture out there as well as a lot of beautifull antique furniture, depending on the wood the furnitute can also be pretty strong

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I think its the ease. Either Metal or glass furniture can't be redesigned or repaired with as much ease as wood.

Also, wood can be painted easily into any color you choose. :D

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I prefer to choose/use wooden furniture because I can be sure it is really durable than using plastics or steel. Plastics easily damage but wood can stay longer. If you handle it with care it will last for years.

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For me, I like wooden furniture because it will last longer than plastic. Especially when it is made of hardwood materials. Guaranteed quality! Your money will not be waste.

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Wooden furniture is a very popular type of furniture which come in many designs, styles, sizes and shapes. Wooden furniture can definitely enhance the beauty of any home.

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