is there anywhere quite warm where there isnt too many big spiders ?

Answer #1

I guess you’ve seen Australia. :) I would say California and Miami. There’s spiders usually everywhere, but they’re fairly small in the US.

Answer #2

yeah, i know i would love to visit australia but the thought of meeting a huge spider is a big turnoff !

Answer #3

they get pretty big in california dont they !?

Answer #4

I live in Australia, and yes there is alot of spiders, but there is some areas were there isnt too many. If you leave the spiders alone they wont bother you.

Answer #5

i dont mind seeing them out side but its the thought of them crawling about me when im sleeping, which areas do you sugest?

Answer #6

Hawaii used to have big cane spiders, but i must say i havent seen any. i would say hawaii dosnt have that many large spiders that are common.

Answer #7

in the US we have tarantulas in the dryer parts of the country and black widows and brown recluses, the black widows are usually in the warmer south and the recluses are pretty much everywhere.

i have seen some river spiders that had gotten pretty big with a outstretched leg span equivalent to the lid of a 32 oz valasic pickle jar lid.

i would think the wetter southern states would ahve the most large spiders as well as the dangerous ones.

so i don’t think you can be in a warm state and be away from large spiders.

Answer #8

South Africa, we have non dangerous spiders and you don’t see spiders very often overhere.

Answer #9

yeah, i was just wondering if there was anywhere which is quite warm without there being too many big ones, im in the uk and theres nothing of any sort of size, bigest ive ever seen is a common house spider with a leg span of about 3” which scared the heck out of me , im not scared of spiders themselves i just dont like big ones

Answer #10

Australia has kinda a few climates in different areas so there’s different spiders in different areas. The most common thru out ‘all’ of australia is the redback and the huntsman. I live in the outback so i see a few, mainly around the house and out bush. If you go to the eastenside of australia (queensland) they can get quite big. New South Wales have the funnell web which are big and very poisonous. Spiders dont seek you out when your sleeping lol..If you just visited the cities you probably wont come across any.

Answer #11

There are so many misconceptions about Australia. Yes, we have spiders, and some of them very poisonous, but no one actually dies from spider bites these days. In the suburbs you may get the occasional daddy long legs or jumping spider but thats about it… except the odd red back. Its often the non poisonous ones that are feared more greatly, due to size and hairiness, like the huntsman.

There isn’t “too many” big spiders in Australia, so thats my answer :)

Answer #12

Well New Zealand summers are pretty warm, especially in Central Otago, and the top of the north island, and the only big scary poisinous spider we have is very shy, and wont leave the caves where they live.

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