What would you do if you only had one day to live? I’m asking this because I wanna know sometimes people especially us teens think we are inconvinsible that we could never die well this monday I lost my friend cody r.I.p who drowned in a river when drinking with his friends and wondered what he would have wanted to knew if he knew he was gonna die. So what would you have done the day before you would die?

Answer #1

I would do the stuff I was always scared to do.I would be nice to evry1.

Answer #2

I do exactly what I do every other day.

Answer #3

damn, that is a good question. First, I would make arrangements for my pets,,, Then I would move all my money to an account, that has a copy of my will. Then I would fly to my LA and see my family by surprise I would call up the girl I lost 10 years ago, and thank her for the wonder time we had. I would have the best dinner and drinks. I would listen to Mariachi music.. I would head out to the beach and swim, and smile when I meet that dreaded shark that will be the end of me.

Answer #4

If I knew I had only one day to live, I would be pissed. I would tell the girl that I am interested in that I am interested in her. I would burn my money, because I wouldn’t know who to give it to. That would really suck if you knew, because you’d be running around trying to tie up loose ends, and not doing a good job.

Answer #5

im sooo sorry about your lost..

but for me I would do everything that I didnt do in this world yett.. or try something that I would never ever try like sky diving.

Answer #6

well I would talk to every girl I know , ge laid , get super high , then tell all of my family and friends all of my secrets and that I love them , then I would die

Answer #7

I’d want to correct wrongs I had done in my life, make amends if I could and make sure I knew where I’d spend eternity before I take my final breath.

Answer #8

I would let my mum know how she’s been so great to me, and I love her as much as she does to me.. and for the person who’d be my significant other that moment, I’d want him to be happy, and let him go.. I want him to hear my words of him bein let go by me.. and tell him how I love him.. that’s all.. moments before I die, I’l just look at the photos I’ve collected mah whole life…

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