What's a woman's size 6 converted to youth in shoes?

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Dear sadidascr1,
If you wear a size 7-8 in a woman's shoe most times a 5 in youths will fit you. It depends on the make and model so to speak. I wear a size 71/2 and my favourite pair of shoes are a youths size 4 so you just have to try them on.
Sue...good luck

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If the 6 doesn't work, try a 4 1/2. I wear a 6 1/2 in women's but sometimes when I go to kid's foot locker i have to get a 5. it all depends on the style of shoe.

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a woman 6 is a 6 in kids too. it only change if you are going into men or boys shoes

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7 women's = 5 youth
6 women's = 4 youth

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A women's size 6 is the same as a youth size 6 or 7.

You would need to go to your nearest shoe store to have your feet measured to be sure what size shoe would fit best.

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