Can you buy something to make your computer wireless?

Is there something you can buy at wal mart or sumthing that hooks to your laptop so you can take your laptop around the house unconnected but can still acess internet. I need a wireless device that is for just one computer not two.

Answer #1

First you need to buy a WIRELESS ROUTER. I have a BELKIN WIRELESS G ROUTER 5x. 5x is the smallest which means you don’t get it but within a small range of the place that you put the router at in your home. you can get up to about 15x the last time I checked a few months ago. You will install the router on your computer and the easy step by step software disk will guide you through connecting the modem to the router with wires and then with wires from the router to the computer.but if your computer is already wifi compatable (it will have wifi technology built into your computer) then all you’ll have to do is unplug the ethernet cable from your computer that is connecting computer to router and scan for wireless networks on your computer. but if you don’t have wireless technology built into your computer, youll need to buy a wireless notebook card (the same thing kind of as Sarahhh was talking about with sprint or verizon but with the sprint verizon ones, you wont need a router at all). wireless notebook cards can be bought at walmart as well as the router. Belkin also has a Belkin Wireless Card. The card will come with instructions on how to install it in your laptop without wires that connect router to computer. If you do already have wireless technology on your computer, you can always go to coffee shops, bookstore, even mcdonalds, KFC, and taco bell now and use your laptop there if they have wifi which I think all starbucks do now and some fast food restaurants. You won’t even need a router if you go to a coffee shop/restaurant to use. hope I helped! :)

Answer #2

Yes, you can get wireless interned for a laptop. I highly doubt that you can find it at Wal*Mart though. I believe you’d have to go to an electronic store for that. Also, if you want to take your laptop anywhere inside and outside of the house you can get an internet card from Verizon or Sprint. You would pay about as much as another phone, but the cool thing is you can get internet on your laptop wherever a cell phone would get reception. That’s what I have for my laptop and I looove it. Works great.

Answer #3

Most laptops these days come with WiFi capability. If yours doesn’t you can probably add this capability inexpensively.

Do you have broadband (DSL, FIOS, Cable modem?). If this is the case you can probably just plug a Wireless Access Point (WAP) into your modem. If you have dialup (does anyone these days?) than it gets trickier. There are routers that have WAP built in; I would recommend that you get one of these even if you only have only one computer. These routers make your computer more secure because they use NAT (Network Address Translation) and many come with some firewall capabilities.

Answer #4

Buy a router and a compatible wireless card for your computer. Connect the hi-speed modem to the router and set up a connection with the wireless card on the computer to the router. Make sure to set up a WEP encryption on the connection to keep anyone from using your network. It is a lot easier than it might sound. And the directions in the box with the router will guide you through.

Answer #5

how much is that cost

Answer #6

router. buy one

Answer #7

I use comcast high speed internet do they have a way of wirless internet or sumthin?

Answer #8

Buy a Modem with a high speed if you want it faster

Answer #9

Buy a Modem with a high speed if you want it faster

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