How do you make a sims movie with windows movie maker?

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1)Choose a genre for your movie. Will it be a comedy, horror, drama or just a music video?

2)Think of a plot (unless your doing a music video). Now think about this a lot. Most Sims 2 movies are unknown because they have a plot similar to several hundreds of over movies. When choosing a plot, add a twist so that things are not too predictable. This makes watching much less boring.

3)Create your characters. Just create your Sims and create, or use an existing, residential lot to place them in.

4)Now you can start filming in Sims 2. Change the video setting to high or medium. The game comes with it set on low.
Learn how to use the cameraman mode in Sims 2. Press Tab to access it. You use the mouse to change the position at which the camera points. Use the W A S D keys to change the position camera. If you find a camera angle which you like and want to go back to, press Ctrl+4 Crtl+5 ect. up to 9. This will save the camera angle and you can press the number you used to go back to that angle, any time your on camera man mode.

5)By this step you should know what is going to happen in the movie, so think of all the actions they would do, and comand your sims to do that. Film with the V button or use the button in the right hand corner.

6)(Skip a few steps if your making a music video) Once you have filmed your sims, go into your editing software and start work on your movie. If it is a series, choose or create a small section of music to use at the begining and end of each episode. If it is one movie get music for a opening scene where it says the name of the movie, and for the end credits.

7)Now voicing. If you would rather not have voicing than you can start editing by adding CLEAR subtitles. If you want voicing than voicing it yourself will save you time. But if your not very good with voicing or don't have a microphone, you can find someone else to do it. Sims99 has a excellent voice auditions section. You can look through and easily find somone how has the vocie your looking for.

8)Now on to editing. If you are dong voicing, I reccomend getting the voicing first and putting your clips on top.Cut the clips for it to be in time with the voicing. If the clip you got wasn't long enough for the section of speech, cut and insert the clip again. Music voices are not much different. Snyc clips and there planned place in the song.
Add finishing touches. fine tune it as much or as little as you like. If you want to you could add a next time section (you would need to of filmed a bit of the next episode already of course).

9) The next part is easy, just import your video file into windows movie maker which you should know how to do. =]
Any more problems hen funmail me :)

*Information from Check it out for more details on how to create a sims movie*

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