Will water damage a cell phone sim card?

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Hi Bananagirl,

Last weekend I accidently fell into my pool with my Motorola Razr in my pocket. My phone is toast, but my SIM card survived. I pulled the card out immediately and let it dry outdoors for a couple hours before trying it in another phone.

Still better to keep cell phones and SIM cards away from water!

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Hi bananagirl,

Yup. It sure can. The sim card holds all of the important information from the phone, so saving it is really worthwhile.

Check out this blog for steps to save your cell phone from a death by water:


Good luck!

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water will not affect the sim card...
its just a circuit like thing...it will be more affected by wear and tear

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First you think whether you need it? You can track your mobile by installing the call tracker Hoverwatch This software is able to secretly collect all the information from the desired phone from the user.

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