will ps3s be coming down in price

wi ps3s be coming down in price any time soon

Answer #1

they’ve already come down quite a bit… if you get the 40gb, its the cheapest and you can always add more RAM to it. other than that, ps3’s are the most advanced gaming system, like everyone’s said, so I doubt it.

Answer #2

I honestly doubt they will any time soon. they have like the latest in gaming tecnology, so until somthing beats them, I don’t think any time soon.

Answer #3

I don’t know how much of a drop you expect. most likely, you’ll just catch individual sale prices until a new system is coming on the rise. only then will you see better prices. that’s usually the way of the systems.

Answer #4

They should eventually, my parents bought mine for chirstmas in 2006 for like $800. seems like a lot for a big computer… I think they’ve already gon down a tiny bit… but I also heard you cant play ps2 games on it anymore on the new ones because they took the thingy out that reads ps2?

I dont know… but mine can… (cat broke mah ps2) you might be able to buy one on ebay? but… you cant guaranty it’ll be in perfect condition…

I hope I helped.. I have a problem wih ranting

Answer #5

I don’t know how it works but I hear that phones come down in price normally every beginning/ending of a month

I bet game consoles work the same? probably over time.. it’s probably happening now

the thing is tho - wiv the way technology is moving, by the time the PS3’s come down in price you’ll want a brand new wackywacky virtual arcade gaming dj dance flying cat system lol. (basically something else’ll come out by the time you can afford the ps3 xD) just the way it is innit =/

Answer #6

They will. In fact in NZ they already have slightly. It may take a little longer than PS2 did because PS3 has all the very latest technology and can’t improve it much. But yes it will definately come down in price. Once it is really really cheap something new (ps4?) will be introduced and cycle carries on.

Answer #7


Answer #8

probably, sooner or later. All gaming devices do in some time.

Answer #9

hey good news, the price just dropped.

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