Will I fry my brain with LSD? if I do it???

tell me alittle bit about lsd from experience?


Answer #1

Possible…also may be hooked for life - not a good road to go down

Not true one bit. That is just an old wives tale. Mind you, I must advise you to take extreme caution taking this drug. It’s the most potent hallucinogen known to man. Do some research on it before testing it out. There are several different strands of this drug, each having different properties such as…the length of time it lasts, the length of time before it takes effect. Overdosing on acid would be the worst experience of your life, which is why dosage is critical to having a good experience.
Personally, I’ve had some amazing times experimenting with lsd. It was a mind-blowing earth-shattering experience that changed me forever. It makes you view the world in such a unique way that is not possible when you are sober. And because the experience is so intense and inspiring, it sticks with you for the rest of your life. I’m sure we’ve all heard that humans normally only use a small percentage of our brain capacity…lsd supercharges your brain’s ability to function; apparently as much as 89% of your brain is functioning all at once, which is insane if you ask me. All of your senses (hearing, touch, smell) are heightened to extreme proportions which alone is an incredible experience. The visual hallucinations are beautiful and are so fun to watch…basically anything you look at that has a texture (like a sidewalk or a carpet) will appear to morph. Colours also appear much more intense…light colours become lighter and dark colours become darker…thus greatly increasing your visual contrast.
On the downside, depending on your personality, you may experience some paranoia because you may over-react to a specific thought or situation. I’ve only experienced this once out of approximately 20 times tripping on acid. So here’s some guidelines I can provide you to make sure you have a good experience:

  1. Ask the dealer if he’s personally tested out the lsd or about what other people think about that particular batch (to make sure it’s good)
  2. Don’t take more than 2 hits on your first trial (two blotter tabs, liquid drops, or gel tabs)
  3. Don’t do it by yourself; you should preferably do it with a close friend who has experience with hallucinogens
  4. Do some research about it: go to www.erowid.org and read about the effects and about people’s personal experiences with it

Hope this helped :)

Answer #2

No, lsd won’t “fry” your brain. I’ve never done hallucinogens, but I’ve done a good bit of research on them. I’ve always planned on trying shrooms, but the more I learn about it, the less fun it really seems. LOL

Lsd is a man made substance and you would have to trust the source, but it is nearly impossible to over dose on and has no permanent negative effects, on most people. The experiences on an lsd trip are very similiar, if not exactly the same as eating shrooms. Lsd just typically lasts longer and may be more intense. I would recommend working up to lsd by doing shrooms first if you’re going to do anything. Just make sure you know how to correctly identify the right kind of shroom if you plan on picking them yourself.

Hallucinogenic substances are pretty misunderstood. In laboratory controlled studies, they have proven to have many positive effects on spirituality and mental health. However, if you or your family members are prone to schizophrenia, etc your trip can “bring mental disorders on”.

Hallucinogens are pretty heavy, and a lot of people “freak out” because they can’t deal with the loss of control. If you insist on doing them, do them with a couple of trusted friends and someone who is not experiencing the drug (in case you need talked down) at your house or somewhere you feel comfortable and you can relax. If you have any fear when you do it, the fear is just going to be magnified by a thousand once you’re high. If you’re underage or still living with your parents, go on a “camping trip” or something. You’re gonna need a good day, day and a half to be straight again.

Do what you’re gonna do, but be careful.

Answer #3

Let me tell you about one I had

first of all I took mushrooms a lot of mushrooms at one point in my trip the earth was a quarter of a giants watch that was about to be fastened , at one point I was thinking in echo’s , at another point my body had beams coming off it with my face at the end of all the beams and my position was on a beam in the arm and all the faces were laughing at me because I had lost control of the head and the rest of my existance I was going to be part of an arm

so I know that sounds confusing but that what its like , its fantastic if your strong in mind if not you could be messed up from it , I have a friend who would not leave his house for 6months after a bad trip he saw he dead mom trying to climb out of the ground onto him , he is ok now but there was a while there when we did not think he was comeing back .

Answer #4

Don’t mess with this stuff - if you do you will go BANG and turn into a banana

Answer #5

It makes your brain bleed, and when the blood hits the membrains on your head.. thats what causes the trip.


Answer #6

Possible…also may be hooked for life - not a good road to go down.

Answer #7

same effect my man

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