Will ballet help me with my foot skills in soccer?

I am a soccer player that wants to quickin his foot-skills and be lighter on his feet. will learning and performing ballet help me with this? if you do not think this will, can you give me other suggestions?

Answer #1

Well I now play soccer after taking part in many dance disciplines for about five years. It definitely helps you to become more coordinated but you need to do more than just ballet. And by the way ballet will probably make your butt bigger than normal, but at least its muscle.

Answer #2

I think it would. Both are a lot of balance and coordination, so it sounds really smart. None of my friends who play soccer have ever tried this, but it really makes sense. If you think about it, a lot of the moves are the same :) Go for it!

Answer #3

yes it would, I took some brief lessons on balance and stretching and just the basics and it improved my balance of the feild made me more flexible and I got a stronger and faster kick and chipping kick

Answer #4

yea it totally would when I played (still do just on the side though) I did and it helped out a lot

Answer #5

maybe on balance. but soccer isnt just about balance. its about passing hard and scoring hard. you need tough feet for that. and ballet isnt the place to get that.

Answer #6

Most definitely it would be great for you! Many football coaches require ballet for their players for this exact reason. -A ballet teacher

Answer #7

yeah, ballet and yoga should definitely help me… strength plus flexibility equal speed

Answer #8

Ballet will help. You will have more control. I should know, I dance to help me with soccer.

Answer #9

I am a dance student currently writing my dissertation on this subject, from my research I can advise that mixing ballet with your regular training will improve your; balance, co-ordination, flexibility, core stability and mental state of mind. thus reducing injuries and improving overall locomotion. it is important to recognise that flexibility is not only about the range of movement around a joint but about the coordination of muscles and ballet is a good way to understand and achieve this.

alternatively yoga is another good way to improve your skills

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