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Well… I love nature, and animals… =D I’m 17, nearing 18 and my Senior year in High School. I’ve decided that I would like to do something involving nature (no office / building jobs) as a career. I’ve realized, only after joining a Cooking Class, that I enjoy nature more then what I had thought. Now, I don’t just wanna go out and start “hugging trees,” but I want to actually do something worthwhile. I’m in no way unintelligent, meaning I don’t suppose I wouldn’t mind research all too much. I’m looking for some options on what I could do, because I am really interested in this, and I’m looking forward to what I can do.

  • I’m new here, as I was getting fed-up with _ Answers. I had been trying to get an answer to this question for a very long time and the community there always gives useless answer, such as only surveys and other random ads…
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It’s strange that Y!A wasnt giving you good asnwers. I would’ve answered it there if I’d seen your question.

Anyway, onto the question lol. Would you be interested in working in a zoo promoting wildlife or in a wildlife park to educate people about the importance of endangered species and conservation or something like that? If you like meeting people, that could be a good option. If you prefer to be alone more, or with the same people, you could do more research based things like going to the Amazon Rainforest and documenting things there. Perhaps even mountain wildlife conservation or something along those lines. If you’d prefer to be in your own country or a little closer to home, you could try volunteering at a wildlife charity during your free time on a temporary basis while you look for something else. You could even see if it’s possible to work for your local wildlife park. I believe that there are wildlife parks in most places reasonably locally. I know this doesnt sound like the most glamourous of jobs but even working as a cleaner in a public forest or woodland could help the wildlife. Marine biology could be another option. Even if you’re working in a sea life sanctuary, you can educate others and help the animals there at the same time. Working as a dog warden could be another possibility, even though it’s leaning away from wildlife. It’s still working outdoors most of the time with animals. I hope this answer has been useful to you and I hope you can find the job that’s right for you!

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You should check out some schools that are known for environmental/Wildlife programs. I don’t know where you’re at, but in the U.S… as far as the East coast goes, there is Stony Brook University. Great school for people who really want to impact the world with great programs in anything to do with Marine life/preservation. On the west coast there is Humboldt state University in Arcata California. I will be transferring here :) they are in the perfect location for what you are looking for. They are on acres upon acres of redwood forest, and only minutes from the coast. They have plenty of wildlife programs, it’s definitely worth a look. I know the whole vibe there is very outdoorsy and environmentaly friendly! They even have housing for people who wish to volunteer/care for their surroudnings. It’s a very cool place, and the whole community is very conscious of the world around them. They also have research facilities, and of course the “natural laboratory” of the great outdoors :) anyway, it’s a great thing to be interested in wildlife, and looking for the right school is the place to start in your career. good luck.

oh yes, and here is a link to Humboldt’s College of Natural Resources and Sciences webpage:


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you could be a marine biologist or a zoo keeper. well actually you should first figure out what kind of nature you want to be involved in like animals or plants then what regions you’re most interested in then start finding ideas for jobs.

Answer #4

Most people don’t think of a park ranger, but that is one. Also a game warden if you support hunting. I have a friend, I am unsure of his actual title, but he takes care of bears on a ski resort. The resort gets some government funding for their animal works. They are also in the process of building a larger habitat for wolves that are no longer used in movies. They currently have 3 he takes care of. These animals have been around humans for too long to be able to be successfully released into the wild.

I can’t say that he gets paid all that well, but there are plenty of perks to his job, including housing and free skiing on his resort, or any resorts in the parent company’s control.

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