Should I buy a Wii?

It seems that the Wii console is getting really popular and is good for exercise. Should I get one?

Answer #1

yes you should a wii because I just got a wii from costco for $100 with 4 wii remotes , 2 wii consoles , 4 wii console stands , 8 wii remote covers , 4 nunchuck , 4 sensor bar , 4 ac adapter , 4 av cables and 4 wii games (smackdown vs raw 2008 , fifa 08, nhl 08 and madden 08)

Answer #2

Most definitely YES!! My dad bought my kids one and I love it. I am constantly buying more games and stuff for it. It just make gaming so much better. My kids love the bowling game and I love the carnival one.

Answer #3

The wii is amazing. People tried to tell me that it wasnt worth it but as soon as they found how the wii actually gets u into the game they completley began to love it. I believe it is one of the greatest most interesting systems ever. I’m writing this o my wii.

Answer #4

If you want one.

Answer #5

no u shuld not buy a wii cuzz dey cost 2 much just 2 b a game.

Answer #6

Definitely! If you’re more of a casual gamer, you can pick up Mario Galaxy, Wario Ware, Wii Play, and enjoy Wii Sports. If you’re a hardcore gamer, don’t forget to pick up Zelda and Metroid Prime 3. The controls really are revolutionary and are the first really fresh thing in gaming since 3D graphics.

—signature— buy a wii , nintendo

Answer #7

I forgot to mention how great it is for parties and when you have friends over!


Answer #8

buy it.. its better exersize than a PS or a gamecube or Xbox. also, evry1 i know lobes it

Answer #9

yes you should, they are awesome. i waited in line for about14 hours to get one the moment they came out. the games may be pretty expensive in away but the wii is really fun and is a good way of exercise

Answer #10

Nope, they are junk. 3rd time sending mine back to be repaired. Must have been made in China… I dont use mine any more and the first time it had a memory fail (had 2 of thoes) it was only a month old. Im done with this thing im just making them pay freight and fix it because I want them to frivously spend money.

Answer #11

get a ps3 or a 360 not a wii ,wii motes brake so easy

Answer #12

If I had a Wii, my life would make sense.

Answer #13

WII-250$ games-50$

Answer #14

good for excersise, bull, get a 360 for the win!

Answer #15

yes! they rock!

Answer #16

Yes! I have Wii Fit and love it!

Answer #17

…i think you should…they are really fun!

Answer #18

Buy one… I bought mine on launch day. There are games for all types of gamers. I have several FPS games. My kids love Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and the Mario games. We all love Zelda: Twighlight Princes. The Godfather is a blast!

Plus, my wife’s grandmother (so the kid’s great-grandmother) loves Wii sports! When was the last time people from age 3 to 83 played video games together? Rarely on any other system I would wager!

It’s a truly fun system, and the most economical of the latest generation. Oh, and I still have the origonal Wii remote, and we play daily! Don’t listen to the fanboys for other systems.

Answer #19

I’m honestly not too fond of the Wii because of the game selection. If you could get anything else more high-end then I totally suggest that rather than the Wii. I’ve always wanted a 360 but I’m too broke, If you do get one, you should get Let’s Tap by Sega/Prope when it comes out in June.

Answer #20

There was a story about a guy who lost 16 pounds a month buy playing his wii for an hour or two every day. It’s an impressive number when you think about it. For the health benefit, I might think about one as well.

The only thing that might hold me back is the story of the guy who broke his TV when the control slipped out of his hand & cracked the screen. Those wii’s can be dangerous ;)

Answer #21

I’m buying a wii today. thanks everybody for the nice input. meh. they’re cheaper than ps3. and better games. lol EVRYTHING has better games than ps3

Answer #22

I got a wii a couple years ago, and I’m really glad I did. The wii is AWESOME. I love playing Mario Galaxy, Wii Music, Wii Fit, and Animal Crossing. You should totally get a wii :)

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