What is the weirdest and strangest "out there" question you have ever read on FunAdvice?

Answer #1

lolz how to have sex hahaha it wa really wierd but hey it was a question

Answer #2

how to mastur-bate, i thought that was weird cuz thats a really personal thing to openly ask about, that and how does one actually answer that.

Answer #3

haha wow why would anyone ask that?? lol

Answer #4

idk haha but i’ve seen it on here and i didn’t answer it. to make it worse it was a 14 year old female, who was asking cuz her bf wanted her to during foreplay. tmi! right? haha

Answer #5

There was this question where the girl was asking about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wanted her not to pee an entire day and then wanted to have sex with her in the tub while she peed.

Answer #6

thats just not even a question to be asked, she should automatically know thats creepy, absurd, unreasonable,unsanitary and just plain weird! haha

Answer #7

Hah I know, but it definitly made its mark in my head. :p to each their own I guess.

Answer #8

Someone asked if there were any girls on FA that would let him lick their feet.

Answer #9

after reading about it its marked in my head too lol, and very true as odd as that is.

Answer #10

yes i saw that one and that was weird!

Answer #11

hahah ewwww golden hottub anyone? who would even ask that!

Answer #12

OMG thats like disgusting. She is one strange girl o_o

Answer #13

In my country, there’s a youth magazine where kids can send their questions on puberty and sexuality. Then questions are anonymously published and answered by psychologists and/ or medicine personnel and hidden between photos of TV stars, movie stars and music stars, so kids can tell their classmates and parents that they buy the magazine “for the Tokio Hotel poster” and secretly read what weird and dumb questions other teens have been sending there.


I used to buy that magazine when I was a teen (everyone did), and I’ve seen all sorts of awkwardness there. I promise that funadvice is mostly harmless in comparison.

We’d probably have more of those questions if people were allowed to ask and answer questions like “what does m4st*rbation mean and how do you do that?” anonymously.

Answer #14

Can I talk to my dead pet online?

Answer #15

haha what possess someone to even think that was possible that defiantly is different lol

Answer #16

Oh my god, I just laughed so hard alskasdjsajhlkgdjd everyone’s staring lmao I get fired Colleen I’m blaming you xD

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