Why will my gauge not go in?

Okay so I've been gauging my ears for awhile now and I'm at size 6 right now. I'm ready to strech to a 4 but it won't go in. I've already stretched my left ear but my right ear won't go. There's a lot of resistance. I had the same problem going from an 8 to a 6 but only with my right ear so I had my brother do it and I think it ripped tissue but it didn't hurt too bad and after like a week it was fine, but I'm having the same probelm again and I don't want to force it if I don't have to. Any ideas?

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If your ear tore, you probably have a bit of scar tissue. That's only going to make the process that much harder. Most people do have one ear that's more stubborn (my right ear was my arch nemesis).

How long is the taper you're using? I couldn't use the traditional long tapers in my ears, and instead had more success with rounded bullet plugs.

You may also need to warm and lubricate your ear more to allow them to stretch. You could try KY jelly, or rubbing virgin olive oil onto your ears- strange as it sounds, the oil really softened my ear when I was trying to get to 00g's.

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No that's my problem the taper won't go all the way in. I can probably make it go but I'm trying not to f#ck my ear up. I've let it rest for over a month. I'm ready to strech again. I'll probably give it another few days. I appreciate the answers.

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Oh man! I thought you had already used the taper for the 4 gauge...I don't know..maybe you should try and be a little more gradual. Maybe move the taper a little each week...I would suggest going to a professional though. It would suck to rip the tissues.

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it's possible you didn't let them rest long enough between each stretching. let yours stay at 6 for awhile more then try again in a week or two.

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The 6 gague or the 4? I can't get the taper in for the 4 at all and the 6 gague was in for almost a month.

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How long did you leave the taper in?

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