Why do the dinos roar?

Why do the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park movies always roar when they attack? No predator roars when it attacks. It would startle the prey. Wolves, pumas, lions, owls, eagles–they all rely on silence when they attack. Who did they consult that suggested T-rexes and Spinosauruses constantly scream?

Answer #1

the roars sure do sound amazing though. I wonder if thats how they sounded…

Answer #2

I just saw a clip on youtube and this is what I can come up with

the t rex looks like would roar when its looking for prey it knows is hiding. my conclusion is that it was trying to scare it out so it could pounce on it.

so im guessing it was a tool it used. almost as if it knew how to use fear to bring out its prey from hiding.

honestly, us being prey, would be scared to death. its a mentality issue. watching a huge gigantic human eating monster screaming its lungs out. it symbolizes immense power, immense anger, immense aggression. and…its trying to eat you. hell yeah fear would work agains me.

I wouldnt be stupid enough to start running in plain sight though, which is probabbly what it would have caused a stupid primitive dinosaur to do.

Answer #3

For dramatic effect or to make someone go to the bathroom on themselves. I really don’t think dinos could use the element of surprise though (Ya know, the size) So I figure they are just giving off a battle cry or something.

Answer #4

But that runs contrary to what people find scary. What’s more terrifying, Jason who bellows constantly while he stalks you, or Jason who leaps out unexpectedly from the shadows with a machete? It runs counter to every human instinct to feel scared of something that constantly announces its presence, so why is it in all the films?

Answer #5

I’m going to take a stab in the dark with my answer, considering you put so much thought and energy into this question of yours.

Maybe T-rexes and Spinosauruses and other dinosaurs have a written contract where if they need to eat a human being during a big box office movie, they first need to announce their intentions?… A mighty roar could equivalent to a verbal ‘ok, I’m going to attack you little people, you have been forth warned’.

Now imagine the guy who was sitting on the toilet in Jurassic Park have had the opportunity to hear the t-rex’s thunderous roar before he or she attacked, then this dunny (toilet) sitting man would still be alive and running around in the movie, but, instead had his upper body bitten off by a massive ‘chop’…Sadly quite unfair of the T-rex as size does matter in this instant.

Answer #6

I actually went to the pictures to see jurassic park when it first came out.. I went with a girl and she jumpped out of her seat a few times.. silly cow woke me up twice.

but it was the roar that done it…

seeing as we cant prove if they did or not roar before an attack, I dunno but if they made a loud noise like that while walking then a roar isnt gonna scare the hunted off as they would have already of herd its big feet pounding away at the earth..

spielberg just took a shot in the dark and hoped for the best

Answer #7

I think I would’ve liked it better if they DID just sneak up on them.. when watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, it’s more nerve wracking watching a mountain lion watch it’s prey from a distance, all quiet.. For some reason it makes me more nervous, because you don’t know when it’s going to pounce so it’s surprising when it does… If it roars, then runs after the prey it’s like ‘’Well, he’s a goner’’ hahah

Answer #8

Well we can’t compare a 20 foot dinosaur to a man can we? Jason has to do different things to bring fear in people. Well when I saw Jurassic Park I think they used the roar as an initiation to a fight. Maybe thats another reason for the roaring but for the roaring when your chasing prey, that does seem a bit odd. I think what the dinosaur was trying to fight its prey so thats why it was roaring or else it would remain quiet and use the element of surprise.

Answer #9

Its a scary movie, they want to get the feeling of fear in people. I think thats why dinos roar in movies. Although the roaring can be a territorial thing for dinosaurs right? Maybe with the roaring its a warning for the trespasser, and if they don’t get it then the dinosaur just eats them and leaves the carcass as an example to what can happen to anyone else that wants to trespass :)

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