why ? scene/emo ? im black help me?

im not putting labels on them but I dont know what to call them ? but im black and is it wierd that I like scene/emo boy I go crazzy for them . but will one ever date me ? And I wanna be scene/emo I really like the style and fyi im not some ghetto black girl. I got teased in michigan so… so will a emo/scene guy date me . I don’t know help me . will it be wierd if I was scene/emo ? ?

Answer #1

It’s not that weird. It’s just a trend. lol. You can of course try it out. I personally prefer a man in a suit, but if emo is what does it for you, by all means go for it, try it out and enjoy doing something different for a change.

Answer #2

well…youre right we dont enjoy being labeled. but what can be done? also im scene and im black and I dont have very many black scene friends. and the ones I do have are EXTREEMELY datable, but I’ve been with them too much to like them like that. and also being scene requires a total personality and lifestyle and closet change. its not like you just walk up to them and they help you pic out your closet. I’ve always felt that I was this type of person since 5th grade. when (believe it or not) I was the outcast. so be sure of what you getting yourself into first. there are TONS of haters and TONS of fakes. prepps will copy us and preps will hate us. but none of them are us. (btw nobody says emo) and also I am not nor have I never met a ghetto scene person the closest I’ve come was a skater kid :P so about the guy trouble. for me all my nonblack scene friends are amazing and cute and the best and its possible for me to date them. how did I get there? well I made friends with people of common likeness. my favorite music is techno/electronica but theirs is mostly screamo. yes we are different but we are still I the same group of friends so I used that to my advantage. so im not sure what grade youre in now but dont seek popularity. seek friends, ya know the good ones that actually have your back and dont just “say” they do. also beware of bffs if you have some. they wont like this change. so once you get friends. you must hang out with said friends all the time. dont be clingy. just go hang out. me and my friends go to the movie theatre but we dont see a movie. we are just there. even when we have no cash we are just there having fun being ourselves and running around. once you make friends and go to a few scene parties/raves or birthday parties you will meet the guys. im not a guy so I don’t know how the guys work but I do know this. if they friend you on a social site instead of you just cyber stalking them. youre in the clear. especially if they randomly chat you. if you want him be sure to try and go to things hes going to. but dont stalk him. just dont. a lot of the scene guys I know are skaters as well but they dont usually hang out with their skater friends as often as they hang with us ( or so I assume) so you change. it must be gradual its not over night. ITS NOT OVER NIGHT. for me I wore things I preferred since the beginning of school. and I made friends with the people I wanted. also you must have a friendly attitude. so dont be a grouch because nobody needs a grouchy friend. especially if youre bringing the mood down with you. and if you dont know how to make and keep friends all hope is lost. if you really just dont know here is my formula friendship consists of 3 things. -trust (tell a secret, not a big one, and not to a blabbermouth or help a person out in a massive way) -happy (make it rare for them to catch you in a sour mood, and try not to be a b!!!tch un less duty calls.) -!@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ( as in youre own thing what you are adding to the group. you cant just be in it.) if the group or friend doesnt accept you after that its not meant to be.

so basically. make friends meet friends.

btw…about me… most of my scene friends are from a different school. most of my scene friends get beat up and hurt very often because of their awesomness. and not all of the scene and “emo” life is awesome. som people are in reality facing hard problems. in their family. in their school. or some just hate their life period. so it helps to be the sunshine of the group which is mainly me at school but someone else doesnt that for my out of school friends. personally I think that the friends you make that dont go to your school are hte best. thats why it was easier for me because I transferred to a total different zone.form my middle school zone. and it was easy in highschool because I hadnt seen these people for 6 years+ so they wouldnt know what happened or care either. btw my school is the most ghetto place on earth. not kidding. there are always police and always fights and scandals and yadda yadda yadda. so I was more than glad to not be associated with the trouble makers. my scene friends arent usually ever the trouble makers. theyre just the fun makers. I feel like I’ve been typing for ever… okay last set of tips for black wannabees(you;)) -a straightener is your bff. -my hair is streaighted be the dominican salon down the street I get it done like once a month plus wrapping it. -band tees that say paramore and shit are stupid. -you can shop at hottopic as long as its not to get something that everyone has. -the jelly bracelets are OKAY AND A MUST. ARM ACCESSORIES ARE A MUST.( my mom doesnt let me shop in weird places so I go when im with my friends or by myself btw ALL YOUR NEW FRIENDS WILL SHOP THERE.) -btw most of my guy scene friends are bi but they still love girls so WORK IT! -dont label yourself or others EVER just act offended when it happens -in awkward moments. KILL THEM. SAY SOMETHING OR ANYTHING. -they are only awkward when you arent “bringing something to the group.” -personally I bring random and happy :D -you may hate someone or dislike their style. SAY NOTHING. -if someone is upset. ask them whats up.or whats up with you? NOT WHATS WRONG??? thats babyishh. -at this point (if you are able to keep up at all) you should be a good actor. -develop a character for when youre with them( for me its zaney) and for when youre with others (for me its quiet and composed. NOT A MOUSE. just not random.) -clingy helps nothing. -dont party EVERY WEEKEND just on holidays or random Saturdays :) dont be weird just be you + what ever your bringing to the table. most of us arent snobby. or slobby. -be composed and nice. -I thnk I’ve covered everything there is to know… for a good start to the new life try The Medic Droid best original band ever. you better hurry before they go out of style!!! their sonf fer sure is a bit vulgur but it will grow on you after a few runs. and its a good convo piece.

okay im done I have how to do :P

Answer #3

yes I agree it wont be bad I used to feel the same way because I dont really dress like that either I think the style is cute too! but I ended up getting with someone who is “emo/ scene” and well I dress like that too sumtimes so everything worked out =]

Answer #4

Yes it would be weird, usually scene girls are like goth girls sorta, light pale skined, with dark eye make-up.

Answer #5

No it’s not weird that you ‘’go crazy for them’’. Everyone has different things that they’re attracted to…

Why wouldn’t one date you? Not everyone dates within they’re circle of friends, most prefer not to (most that I know).

How about you just be yourself? Don’t try to fit into a label…

No it wouldn’t be ‘’weird’’, but I think that it’d be ‘’weird’’ that your so concerned with a label. Just be yourself. Your young, you have your whole life ahead of you… And chances are that while you may like it now, it’ll just become something trivial to you in the future…

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