Why pink discharge not pregnant due to husbands vasectomy??

Was wondering why I'm having light pink discharge after sex? This is the first time it's happened and theres no possible way I can be pregnant due to my husbands vasectomy..

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***theres no possible way I can be pregnant due to my husbands vasectomy..***

That's pretty naive...

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Sometimes intercourse can induce bleeding in women. Some women actually bleed every time they have sex. (bummer)

Anyway this pink is probably due to that. Make sure you let your Ob Gyn know on your next exam so she can further evaluate it, but most likely it is just a natural thing.

If you call your doctor or visit a clinic they will confirm.
If you do not have or can't afford a doctor, there are many free and low cost women's clinics available, including Planned Parenthood.

Good Luck!!

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a vasectomy doesn't always mean you can't get pregnant. They can be botched and you wont know untill you get pregnant. Take a test and make sure. Then call your OB and have them do a test, yo could have an infection or a popped blood vessel.

Why do I have pink discharge after sex?

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