How to convince my parents to let me get a horse?

K I was saving up to buy myself a laptop for school when I found out that I really didn’t want one so I decided I’d look at horses because I had already tried a pony before and It went perfectly until my dad moved away to Prince George, and anyway, my parents said no because we have no place to put it but my grandparents own a farm out just 3 and a half minutes from where I live and that’s where I kept my pony when I had her and when I said that they said that I wouldn’t ever go see it but I pass the farm everyday on my way home from school and I could visit and ride him then, and they know I’m responsible enough to keep one and I also pay my Grandpa for hay to feed him and I make quite a bit of money every month for all expenses including veterinary bills. How do I convince my parents? HELP!

Answer #1

Oh yeah any 1 got any ideas how to convince my parents to get me a horse No nasty commetns ok I no how to look after a horse and how much time care and money it will take up and blah blah any ideas any one

Answer #2

I have 2 horses and I see them at least an hour a day, I do lungeing exercises with the apaloosa daily, for the arabian is 38. You really have no idea how to properly take care of a horse from what you are saying. I agree with your parents.

Answer #3

I totally agree with the person above me. Except I think she forgot how many days are in a year! lol. 365. Most people only think they have to pay for board and feed, which is totally not true. If you’re not really going to ride it, it probably doesn’t need shoes (if it lives on grass) but its feet would still need to be trimmed by a farrier, which costs money. And if it does need shoes that’s even more expensive. Worming can be expensive. Training is expensive. Boarding is very expensive. Unexpected vet bills can be VERY demanding of your income. One of my horses got very sick a couple of months ago, and his vet bill was so high that I’m having to sell two of mine just to pay for his bills, and he’s not even going to be ridable again! Insurance is also pricey.

Basically, unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, don’t get a horse.

Answer #4

beleive me you DON’T want a horse, they’ve all got tempers and their sooo exspensive… take it from me, I’ve been their before lol

Answer #5

Sorry, it was a typo error of course there are 365 days a year but I agree with you too !

Answer #6

How old are you ?

I spend 3 hours a day, every day, with my horse. winter and summer , 7 days a week, 265 days of the year . That’s the level of commitment needed to care for a horse properly . It’s not just about the costs (which are extortionate) you need to factor in the amount of time needed to do the job .

Have you thought about worming , shoeing, lessons , tack, health insurance, third party liability insurance , travelling , on top of feeding and routine vets bills etc. I estimate that even keeping a horse at home would cost around £3500 per year plus all the additional costs I mentioned. I calculate that my horse costs me around £10,000 per year providing I don’t get huge vets bills .

If your parents are rich, then this is great but as I see it , unless you are totally committed to having a horse with excellent back up from supportive parents , I am not suprised they don’t want you to have one. You may have to convince them by working for nothing at a local riding centre for a couple of years. That’s the only way I convinced my husband (my parents were dead by this time and they couldn’t afford it anyway) that I was committed and at the age of 40, I got my first horse .

Answer #7

I agree you also need to no how to look after a horse!

I mean im 13 and I’ve wanted a horse ever scince I started to speak and walk, I’ve been loaning and riding for 8 years and I no perfectly what to do with a horse/pony. My dad always says its the money and the commitment but deep down I no im ready for one

Answer #8

All of you seem to be talking about is the cost, well you have to remember that also have to KNOW how to take care of your horse you dont only need the money. sure a horse is a lot of money but the money is for a good part of making the horse happy so I kinda agree with the rest of you. : P

Answer #9

you do know that all everybody is talking about is mostly the price. Id say the most inportant thing is know HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THE HORSE. If you dont know how to your horse isnt going to be happy. I DONT have a horse but I dont need to know that the price isnt everthing.

Answer #10

I have 6 horses on my farm, and my parents are always telling me that if I don’t pay enough attention to my horses, (I have 2, K.P a quarter pony, and Pepper, a quarter horse Grade) I think that if you really do your reserch on horses, and impress them with your answers and konwledge on horses, they might be more open to it. But I would really reserch horses and figure out if you would really have enough money to pay for them. They really are expensive. Buying the horse is the cheap part. Also, if you have other pets at home, show them how well you take care of them, and pay attenction to them. Hope that helps. I think anyone should get a chance to get a horse, even if they do have to reserch on them.

Answer #11

I really really want a orse but my mom thinks that im not ready but I know in my heart that I am any ideas please contact me on

Answer #12

I don’t care how old you are, what you need is to be able to make atleast 1,500 a year at the minimum, have atleast an hour on your hands each day, have a place to keep the horse close to you, and to do a lot OF REASERCH. If you don’t know evrything there is to know then you shouldn’t get a horse.

Answer #13

Horses cost a LOT to take care of. For food only it can cost over $400 a month! It cost thousands of dollars a year to have a horse. And then there’s taking care of it. You have to know how to groom it and how to put all of the equipment on. You have to be very responsible to have a horse. It’s way more than a dog and cat. I agree with horselovermjs that if you have other pets, take care of them. Clean your room, spend less time on the computer, or whatever. But if you think it’ll be all fun and games having a horse, you’re wrong. Yes, it’s enjoyable sometimes, but it’s a lot of work.

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