why isn't my life a paradice?

I see all these peoples walking around with amazing lifes. talking about how there life is oh so wonderful. it seem like peoples who don’t work as hard. still get wonderful lifes. I never met someone who had a more crappy life then me. it not like peoples try to help me feel better. (seriously). it seem like everyone outside of my family treat me like a animal. like in 8th grade. my class mates threw these thick music text books at me. (I think they was trying to hit me in the face). lucky for me I dodge almost all of them except the last few. and ended up with a few mark on my legs. then all thru 8th grade year. they would pull my hair. put things in it. and just make fun of me ( for peoples who say words can’t hurt you. they do hurt on the inside). life is just a nightmare. I came a very far away on improving myself since I was younger. but am done. am tired of over working myself to get a little better at life. that don’t seem to help at all anyway. there only a few peoples I met who saw me the same as everyone. maybe if there was more peoples like that. then the world would be a better place. there probably not even a reason for me to be on this earth. am starting to doubt if god even real. if he was I don’t think he would had made me with such a rough life. it almost impossible to make it in this cold world. when your ugly,weird, don’t talk like everyone else ( speech impediment)., don’t got ton of money, don’t got friends.and got asthma like me.. like seriously all I want is a easier life. right now life is like fighting off a hungry tiger with nothing but a wooden spoon. ( pretty impossible right?). like dang why can’t my life be a paradice?

Answer #1

Yeah, all those people walking around whose lives appear to be perfect, well they are not.

And you’ve never met anyone with a more crappy life than yours? Seriously? Unless you live in a cave, you’ve never met someone who is homeless? Someone who is sick or dying? I’ve met plenty of people who would love to be literate, let alone have access to the internet, have food and shelter. There’s people living in mud huts. Who dont have access to clean water, food or medication. To them, your life is paradise. That you can worry about your self esteem and your appearance is a luxury. Many people in this world are too busy searching for food to worry about what they look like. I’m sure you’ve heard of the earthquake in Haiti. People left with food, shelter, water, their families. Do you know how many kids end up being taken an sold into slavery when a disaster hits? Quit feeling sorry for yourself, and go volunteer to help people who are more unfortunate. Volunteering has been known to bring satisfaction to people’s lives, and quite frankly, people dont care what you look like or what you sound like.

Answer #2

Ty hit on a REAL answer to misery…Volunteering!! Doing for others, can add a dimension to your life you never knew existed. It is one of the few guarentees you’ll get in this life…without hardly trying, a whole new world will open up…

I didn’t believe this when my mother made me volunteer as a teenager, I couldn’t see WHY it would make me different…but it did. It’s in the “doing” and it changes how you see yourself.


Answer #3

not every one has it good. but the people who brag about a wonderful life are the ones who got it worse than we do. they are the ones that we are jealous of but it is the other way around. we are of them and they are of us. people could have all the money in the world and their life would be just as bad as ours. I grew up wanting to be like the other kids that had it all but then I realized that they are the sme as us. you may think that you have it bad but think of it another way that you have it better than someone else. there are people that don’t have a place to live and a family to take care of them or anything that you have. there are people that wish that they had your life. and asthma I have it too and so does my siblings. so good luck in trying to in trying to take it all in. I hope this helps you realize everything.

Answer #4

Paradise exists in the mind. There are also people out there who have way more miserable lives than you, and they are STILL happy! It’s all in perspective…seeing trials as challanges, being grateful for the good things you have, even if they are small…Avoiding jealousy and envy is a good place to start…you create your own happiness.


Answer #5

no one’s life can be a paradise. everyone has their own problems and if they pretend that they have an ultra perfect life then they’re just faking it. absolutely everyone has their own problems. I don’t think your life is as bad as it seems. trust me, a lot of people are a lot worse off. try to stop comparing your life to other people. it might help you. good luck dude.

Answer #6

Is this website against profanity? Oh well who cares.. FUCK WHAT EVERYONE THINKS ABOUT YOU! You are human just like everyone else and there are tons of people who are going through the same, if not worse situations than you are. Ask yourself these questions: Am I blind? Am I Deaf? Am I missing any body parts? Catch my drift yet?

These people are still living today because a life is a beautiful thing to have. I grew up with an obesity issue that had me in bed for months! You get over these things when you find yourself. Think about what the future holds for you.. What do you want to do as a career/profession? Do you want a house in the hamptons? Its all about setting goals for yourself and achieving them overtime. You are young and still have life to explore.

Don’t ever give up on yourself. All those kids in school that threw books at you is wrong. Personally, I would have kicked all their asses but people are different. You said “there only a few peoples I met who saw me the same as everyone. maybe if there was more peoples like that. then the world would be a better place.” Those are called friends and they are there to help you get through this tough time you are having. Trust me, there are LOTS of people like this in the world but in school, kids will do anything for laughs, popularity, just for fun, or simply to bully you. If you are not a fighter, try taking self defense classes like Karate, or Judo.

People at your age simply want something new. They want to be popular and will do anything to get there. You can’t let people put you down. Stand up for yourself or simply ignore them. As much as it hurts to hear what they say, just finish school and live life.

I hope this was helpful! If you ever need someone to talk to, add me. I’ll be your cyber buddy from new york city. =D

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