Why is my tummy so bloated after 5 weeks pregnant?

Hi Ladies!

Going by my LMP I am now 5 weeks Pregnant but I cant understand how My Tummy is Bloated like so much already & starting to get really really hard, is that normal at only 5 weeks?

plus the lower back pain & nauseas all throughout the day, feeling hungry & then when I eat I cant even eat half of it before feeling sick,

I'm also very sleepy & wake up every morning at 3am like an alarm is waking me??

so my question is the first one lol, why is my tummy so hard & so bloated at only 5weeks, could I be further along or is that normal?

this is baby no 5 & I have never had this before, I'm usually always eating heaps but im not eating at all with this pregnancy, im actually eating less now then ever before!

just curious if anyones experienced this?
thanks all x

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You could:
1) Be carrying multiples
2) Further along than you think

I've also read from people's experience that their symptoms completely changed with gender, so maybe this change in symptoms means you have a baby girl coming, hopefully!

I hope your holidays go great as well my dear, lots of love!
(Psst, when is the secret coming out?!?!) ;)

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ty everyone, thx heaps & mandy is actually 5th & last lol & steph we are not telling the family yet untill im around 5/6 months which is usually the time I start to show but in this case its showing sooner, so I'll let you know when we spill the beans lol!!!

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Bloating is VERY normal at the beginning of pregnancy, that is why many mothers think they are showing already, but in all actuality is just water weight and bloating.

Also, since this would be your 6th kid, the more pregnancies you have the sooner that you will show.,

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every pregnancy is different. that's just it. a hcange in symptoms is nothing to be worried about, but talk to your doctor first and foremost if you have any concernts, he would assure you or let you know if you need to change something.
wow 5 kids huh! congrats!

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You could just be retaining a lot of water.

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Everyone is different, I wouldn't worry about it love. :D
Congrats btw! ^-^

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